The Two Worlds of Society


imagesI’ll get straight to it cuz it’s important. I guess you could say there are literally two ways, or choices on how to view life in the 21st century:

  1. You are living the lifeway of the 21st century right now and so your view is about what’s happening right now.
  2.  You see the path that the 21st century lifeway is on and therefore your view is the  future, which by all natural and scientific accounts is a future moving towards extinction.

Yeah I’m sure there’s lots of in-betweens. And I really didn’t define that first choice there in the way I did the second choice with that little bit of commentary there at the end on the extinction deal. OK so here’s the commentary on the first choice, and see I had to put that commentary off cuz it’s a longer commentary than the second choice. OK here it goes, yeah see it breaks down into three different aspects really. One is technology, namely smart phones and social media, another is ‘current’ events and finally there’s economy.

OK now we’re getting somewhere. So there’s a lot going on in the mind of a 21st century person…that’s living in the now, that is. Now let’s note that “living in the now” people are not necessarily the little gurus of our time. Some might be, and that’d be subject to interpretation, but a great deal of this group lives in the deep bubbles of making money, texting, and trying to be hip on what’s happening while not letting it affect the bottom dollar. See, I told ya the commentary would be long on those first choice folks.

The second choice is not so complicated. You are simply in a state of alarm about all that is going on in the 21st century and therefore what matters to the average person “now” is irrelevant cuz those things won’t matter in the near future; “the average person” being the first choice people. They’re the average cuz the second choice people are a very small minority. That’s why there’s lots of in-betweens and several aspects to the first choice folks, see?  Yeah lots of in-betweens for the second choice folks too but the main thing about them guys is their deal on the future, that’s all that matters to them really, and that makes their in-betweens thin and kinda unimportant.

OK so what the fuck’s so important about this shit? Well I’m a second choice kinda fella and I can tell you that it is only the second choice folks that this means any kinda dick to–at this point anyway. And that’d be sorta obvious wouldn’t it? I mean if you are or are not concerned about the human race going extinct then there’d be a pretty significant disparity between the two modes of thought, wouldn’t there be? Yeah see if you gotta hard dick focused on the right here and now and its fuck the future then this writing simply won’t mean a lot, not for very long anyway.

So it’s really about the second choice people, so let’s talk about them. And really the best way I can talk about them is by examples. In an almost phenomenal way the Bernie Sanders revolution is actually the best example I can come up with, the only one needed really. That is something that is so ‘easy’ about the time we live in; the lines are drawn with dark black ink, so they are easy to see.

However, my choosing the Bernie deal may not be for the reasons you think.  Let’s get something straight right off; second choice people are not necessarily born out of the left or progressive side of the spectrum. They can come from anywhere. Second choice people generally see the 21st century as decaying and pretty much having things all wrong, well not all, but most. So in the case of Bernie Sanders it’s about what is good for the goose is not necessarily good for the gander.

Second choice people will see and understand Bernie and his wishes, many if not most will believe in those wishes. But believing in something like that is irrelevant to the fact that we are on a path towards extinction, see? In another world they would live out those beliefs, but not in this one, not the one in the 21st century. Those beliefs of Bernie’s require longevity and to the second choice person longevity is a short lived term making beliefs in free college, more work for more pay, better infrastructure, and better economy with more equality, all that wonderful stuff Bernie puts out, all that means little in the face of extinction. It does for the second choice people anyway. First choice people do see this sometimes too, but it means so little the experience vanishes with the next glance. But not so for the second choice folks, it is a constant for them.

That constant is important to note. It affects how one looks at policy. Ha! That’s an understatement. It affects how one looks at everything and that’s not overstated at all. But no really, this constant affects ideas on policy in particular. Cuz see policy right now in the 21st century is guided by economy, which is first choice dominated and ruled. Well, there are a few more aspects to it than economy, but all of them have to do with fear (as in fact does the policy ideas of second choice people). Economy leads the fear is all, and therefore it is the most important issue to the first choice people. Beyond that is terrorism or war, social issues, environment…whatever kinda stuff really. The big deal is economy. However, for the second choice person the constant in their brain that is revealing the path we are on tells them economy and all else are meaningless until our path is corrected, a path that is plain to see to the eye willing to look and one also that is constantly re-illuminating itself.

So see wow man its way out there the two worlds society has going on. I mean it is tripped out dude, whoa! It is for second choice folks anyway, and also for first choice people as well, but not nearly as much. Second choice folks have to constantly make corrections in their brain as they walk the sidewalks of America. By the way, as a second choice guy I notice that being out on city sidewalks is an amazing experience. I won’t try to explain it cuz I can’t, but wow, it’s something.

It is this correcting thing I’d like you to take note to. It is no small thing. When I think of how wonderful Bernie is, and the revolution as well, I have to be aware that that is one brain of many brains that tries to live today, all gitty and such. Yeah it’s happy, but not for long cuz soon after this occurrence comes the reality brain saying that today is short lived and coming to an end soon. It auto-cancels all appointments.

So holy Jesus fuck, how’s a guy live through all that? Well really most of the time you pretend you are a first choice person. You have to or you’d be thrown out of every bar in the county if you did otherwise. A thing to do is give up hope, that can allow you to live in today better, a “be here now” sorta thing. Seeing there is no hope is an auto-recuse of responsibility. But you’re kinda dammed if you see hope, even if it comes in the form of miracles. I mean it helps if you see hope only by miracles, but it still puts you in the driver’s seat, but more like a Sunday drive. Yeah so when I said there in the beginning that “it’s important” well, I don’t the fuck know, maybe it ain’t I don’t know, what the…thanks for listening.

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Even the Scientists Don’t…

imagesIf you are a person who is objectively conscious of what is going on in both world and national events, then it is quite possible you are beginning to get lift-off.  You are at the end of the runway and your wheels are forming new relationships with gravity while attachments to earth are losing their relevancy. This can be an exhilarating as well as an affirming experience, as if flying away from disaster and flying to…well that’s the trouble. You’re flying to who the fuck knows where and with the who the fuck knows president flying the plane and wondering what kinda government landing strip the fucker’s gonna land the god damn plane on. But still, it is kind of exhilarating.

Notice I said “objectively conscious”. Yeah see that makes all the difference. And I can say this cuz I can now see that there are some fairly objectively conscious people and programs on the internet. To name a few examples, the Young Turks, Secular Talk, the Humanist Report, Jimmy Dore, RT and much more.

Yeah but then notice there again I said “fairly” objectively conscious. It’s better than nothing, which is what we been getting from the mainstream media for about 40 years now. I mean, internet media is pretty good really, well, by today’s standards, that is. It is starting in the right direction anyway. However when a person is truly objectively conscious, that is truly conscious regarding life in 2016, then “today’s standards” are more or less irrelevant. The internet is breaking those standards pretty good as far as rhetoric goes, but the affect is still minimal and the overall message is still very weak and somewhat out of touch with reality. Television and the mainstream media? Don’t bother, they’ve gone to La La Land.

Where is the disconnect happening? Simply, it is happening with science and what it is saying about the magnitude of climate change. This is why I can say that even the internet media is somewhat out of touch with realty. The science is screaming at us and we are not listening. Science is not just screaming to the governments of the world, it is screaming to the people of the world even more. We’re sorta listening. There are some pretty heavy duty videos on climate disaster on YouTube and I see they get a few views. There is awareness of the coming doom, but of course you have to add, “if we do not act soon”.

Well see that’s were reality goes blind for even the most leftist, radical mind, even for the Young Turks and all the rest of the internet media gang. When examining the response we are having to climate change, you can see that we still are not grasping the magnitude of what the “science” is saying.  There are a host of reasons for this but first lets just take a quick glance at what the science is saying which I can sum up in one paragraph.

Science is telling us that we are about to have three straight years of the record breaking  global temperatures. That is not natural variability folks, that’s climate change. Greenland is starting its melt season two months early this year. Arctic sea ice is on a pace that is right now more than 2 standard deviations from the last time the record was broken for minimum sea ice, that was in 2012. This is not natural variability, this is climate change, it is abrupt climate change and is analogous to a motorbike having a ramming duel with a bus, the bike’s gonna get creamed. That’s what the science is saying, it’s saying climate change is gonna blow us off the map.

So, as you are watching Hillary and Trump be the biggest pair of political buffoons in the history of the world, well, you may not realize it but it has put you in a state of societal shock. See, you couldn’t find a dime store novel more ridiculous than this, nobody would ever write it.  We are living some sort of 9th grade writing contest and the winner is some kid still hooked on Saturday morning cartoons with evil villains pulling evil switches. This shit ain’t supposed to happen, and our literal social minds have not caught up with it.

Oh but hey, don’t worry cuz it don’t mean a thing.  I mean don’t worry about the political world, it means very little in the context of our current setting. But, this setting we are in means one hell of a lot. That is this setting that climate change has put us in. Though we don’t really need climate change to see we are heading for shit cuz we got plenty of doom deals to put us over the edge–like water issues, nuclear waste issues, natural resource issues; there are many more. BUT, climate change by itself simply overrules the list of doom scenarios we face, just as a tornado overrules a dust devil. We’re gonna die by climate change, or at least it will be what sets off a domino effect of doom deals, I call this period “the vortex of doom”. If you truly look with awareness and objectivity at the science then this is easy to conclude. Intellectually it is, emotionally it’s nigh impossible, but intellectually is better than nothing, much, much better.

If one has a straight look at the science and considers what risks are involved then in reality he or she would have to conclude we cannot be the human beings we are now. Every thing we do, think, and believe would have to change. We would have to collectively evolve to become something that we are not now…and evolve quickly. Temporarily, we would evolve into something akin to worker bees, or colonies of ants. We would be a single minded species with a single purpose: to sequester carbon and methane out of the air while having every household live as close to a zero carbon footprint as a household can get.  What this would look like is something you’ve seen on TV when some freaked out society on some planet in another galaxy lives some kinda utopian lifeway where everybody lives in tribes, they garden, weave their clothes and daddy plays the flute after supper and that’s about it. You know what I mean and don’t you think I’m kidding. I mean this literally.

Of course we are not having this sort of response to climate change, not at all. Even most scientists are not having this sort of response to climate change, some are but most not. How can this be? How can the scientists who are screaming out to us that we are fucked not respond with talk of dramatic action and change? Believe it or not it is not because they’ve given up, cuz there is a chance we could maybe do something, not likely but maybe. But they don’t speak of what we can do, which is change our lives so dramatically we would not recognize ourselves. They don’t speak of it cuz they themselves don’t wanna do it. They are no different than the politicians who ask them not to speak of it, they don’t want to sacrifice their comfortable standards of living, scientists make good money. They are also just as human as any other person in the developed world and they want to keep their toys.

This is where we are at, and we are absolutely oblivious to it. It’s a thing to ponder. It is like we are in a dream state, or that state the mind goes into when it is involved in an auto accident and your life passes before you, it’s a calm state of denial that you are flying through the air in a burning vehicle. And I wonder if we can snap out of it in time, I really don’t think so. Thanks for listening.

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Will The Revolution Call For Violence?  


You know a guy’s gotta have balls to talk about this subject…you know that don’t you? Yeah well I’m shaking in my boots to write about it, but man, nobody is and it’s gotta be talked about. I’m not talking about the Donald Trump shit, I’m talking about the liberals losing it and storming Washington with sticks and stones.  But holy politawhack, if this shit keeps piling on it’s gonna get harder and harder to not be jumping out of pants to keep from swinging at the air and whatever gets in its way.

Here’s why I conclude this. For number one and big time is the fact that we are going to have a revolution.  It’s either gonna come from the right or it’s gonna come from the left or holy shit both. My god, think of that. Anyway the radicals are gathering and they have worked their way into the mainstream, the media aspect of it anyway. And I say it’s about god damn time.

Look, I ain’t even gonna go into the reasons, there’s too many. You can pick them for yourself, you won’t be wrong.  That’s because we human beings, especially the human beings of the developed world are so fucked up and sick we’re ready to revolt on chocolate cake.  Just start swinging and you’re gonna hit something you’re pissed off about.  If not you’re so zombied the revolution will run your ass so far off the road you’ll decide to just stay out of the way, or some shit, I don’t know. The point is there is a boiling point, we’ve just about reached it and have passed the point of no return, we’re gonna revolt.

It’s a subtle thing right now, only showing up in election cycles, but notice how they get crazier all the time and then BAM! You get one like what we got now. It is the one indicator that says we have reached of the point of no return. You don’t run momentum like this off, it’s gonna reverberate. The problem is we really don’t know to what the reverberation will manifest. It’s all shook up right now, and we’re looking at presidential hopefuls and trying to figure out what the fuck to do with them when all the while they don’t really mean shit when it come to the point of no return.  The point of no return has a mind of its own and don’t give two shits what some president thinks. From here forward it’s about you and me and what the hell we’re gonna do.

Oh sure, go vote, yeah do that, you gotta. I will. I’ll vote for Bernie if he gets the nomination but I might vote for Bernie as a write in if he don’t. I will not vote for Hillary, I’d vote for Trump before her. She’ll just make the revolution harder is all, she would bring the tension in our necks to the necessary point to have us break down suddenly without reason or provocation. She’ll say something one day and we’ll just blow and not even know the fuck why. Don’t try to figure that out, I can’t but I believe it somehow.

See this will be a political revolution but in the process politics ain’t gonna mean dick. The only thing that will mean anything is what our collective blow out will do to the future. Now if Bernie gets elected it will make a difference and that my friends would be a hell of a thing in this corporately corrupted trumped up fucked up deal.  And this is where the violence thing comes in.  Hey now god dammit I ain’t promoting no violence shit now, got that? I will say though it’ll be a miracle if we avoid it. And again, I’m talking about the liberals, the conservatives will bluff violence but the liberals will do it.  That’s cuz we will be the ones who will have the actual justified anger. But see, justified anger gots-a much shorter fuse than unjustified anger. And there’s matches laying all over the place waiting to strike that little fuse.

Don’t worry, we’re gonna keep our cool for awhile longer, even through this election.  Well maybe, likely, but not 100%. Believe it or not we’re gonna need one more round of failed hope before the fuse is lit. We’re gonna need one more president missing the boat to show us it will take us to turn things around. So understand, if Bernie does get elected then revolution will happen soon. But not the way you might think, though he would be a part of that revolution. Cuz see as soon as we would see the trouble a guy like him would get into with his socialism shit and banging up against big money we’d also see how futile it is to try to get things done via government, well, the present government I should say.

Yeah and all that’s just great but the deal is it could go violent, likely will go violent, at least in part. For sure they’ll be some property damage, some remote bombs but no injury to people, stuff like that…lots of it. We can’t take anymore failure, we can’t take anymore corruption, we will blow. Some one or some faction will start it up and then it will grow like a grass fire.  But eventually the revolution will succeed and after that all’s we can hope for is there will be enough safe environment left to carry out the life we hope for. That is a very big if and most likely an unlikely with climate change hauling down on our ass. But we may have enough time to pull it all off and live it for a month or two before we fry. Thanks for listening.

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Tribal Ways and Climate Change—An Inevitable Match  


images (1)What-a-we-gonna-do someday when all else fails? Which it appears likely that all else will fail.  Geoengineering is the unannounced plan of the governments and them danged corporate gangs. Well, maybe ya otta worry about it, pray for miracles at least. It ain’t gonna be pretty, it’s gonna be a survival deal, may as well plan on it. Oh, by the way, the evidence is in the science and not on TV.  If you got any doubts about this I strongly suggest you listen to that fella in that link there, Kevin Anderson, he is probably the top scientist in his particular expertise which is studying various emissions scenarios and their resulting heat levels and then translating that information into what those changes will bring for human life.

Well the end deal is we ain’t gonna be able to continue to live the way we do now, I mean that otta be gettn’ real obvious. I’ll jump right in here and tell ya, we’re gonna have to go tribal. Yeah see we’re trying to deal with this huge scale event with huge scale solutions. That may sound like good sense and it is, depending on how those huge scale solutions are set up. The way we going at it now is by keeping everything the same and otherwise just change to clean energy resources.  I mean that’s the scale of it, outside of that the scales are minor: some adaptation here some mitigation there. The only thing as nearly as big as clean energy will be geoengineering, but then maybe not, who knows…

All this is la la land stuff, it ain’t gonna go that way. We’ll likely collapse in the process, my guess is somewhere around 2050 at the latest and if we don’t have a way out I’d guess we’ll be extinct by 2070. This is just an intuitive thing with me, I take it serious but you don’t have to, unless you agree. But suffice it to say there is no reality in the solutions scenarios of our leaders, they are lost in a great deal of false hope. It’s like a “lies” kinda thing that they’re doing to themselves and our collective selves.

Well anyway, I’ve had this thought in my head about going tribal for many years, and only half way wrote it about once way back in 2002.  But that writing was kiney-a romanticized thing, allow me to get a little more real about it this time.

To put it simple, we’re too big.  Seven plus billion people are just too many to deal with in a unified way.  We are trying to deal with this by nations, 195 of them. If all these nations agreed on a particular path for ALL of us to follow then I’d say maybe we have a chance. But then, we’d still have to get over the idea that all’s we need is clean energy and life can go on as before…WE GOTTA GET OVER THAT! Reality is about ten thousand miles away from that.

Reality is that our lives will have to change to a more simple, agrarian type lifeway whether we intend for it or not; system failures will ensure that. At some point we will find ourselves needing to pick up a hoe and plant some spuds. We’ll find ourselves catching water from our roofs and maybe even raising rabbits and chickens or some god damn thing cuz see, economies will fail as climate catastrophes overwhelm us, mainly due to food and water issues. Can you imagine 7 billion people grabbing hoes all at once? That ain’t gonna go off very well.

The time is now to start thinking in these terms, that is, in terms of life being just a survival thing cuz the system is going down folks, you ain’t gotta be no doomsayer to see that. So here’s the deal. We gotta go tribal. I’ll ask you to think this through for yourselves, I ain’t gonna explain a lot about it, the tribal way that is, you just think about all those folks grabbing hoes and I’m betting the following will come clear, if it ain’t already.

OK so I’m thinking that only about 1000 people can deal with each other and make things work for life, or survival in this case.  And that 1000 people should only deal with themselves, they should be a tribe.  So yeah do that with all 7 billion folks, break them up into 1000 people tribes and have a global oversight government to assist these 7,000,000 tribes on how to share among the collective tribes in order to stay the fuck alive. See, we’re gonna go tribal one way or the other, it can be pretty or it can be real ugly depending on how it comes into being. If it comes into being by choice and not by default of circumstance then it might wind up pretty. If it comes by unintended collapse then it will not only be ugly, but also very deadly. OK, you figure out the rest but you better believe computers will be involved, get it?  Thanks for listening.

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Social Justice Needs Sharing, Cooperation and Hard Work  


social_justice_320_320_95Oh my, this social justice stuff can be a touchy subject. I mean you can step on all kinds of toes if you ain’t careful. It’s about everybody you know. Social justice isn’t really a government thing, not really, I cold even say it is only about you and me, the people, or “just us”. See that makes it personal and not off somewhere in a congressional hearing, on the Senate floor or in the courts. So I’ll be careful as I write here; I’ll try to be sensitive to all classes, races, cultures and beliefs. But I’m sure I’ll fail and so please try and understand I am only wanting to enlighten and never, never to offend or embarrass. And since I know I will do those things I’ll ask for your forgiveness in advance.

Here’s a little of what Wikipedia says about social justice:

“Social justice is the fair and just relation between the individual and society. This is measured by the explicit and tacit terms for the distribution of wealth, opportunities for personal activity and social privileges. In Western as well as in older Asian cultures, the concept of social justice has often referred to the process of ensuring that individuals fulfill their societal roles and receive what was their due from society. In the current global grassroots movements for social justice, the emphasis has been on the breaking of unspoken barriers for social mobility, the creation of safety nets and economic justice.

Social justice assigns rights and duties in the institutions of society, which enables people to receive the basic benefits and burdens of cooperation. The relevant institutions often include taxation, social insurance, public health, public school, public services, labor law and regulation of markets, to ensure fair distribution of wealth, equal opportunity and equality of outcome.”

Well OK, yeah I suppose that’s a good explanation of social justice, yeah maybe. Seems like something’s not there though. Maybe it’s even a bit over defined? Maybe? You know what it is, at least for me, it sounds too institutional; it sounds out of touch with the true relationship that an individual has with society and with other individuals. Like this line, “Social justice assigns rights and duties in the institutions of society”. Yeah like social justice is a person our group of persons, an executive board of sorts. C’mon, it ain’t that.  Here’s another line describing social justice, “the creation of safety nets and economic justice”. Bullshit. That ain’t gonna happen, no way, never will.  We’re trying that already and have been for decades and all’s we’re getting is a bandage here and there–Meals on Wheels? Gimme a break. Welfare, Social Security, Acorn??? Ahh, we still stay detached, we still live for our own pockets, that’s us, that’s the human race. We don’t know or understand social justice, we put it off to the leaders, the social movements; to those who are the clay pots that hold rocks and leak water. That’s what our concept of social justice is, a detached building with offices and workers being paid to create “social justice”.

Yeah I told you this could be offensive. So when I say real social justice ain’t gonna happen unless YOU get off your ass and make it happen then understand that I just gotta say it that way. Yeah sure it makes me mad, yeah I’m all angry about it, you bet. It is something that has happened to me in the last few years, meaning I woke up to just how fucked up we are, just how inhumane we are…it sucks. I’m not talking about soldiers chopping heads off and torturing 16 year olds to find out where their covert dad is. It ain’t just “over there” in the Middle East or Africa, it’s not just the cooperate CEO looking to push the poor into deeper poverty so he or she can buy that 40 million dollar yacht. Yeah see that shit just happens, that’s just the anomalies of life. Who gives a fuck about anomalies? I’m talking about the lack of social justice in 9 of 10 households in America and the rest of the world, especially those households that have money.

Oh yeah it’s a money thing, sure it is–it’s a big part of it, anyway. If you don’t think that’s true then I’d bet a buck and a half it’s likely you have money. And I ain’t talking about lots of money, I might be talking about the middle income factory worker, the junior college professor, or even the humble bakery shop employee, yeah those folks. Of course I am including all those classes above these people as well, and yet, the truth is it includes just about all of us humans, including the super oppressed poor. It includes WE THE PEOPLE…US! WE ARE SOCIALLY INJUST!

But yeah it’s about money, sure it is. But the truth is most of it just comes from our need to find personal comfort anyway we can. It’s just that a lot of the time it involves money. If not money then it’s about drugs, alcohol, sex, TV or some combination of these. Give that a little thought and you’ll see what I mean.

Now a guy could go ahead and say, “Well hell, that’s just human nature ain’t it? I mean we can’t fix everything and everybody…ain’t it true?” The thing to understand about that statement is it is exactly what “we” say. We accept the world as imperfect, we accept pain and anguish, we accept poverty, war, sickness and death. We see these as the rolling on of our days, the stuff we can’t change AND SO we detach, we disassociate and then from that the guy mowing his lawn can say, “all is well—for me”.

See what I am looking to do here is make you feel guilty, all of you. Yeah I wanna see you get really disgusted with yourself and not just the government, the corporations and institutions, but YOU! You are the one who needs help, you are the one who is sick, selfish and lost. I mean you the person reading this, you-are-sick…oh-oh sorry,  you say you give to charities? Oh shit, you volunteer at the community center? Well fuck-de-lot-te-dah, sorry to have imposed. I don’t apologize, it’s like that. You think all your good work for others gets you out of this deal? No it does not. See if you think that then you do not understand what the real problem is here. Now this is where it really gets touchy. Remember the title of this piece, Social Justice Needs Sharing, Cooperation and Hard Work.

Let me start with your life. I mean you the person in that last paragraph who is a giver already. Don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely sure your heart is good, you want to give, you give without expecting anything in return including recognition. I admire that and wish I were that way, I am not, I am quite selfish actually. There other people like you out there but still, you are in a minority. Now I know not all of people like you are in the class I’m about to describe, but it’s a fact that most all of your kind likely have some money. You don’t have to have a lot of money, but you gotta not be needing it so much like a lot of us need it—money is not giving you trouble in other words. And it stands to reason that this would be the case. Cuz either you’re giving money to those in need or giving it to a cause, or, since you are not in trouble with money it most likely means you also have time and therefore are “doing’ things for others or causes. Now if you are a giver and don’t have money, then you are indeed a rare human being and probably some kinda unrecognized saint. We see these types in ghettos or maybe war zones, they tirelessly are trying to help others who are in the same predicament as they themselves are. It is this kind of person I am trying to lead us to in this writing.

Yes that is correct, I am trying to get us all, or as many as can possibly be gotten, to become that unrecognized saint. When WE THE PEOPLE as a collective have been personified into an unrecognized saint, then the change I’ve wanted to see will have arrived. In that event WE THE PEOPLE will have become socially just. The burden will no longer have been laid to governments and institutions and because of that we will have achieved true social justice. That is what I mean in the title where it says “Sharing, Cooperation and Hard Work”. Yeah see that means your life has to change entirely to something it isn’t now. This sort of change suggest that money won’t mean much to you, neither will prestige, comforts, etc. Instead the concept of “what can I do to help” will come to rule your doings.

Now you might be asking me, and I hope you are, “Why have you been so vehement about this sort of human evolution and what is it we have to ‘help’ with?” Well it ain’t cuz I’m a kumbaya kinda fella, I sure ain’t, I’m more or less an asshole to tell the truth. I’m kinda mean in a way and downright selfish so scratch that off your list of guesses. No the reason I am after this change in humanity is cuz we absolutely need it. See, if we don’t get this change real soon then eventually we’re gonna die, that is, go extinct. It could even bring on the planet’s 6th great mass extinction which consist of most all species on the planet, including humans. So, when thinking in terms of trying to avoid something like a mass extinction event you can’t just sit back and rely on a few governments and other socially aligned institutions to resolve these matters. No, something this big has to involve everybody, let me say it again, everybody. That includes YOU, the guy or gal reading this right now.

I really shouldn’t have to say this but I hope you the reader knows why this evolution is so important and I also hope that you already know that there are existing dangers that call for an evolution of this type. But if you don’t know these dangers then here they are: climate change, water depletion, arable land depletion, contamination of food and water, nuclear waste and proliferation, biochemical waste and proliferation, and events that lead to civilization collapse such as economics, war and the unforeseen recklessness of the human condition. Don’t take these lightly, they are as real as real gets. We have landed ourselves on these paths and have set so many traps towards extinction that I have to wonder if I’m wasting my time doing a god damn blog? Truth is we may have already gone too far down those paths. But there it is nonetheless. Good luck and thanks for listening.

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Food, Water, Clothing and Shelter—Explained


Untitled-1 copy It’s time that I give an in depth explanation as to why I promote the “collective” move to food, water, clothing and shelter. It will take a lot of explanation here, but I want to make damn sure this time that there is no lack of understanding about why I feel this proposal is so valid. Just a note, I ain’t gonna be the angry guy this time, though I do remain angry. But in this article I’ll talk to you without cussing so much (but still cussing) and make it so that most people can read without trying to throw me out of the building for being so vulgar. I normally don’t care if someone gets or likes my articles cuz they are more like a journal or a personal reference for me. But with this particular article I really want it to be known by as many readers as possible that the future of humanity and all forms of life on planet Earth rest on the need for humans to get our lives down to food, water, clothing and shelter.  If we don’t, then we are sure to die.

Food, water, clothing and shelter. What the heck does that mean anyway? In my writings  it’s really a sort of metaphor for countries, notably developed countries, to take a stance that says they will reduce economic output and do massive slow downs on product production and consumption. It is also important for them to remain in those positions until the issues of climate change, water depletion/contamination, nuclear and biochemical development/contamination and natural resource depletion have all been completely resolved. It is also important that the human race recover from its collective mental illness known as free enterprise since its existence has become a danger to all life on the planet. Simply put, we gotta change everything about ourselves.

I’m gonna speak to all of what’s in the preceding paragraph one category at a time. So let’s start with the people of the developed world. Why am I picking on them? I pick on this group of people because they are the ones who are the main promoters of all the crap that prevents us from visualizing and moving into the mode of food, water, clothing and shelter. And the sad truth is that even the poor people of the developed and developing worlds also promote and hope for the benefits of economic growth which makes them as materialistic as the rich. What about all those in between? Same deal applies. First understand that it is economic growth that is the brainchild of materialism. So anyone, rich, poor or in between, who believes we need to uphold economic growth are by that association branded the troublemakers of this world.

So why do I give so much evil to economic growth and why am I pushing countries to massively reduce economic output?  First let me make it clear that the real evil doer here is free enterprise because economic growth is really only a byproduct from the equation for the free enterprise system of economics, known as the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Let me explain. The GDP equation basically has economic growth built into it and that growth is a result of the equation being a running equation. In other words it is continuously calculating but never gives a final answer. Therefore its baseline numbers grow without ceasing. It’s complicated but I’ll try to explain further.

Since we live by a monetary system there’s a thing that needs to happen called the money supply. There’s money in banks, there’s money being invested, there’s interest money -there’s all kinds of money out there. But probably what is the most important money is the money for purchasing products and services. It has to be there, it comes in the form of cash, debits and credits, i.e. it’s in your wallet. To sum this up, that money in your wallet is why economic growth is so important. Economic growth is more or less how that money in your wallet gets there. And that’s important with free enterprise cuz if no one is buying product, then ultimately no one will be working and making money, spending money that is. And see what happens is that spending money then get’s invested or has interest put on it so that banks and corporations can get fat, especially their CEO’s and board members. After doing all that spending then money on the margins happens, or simply profits. So without economic growth there is no way CEO’s and corporate board  members can get fat cuz there’s no way to get money to the consumers so they can purchase product so there can be profits for banks and corporations, it’s called the monetary cycle, see it, see the cycle? Think of it like a car, the car needs gas in the tank for it to run, there must always be gas in the tank. In other words the gas in the tank must be more than the gas in the fuel line or the car will stop running. The same happens in the case of free enterprise, there must be more spending money available in the economy than money actually being spent or the economy will shut down.

The previous paragraph is actually describing free enterprise, or the more sinister name, capitalism. A lotta folks like to believe that free enterprise and capitalism are something different but they are not, they are the same thing. Somehow it has become that “free enterprise” doesn’t imply the same evil that the term capitalism does. Oh, the free market system is another name, but it too has the same meaning as capitalism. I call free enterprise a disease, or an illness. It’s a disease cuz its end result is death. That is because of its propensity to cause us to over produce and over consume which then results in unwanted byproducts such as what I mentioned earlier, that being climate change, water depletion and contamination, nuclear and biochemical development and contamination and natural resource depletion. There are more byproducts than that, inequality for one, but suffice to say these others are the biggies, the ones that will bring us to extinction. The real quandary is that free enterprise cannot be stopped or I should say cannot be controlled. Because the only way to tame it is to shut it down or to stop it completely and replace it with another system. You can regulate it a bit, but only a bit because if you over regulate it the dynamics of economic growth start to fail and you wind up with total economic collapse. But even the best economic regulations cannot not stop the ultimate evils of free enterprise.

So in all this what are the actual “evils of free enterprise”. Now the following is real important to understand. It will show why free enterprise is so evil and why we cannot stop it from being evil. When a country starts out from scratch, the truth is there is no better way to go than to use free enterprise. That is because free enterprise is great for innovation and development. See it’s got those two dynamics in it called self interest and competition. These two human traits become the generators of product. Coincidentally, in the beginnings of a country it mostly will be developing the production of food, water, clothing and shelter. And a few enjoyables don’t hurt nothing either – keeps up the morale.

But eventually these products get fulfilled and reach their peak need, and so their production and consumption will likely become a steady state. But a steady state doesn’t work for free enterprise, remember its functioning math needs to have growth. So what happens is “junk” products eventually get introduced to the market place. They get there because there needs to be product growth (same as economic growth) and there really isn’t a need to seek ‘growth’ for the basics, those being food, water, clothing and shelter. Essentially they have a cap in terms of need. After awhile in order to maintain growth you’re gonna have to make up shit products. Like more kinds of toys for children, air fresheners, bicycle decals, place mats, throw pillows, and much more all the way to stupid apps for smart phones, get it? This is where the true evil of free enterprise lays in waiting. And once you get to this point there is no stopping it, cuz with free enterprise the more you grow the more you gotta grow, it’s all due to the god damn math of the GDP equation for the free enterprise system of economics. See?

So I’d assume that if you believe what I’m saying here about free enterprise, then you also will have to conclude we gotta get rid of it. That is, if you are aware of where we stand with those biggies I mentioned earlier, they are:

  • climate change
  • water depletion and contamination
  • nuclear and biochemical development and contamination
  • natural resource depletion.

How do we relate the list above to the problems associated with free enterprise? This should be self-explanatory really, nevertheless, lets start with the first one on the list, climate change. Yeah, what causes climate change? It’s greenhouse gases (GHG’s), right? The most prolific of those being carbon dioxide, or CO2. I say most prolific in terms of human emissions, but actually the strongest and largest amount is plain old water vapor, which primarily comes from the oceans, water vapor is 93% of the total GHG’s.  But we emit CO2, and those emissions come from our production and consumption activities. Remember, our production and consumption activities are greatly magnified by our need for economic growth which is everlasting as long as we remain under the free enterprise system of economics. So, wouldn’t it be that we’d conclude that our next and most prudent step is to rid ourselves of free enterprise?

OK so what about water depletion and contamination? Well, pretty much the same thing applies as what did with climate change. Note that if you think water issues are strictly  associated with climate change then you would be wrong. Yes water issues are greatly enhanced by climate change, but we don’t need climate change to have water depletion and contamination problems. Just by our need to over produce and consume we will experience big issues with water. In fact, we are having issues with water right now. And where does “our need to over produce and consume” come from? Free enterprise, right? So again, wouldn’t it be that we’d conclude that our next and most prudent step is to rid ourselves of free enterprise?

Now nuclear and biochemical development and contamination issues have a little different explanation. Some of the nuclear issues result from economic growth as they pertain to energy, but biochemical and nuclear weapons are more about the balance of power, which economic growth plays a part in but is not the main driver. What is important about these products is what happens to them after the problems of climate change and/or water issues have emerged. Climate change and water issues are economy busters. If they go to their full fruition they will bring about economic collapse. The end result of economic collapse is there will be no maintenance upheld for nuclear and biochemical products and their waste. Actually, I contend that these are the actual mechanisms that will finalize the extinction of life on the planet, especially for humans and other animal life. In short, these guys gotta go, nuclear power plants and nuclear bombs and the development of biochemical’s must be shut down and there must be a technology to make their storage of waste permanent, like forever. We don’t have that yet, it is vital that we get that.

As for natural resource depletion I believe it also is quite self-explanatory.  It is a no brainer that natural resource depletion is unequivocally a result of economic growth. The point to make is that we will deplete our natural resources IF we continue with free enterprise and its ‘demand’ for economic growth.  If you do not believe we will experience resource depletion then you must have some proof that someday we will be able to produce resources out of thin air. But that ability better come soon cuz that sort of technology will take some kind of miracle we ain’t even conceived of yet. Again, where does this need to extract natural recourses come from? Free enterprise, right? So once more, wouldn’t it be that we’d conclude that our next and most prudent step is to rid ourselves of free enterprise?

I hope to this point I have well established the relationship between free enterprise and  economic growth, and how their existence are bringing us to the brink of extinction. I also hope that now you can see why I call free enterprise a disease. It is like alcoholism, which is a progressive disease that if not treated will become terminal. Free enterprise is also progressive cuz of its need to grow economies but also is terminal in that this growth ultimately overwhelms life on Earth due to the resulting byproducts that are listed above. Is it no wonder that I vehemently ask for free enterprise to be shut down and that we instead resort to only producing food, water, clothing and shelter.

Now am I saying that food, water, clothing and shelter only is an absolute? Of course not. Like I said in the beginning, it is more or less a metaphor for what’s needed to survive our manifestations. But not entirely is it a metaphor, to deal with the byproducts created thus far by free enterprise, we pretty much will have to go to just food, water, clothing and shelter as far a any further production goes. However, I’m sure there would be more I am not aware of, especially given that we will have many durable products already in hand that we can use without negative consequences. Blankets for instance, furniture, culinary utensils, and much more. But concerning something like cars, then no, they will be recycled and used for other things that will be needed for adaptation to climate change. To get an idea of this, here are a couple articles I’ve written that go into detail concerning the processes needed to recover from our doings:

I said in second paragraph of this article that “we gotta change everything about ourselves”. That is this whole article in a nutshell. We can no longer be what we’ve been.  Nothing will happen to resolve our issues unless we dramatically change our doings and actually our human nature. What this entails is an abrupt evolution of the human species. What would normally take many thousands of years to accomplish, we need to do in at most in a few decades. Sadly, I have to admit it is highly unlikely this will happen. The likelihood is we will go extinct. And sadder than that is we will take most all of other species down with us. Once nuclear and biochemical products and their waste start being released due to the collapse of civilization then mass extinctions will take over. It will take millions of years to return to an earth resembling something like we’ve known the last 10,000 years. I am very angry about this and it’s a bitch to acknowledge it. Specifically, I am very angry that humans, especially those of the developed world, are so addicted to materialism that they can not see the road ahead. And even more disheartening it is obvious to me the road ahead is so easy to see yet we are utterly blinded to it and all for what, our precious standards of living? We cannot seem to find the truth about what we have become, our excuses and reasons are too deeply ingrained. That is why I say only a miracle now can save us, let’s hope it comes soon. Thanks for listening.

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Shouldn’t We be Angry?


images (2)Well god damn, what a question that is. Oh boy, have I been angry lately, just check out my last three writings, whoa! Pissed to the hilt. Lotta cussing, angry phrases, all that. I even had one Facebook site kick me out cuz of all the fucking cussing I been doing, whoops, there I go again, my god, have I been angry, yeah really. Yeah the fucking moderators at the Near Term Human Extinction (NTHE) site kicked me clean out cuz I said cocksucker…the cocksuckers.

Oh, before I go on I guess I should mention that this conversation surrounds the topics of climate change, water shortage/contamination issues, nuclear contamination issues, bio-chemical issues and their contamination, issues of economic collapse, and much more concerning things of that nature–you know, the doomsday stuff. Essentially these are the backdrop to our assured propulsion towards the extinction of human kind and many other forms of life, just remember that as we move along here.

OK, so what’s really going on here, is all this anger necessary? Well I don’t know “what’s going on” for absolute sure but I can tell ya that yeah, I think this anger has been necessary. I had to think it out a little bit there, but yeah, in the end I ‘rationally’ decided that all this anger, and more actually, is necessary. I mean what else ya gonna be when you’re surrounded by a buncha dumbfucks diplomatting their way to insanity. It is very aggravating, very maddening.

OK, OK, yeah I’ll explain this, it’s simple really. Now the greatest source of my anger is the developed world, well actually it’s the top 60 to 70% (in terms of wealth) of the people in the developed world that I am so mad at. And it all basically comes from one phrase, no not phrase, but I should say one motivation. Yeah, it’s a fucking motivation. And that motivation is that they, this 60 to 70%, want to keep their standard of living at whatever costs it takes. If it means to bring us to extinction, then so be it. Yeah, there it is, that’s the baseline reason for my very deep anger. And why the fuck wouldn’t it be? Oh, you probably don’t know the answer to that question if you are one of that 60 to 70% there, you’re too lost in your desires and so you really can’t know what’s up, you’re a fucked up human being that actually don’t know any better…truly, I mean that. You are not excused, yet at the same time I gotta admit you simply do not know any better cuz your desires are blocking you in a more or less medically determined way. You are sick in other words, and I am kinda bad for getting so mad and disgusted with sick people, but I am only human myself.

It’s been suggested to me that if I did not come off so angry, that if I took a more professional approach to developing and delivering my message that I would get further along in persuading people to my point of view. WRONG! Yeah really, that sounds like it’d be correct, that it would be what the smart person, the rational person would do. Yeah they would talk seriously while carrying a an academic tone and be diplomatic in their deliverance to the public in order so people would listen and calmly and rationally “accept” the ideas and opinions presented. But NO! That, I have found, is totally wrong, it actually don’t work.

Now note I said “it actually don’t work” when the proper way to say is “it actually doesn’t work”. See that’s proper grammar, but I don’t use proper grammar very much and that’s cuz I like to piss off the academic folks. I could be fairly academic myself, not like some college trained fucks maybe, but I could get close enough to get away with it. But I’d rather piss off these academic folks or at least aggravate with my bad writing and my bad language. Now why is that? Well, somebody’s gotta do something to thwart their misconceptions of what’s working. Cuz being academic, being professional and getting up there with your expertly devised PowerPoint Presentation just ain’t working, people, it just ain’t. Get it? Lookie here, I was involved, professionally, with the environmental movement for 10 years and I NEVER saw any of this type of approach work. In fact, I’d say it actually thwarts progress, really, I mean that.

Now get this folks, nearly, if not all and I do believe it is actually all, NGO’s and also all of the mainstream spokes persons on the issues I mentioned in that first paragraph believe that we can continue with economic growth and advance our standards of living and still accomplish solving all those issues. Yeah, can you believe that? I mean don’t that just blow your fucking minds, don’t it? Yeah their saying not only can and will we solve these issues but in the solving of them it’s gonna bring us more economic growth, more jobs and more prosperity than ever before! Now you wanna talk about desperation, you wanna talk about irrationality, you wanna talk about insanity and poor mental health, WELL, there the fuck it is folks, right in your god damn face! These are insane notions and they are lies as well. Why can I say that with such confidence? It’s cuz these exact notions are the reasons why we have those doomsday issues in the first place. That does not take a big brain to see, but it does take hardcore honesty, but that’s all it takes cuz it is not rocket science.

All the major science institutions and all the major scientists contend that if we stay on our present course we will go extinct, us and many other species as well. In fact, some believe we will have a great mass extinction for the sixth time in earth’s history due to our current human behavior. Yet, many of these same people turn right around and say, “but hey, with renewable energy and more advanced technology we’ll fix these problems and be able to go on moving further towards higher standards of living and we wil be able to continue to grow indefinitely – happy, happy, eh?” It-is-all-fucking-bullshit…this is what our diplomacy, our professionalism, and our PowerPoint Presentations are giving is, pure, unadulterated bullshit. This is clearly evident in the fact that nothing has changed, we are still dying, we are still moving ever closer, ever faster towards mass extinction – so say the scientists. What the fuck is that?

Now am I saying that being angry and shouting and cussing at he establishment is always gonna work with every issue we get presented with, no, I am not saying that. But in this case, that is the case where we have our top professionals who have been for decades telling us how bad our present course is but then doing a clear back flip and telling us it all gonna be OK if we keep doing the same shit, is that something we should put stalk in? I don’t thinks so, in fact, I think it is time we start telling these fuckers to shut the hell up until they are ready to either say what we are doing is good, or it is bad. We need to categorically tell them to make up their god damn minds!

Now we, the common people, can make up their minds for them and decide ourselves that no, this course we are on is bad and that it is obviously gonna kill us. We do not need to advance any more technologically, we need to conclude that what we do now ain’t working. Instead it appears we need to do the opposite and quit trying to grow and that we need to decrease our impact by living much simpler lives. You know like just make sure we get food, water, clothing and shelter. Wouldn’t that seem rational? Yeah since we’ve been burring ourselves with technology, high standards of living and economic growth, shouldn’t we conclude that we otta do the opposite? At least for time until we get our shit together, cuz we clearly got it all mess up at present. I mean we are dying folks, we know that now. Lets get smart for real. But hey, I think we’re gonna have to get mad first, we’re gonna have to get into these 60 to 70% of the developed world’s face and tell them to shut the fuck up with their insane rationality, they’re killing us.

You might think that what I am saying is dangerous, that it might provoke violence. Well, I hope not, I hate violence. But I myself do not know what else the fuck to do. I gotta yell and scream fuck, fuck, fuck…it appears. Cuz talking professional and tipping my hat on the way out the door just don’t seem to be working. I don’t mean just me, I’ve never seen work for anybody or any institution, never.  Not with the extinction type issues anyway. Let’s do something different, ain’t it about time? OK? Thanks for listening.





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