Humans Are Freaks On Planet Earth!


images (1)Yeah you can call that title a headline and I guess you could say it has headline value if you’s coming from reality, but we all already know it so well it’s seconded nature knowledge–like yeah we’re animals. But fucked up animals we are, when throwing us in with the rest of the kingdoms out there on the planet that is. Put us up against them and we’re so freakish it makes you wonder if we were planted here or some god damn thing.

Maybe we were! I don’t know. But I can tell you this, they ain’t an animal out there that can do even a .0001 fraction of what we can do. Does that make us higher beings? Fuck no.  It just means we have longer and more complex tentacles. Which also means we have much more capacity to damage…which we have demonstrated profoundly.  My girlfriend and I kinda argue about this sometimes. She’s always saying that animals could be much more advanced than we know, much more advanced than humans. Well hell yeah my love, I’m saying it right here and now in a public format that yes god dammit, you’re right, humans could be and are likely lower beings than other animals, but just not yet documented by humans let’s say, cuz who knows how whales document shit.

OK so I still gotta and can say, “they ain’t an animal out there that can do even a .0001 fraction of what we can do.”  But then I could take that back if you wanna get relative.  I mean I can’t climb a 100 foot tree in 25 seconds either, see.  So sure, I could be going out on a limb like my gal says, but let’s admit we sometimes gotta look at things in terms of averages. And so I would bet the average ‘person’ animal, though maybe a bit underachieved,  would say “they ain’t an animal out there that can do even a .0001 fraction of what we can do.” OK so let’s go from there, please.  I know it’s assuming of me to do so, but I gotta start somewhere.

So what is it that sets us apart? I think it goes without saying there are a million different answers to that question all loaded with prejudices. So hell, I may as well go straight to mine, right? Let’s be real, I could not pick the “average” answer, wouldn’t even try. However, I did hear one the other day, don’t even remember the source if I read it or heard it, as I hear and read shit all the time.  But yeah they were saying the one big difference about us is we devour, we conquer and that’s how we have survived, basically. As do many animals in one way or another cuz we all take, but the difference with us, the huge difference, is we put nothing back. Well yeah you can say that lions put nothing back, but they shit and that is fertilizer, we can’t use ours, and they are a part of keeping populations in balance, we deplete populations outside of our own . There’s no biological cycle with us. I mean holy fuck, what’s that about?

That’s kiney shitty ain’t it? Well we do have one cycle, babies, it’s a cycle that gets wider is all.  And hey the kids get wider too! Lotta fat punks out there. Yeah I’m laughing, I’m the asshole here I admit it. But hey folks c’mon, it’s a deal for sure, let’s be honest.  It’s another thing that sets us apart. The only other animals that unnaturally get fat besides us are the ones we’ve domesticated. Now I’m making that up you know, I don’t gotta fact on it, so you go ahead and look it up and let me know, I’m just gonna assume it, plus it sounds good in this context.

But yeah, we do all kinds a shit that sets us apart. But ya gotta look at what impacts a species has had if you’re gonna look at things from averages like we agreed. OK so I mean you tell me. Impacts? Holy fuckama you couldn’t count all the impacts we’ve had on planet earth if we used all our fingers, toes, eyes, ears, balls and buns…and our dicks too.  I mean if you took all the dicks of all the guys in the city of St. Paul Minnesota, you might be getting close to the number of impacts humans have had on planet earth.  Well…yeah, I’m guessing this too, but still.

OK so that’s really it, that’s all I wanted to leave you with. Just think about it, that’s what we are known for by all our brother and sister species, ‘the conquer and devour” animal, they must hate us and it makes you wonder what the fuck’s the matter with dogs. Thanks for listening.

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Seeing the Big Picture

images (3)Well there’s no shortage of information out there that’s for sure. I mean if you wanna get the big picture you certainly have the necessary access while you are right there in your seat! It’s wonderful and it’s horrible. I know that, cuz I see the big picture, do you?

To ascertain that, here are some questions for you: Do you know what the big picture is; do you have its snapshot? Is the big picture clearly obvious to you with no struggle to see and understand it? How are you using facts to substantiate your concept of the big picture?

Let’s take these one by one.

Do you have the big picture snapshot?

What is that? This snapshot thing. Well there’s a lotta ways to put it I suppose, but let’s keep it simple. Let’s say a snapshot is the summing up of the big picture into one sentence.  Oh by the way, the big picture is also known as “the condition of the global health”. Yeah of course I’m making all this up, I make up everything I write. There’s no “condition of the global health” thingy out there, not that I know of anyway. The U.N. does some reports like that but hell I don’t even know what they’re called! Now, at this point I am giving you a hint of what it takes to see the big picture, and it ain’t much is it? We’ll get into that later.

Your one sentence should be expressing either improvement or decay only. The human race is always and forever in either one of theses states. And by human standards, so is the planet at large. Your sentence should also have a small statement within it to show evidence for your big picture’s said improvement or decay.  OK, get all this down and you gotta snapshot of the big picture.

Is the big picture clearly obvious to you with no struggle to see and understand it?

This question might also be a hint to the secret of seeing the big picture. Cuz it will be “clearly obvious to you with no struggle to see and understand it” because you’ve done your homework properly, which is a talent. What I mean by that is it is in your homework, done properly, that makes it easy to see and understand the big picture. If you think that the big picture is complicated and full of contradicting scenarios you are already off to a bad start to seeing the big picture. The big picture is quite simple, and quite easy to understand.

Now note I’m talking about the big picture as it stands now. In other words, I am isolating the big picture as it stands in 2016. This is not about understanding the big picture in general over time, no, I’m talking about the one right now and none other. I can’t even begin to address the others of the past, but our present one? It’s easy. As it should be for you as well, that is, if you think you are truly seeing the big picture.

How are you using facts to substantiate your concept of the big picture?

Ahhh, this is where the rubber meets the road, of course. This is the question that ties people up, it’s the one that brings people to their conclusions of the big picture’s condition and so we wonder, is it right or is it wrong?

It is here that few understand what’s up and what’s the deal on the big picture. Most people think that getting the true perspective of the big picture involves lots of study, lot’s knowledge, lots of brains…lots of lots.  No, it don’t. But it does take an ability though, most people have it but don’t use it cuz it’s not taught in schools. You got to be able to notice, store and collectively remember the top 1 to 3 issues of the world condition. The details are not important. You just want to know what the issues are by title and remember what their overall severity or prosperity is, depending on what you say the state of the big picture is, improving or decaying.

With most issues you can use statistics or the general statements of science and experts to substantiate your big picture, but with moral and social issues you can’t. But see moral and social issues are not always, and actually rarely are, a part of the big picture. That is because moral and social issues are constants. We will always be engaged in moral and social issues, the big picture deals with issues of existential consequence for either improvement or decay for the human species and also the planet in general as it pertains to the perceptions of human beings.

The big danger here, and it is the one that most often causes people to fail to see the big picture is that people think they gotta know everything about the issues to make existential conclusions on them. NO! That’s wrong. This is especially true for the big picture of 2016. In fact, it isn’t how much you know about a subject, it is what you know about a subject that gives you the straight route to the big picture. And believe it or not most of the time to make existential conclusions the less you know the easier it is to make those conclusions and more importantly make them correctly. See, after time subjects of existential value are somewhat conclusive just by the science itself. So if you have any, even a small amount, of the most pertinent information from the science on something that has existential value, you already have the big picture. And again, this is particularly so for planet earth 2016 cuz by science planet earth 2016 is in the toilet in about 20 to 50 years.

But you gotta know that, see. You gotta know what the science and the experts say about a thing. You don’t need to know all of what they say mind you, please no, don’t do that. Just enough to understand whether we’re decaying or we’re improving. See so many times, especially for academics like journalists or even scientists themselves, they see so much material with varying conclusions that in all the smoke they can’t see clearly what the simple situation is, good or bad. In short, they get lost in too much data, and that happens easily these days cuz knowing and getting data is easy and also quite popular, for citizens it’s popular anyway and citizens play this big picture game more than scientists and experts do. Everybody wants to sound smart, see. However smart is not what it takes to see the big picture; instead you just need the right kind and amount of information…honesty don hurt either cuz sometimes the big picture hurts and we don’t wanna see it.

OK An Example

OK here’s an example of a one sentence statement of the big picture. Now this is my purview of the big picture and lookie here folks, its right. I’ll explain in a minute. OK here’s the sentence:

The human race and many other species are headed towards extinction within the next 50 years mostly due to the issues of  human caused climate change, water depletion and contamination and the proliferation of nuclear and bio-chemical agents and their waste.

This statement is correct according to the science of the day. I know, I’ve checked it out and therefore I also know what the big picture of 2016 is. Now it could change, but as of today, July 15th 2016, the statement above is generally correct. Of course, all big picture statements are good only from and for the day they are made cuz they might change the next day.

So in conclusion knowing the big picture is easy to do, and shamefully this escapes a large portion of the academics of the world. And in return many citizens are also ignorant to the true condition of the human race. This is a problem because in order to reverse or maintain the trend of the big picture, whichever you see fit to be the case, we have to first see it and most of the world does not see it. Or if they do they do not take it serious. And that is because they are not properly informed and many cases their blindness could come from that they are overly informed.  I don’t know for sure if that’s true, but all I do know is that I see academics being dumber than fence posts when it comes to seeing the big picture, they simply do not see it at all.

Give yourself a chance, take a quick look at what the scientists and experts are saying about our condition, and then, make your conclusions. Just don’t overload yourself with too much data, remember, the pertinent conclusions of scientists and experts is all you need, not their details. A good place to look is at the abstracts of science journals or just generally keep up with sciences news from articles you trust. Hold to that methodology and your big picture will be right on. Remember, the ‘pertinent’ conclusions of scientists and experts only. Good luck and thanks for listening.

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Bernie Is Not Bernie—We Are Bernie

images (1)“We are officially still a campaign, and I’m a candidate. We haven’t suspended our campaign, and I’m not gonna suspend our campaign.” — Bernie Sanders, July 13th during a Delegate Conference Call.

Sure, I stole that quote there from my good friend Darlene on Facebook. Yeah well I ain’t waiting for her approval cuz of the hot off the press kinda guy I am…anyway, let’s talk about it.

Yeah enough of the nonsense. Now more so what I gotta say here is wrapped up in that title there (bet you figured that already). Of course we’re all Bernie, Bernie is us we are Bernie, all that shit, you bet. And what this quote from Bernie up there means for sure I don’t know, but it’s seems rather clear don’t it? He ain’t quitting that’s for sure, but quitting what is the question. Whatever it is I trust his judgment and outside of that I don’t really give a shit anyway. Cuz as I will explain, it ain’t about Bernie, it’s about us.

In my world, that is the understatement of the century. It’s all about you and me! Government is only a good deal when the systems it maintains are in reasonable working order. It works only when the systems governments maintain are within the spirit of the law; not most of the time, but always. Most importantly governments only work when the people they represent are aware of its doings, and have approved of how its functions are carried out.

But when a government’s systems no longer function properly, when its officials no longer have any regard for the law on a regular basis, and when the citizens that government represents no longer give two shits about what’s happening within the government then heck with it, Government Day is over. When a government and its people have reached this point, the people gotta realize they are more or less on their own. It’s time for the people to take action. They must now find a way to organize and get things straight in DC. Right? Well kinda.

See here’s a concept a lotta folks have a hard time getting their heads around. To “get things straight in DC” at this point in the game requires one hell of a lot more than voting the right people into office, way the fuck more than that. Simply put, your black, white, red, brown and yellow asses has gotta change first, not the government’s. Ha! Bet ya didn’t know that did ya? Yeah man, you gotta change! See when you change the government changes. The government, no matter how it rises to power even if by military, is always and forever a mirror reflection of the people it represents. Yeah all these buffoons we’re seeing run for office right now are us, you and me, and yeah of course that includes Bernie. So that’s good at least, but the rest no so good…very bad actually.

Yeah so go ahead and look in the mirror. You don’t need to read the newspaper to see what’s going on, look at yourself, and look at how you live. That’s the revolution my friends, how we live, what we do, make and sense, that’s what we’re changing, that’s the revolution, ain’t it? Thanks for listening.

Oh, I’d like to see that play in that image I put up there, looks good.

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The Collective Mind

collective-mindIn all the dilemmas we face, the collective mind is one dynamic that we most certainly will have to manifest in order for there to be any chance that we will adapt to the coming changes brought on by global warming or any of the other potential crisis’s I’ve addresses on this blog, crisis’s of existential proportions.

It would be wonderful if we were to make changes by our collective choice. I am a utopian thinker.  Generally, when I think of the collective mind I think of it spiritually or cosmically, but in the case of our coming threats, it is simply necessary. At present, we do have a collective mind, but we are totally unaware of it. Thus, our collective mind is in chaos.

In a world without a threat like climate change and the it’s sister issues, I believe we would eventually evolve back into a working, functioning collective mind, one that takes care of the species it comes from rather than works against it as it does now.  But I think I can easily say that it would take hundreds if not thousands of years to come about. However, the reality is we have but a few decades at best to accomplish the near impossible.

Looking at our present collective self, we will not naturally evolve into something worthwhile it appears. Even if we do reach a collective mind enough that would allow us to bring about a reconciliation of human damages, then most likely that is all it would be. It would not be an evolution; it would be an anomaly, a blip on the screen of our existence and would only be with us until we’d stabilized out adaptation and reconciliation efforts.

Hopefully, something of it would rub off and stay with us permanently; I expect that something like that would happen.  But from where we stand right now in 2016 with three straight years of record breaking global temperatures, this isn’t about that. We simply need the collective mind to wake up enough to get organized for a big task. If it goes back to sleep after it has done its job, then so be it. At least maybe then we can continue as a species and be given the time to reach our evolutionary potential. But if it doesn’t wake up, they’ll be no evolutionary potential.

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The Two Worlds of Society


imagesI’ll get straight to it cuz it’s important. I guess you could say there are literally two ways, or choices on how to view life in the 21st century:

  1. You are living the lifeway of the 21st century right now and so your view is about what’s happening right now.
  2.  You see the path that the 21st century lifeway is on and therefore your view is the  future, which by all natural and scientific accounts is a future moving towards extinction.

Yeah I’m sure there’s lots of in-betweens. And I really didn’t define that first choice there in the way I did the second choice with that little bit of commentary there at the end on the extinction deal. OK so here’s the commentary on the first choice, and see I had to put that commentary off cuz it’s a longer commentary than the second choice. OK here it goes, yeah see it breaks down into three different aspects really. One is technology, namely smart phones and social media, another is ‘current’ events and finally there’s economy.

OK now we’re getting somewhere. So there’s a lot going on in the mind of a 21st century person…that’s living in the now, that is. Now let’s note that “living in the now” people are not necessarily the little gurus of our time. Some might be, and that’d be subject to interpretation, but a great deal of this group lives in the deep bubbles of making money, texting, and trying to be hip on what’s happening while not letting it affect the bottom dollar. See, I told ya the commentary would be long on those first choice folks.

The second choice is not so complicated. You are simply in a state of alarm about all that is going on in the 21st century and therefore what matters to the average person “now” is irrelevant cuz those things won’t matter in the near future; “the average person” being the first choice people. They’re the average cuz the second choice people are a very small minority. That’s why there’s lots of in-betweens and several aspects to the first choice folks, see?  Yeah lots of in-betweens for the second choice folks too but the main thing about them guys is their deal on the future, that’s all that matters to them really, and that makes their in-betweens thin and kinda unimportant.

OK so what the fuck’s so important about this shit? Well I’m a second choice kinda fella and I can tell you that it is only the second choice folks that this means any kinda dick to–at this point anyway. And that’d be sorta obvious wouldn’t it? I mean if you are or are not concerned about the human race going extinct then there’d be a pretty significant disparity between the two modes of thought, wouldn’t there be? Yeah see if you gotta hard dick focused on the right here and now and its fuck the future then this writing simply won’t mean a lot, not for very long anyway.

So it’s really about the second choice people, so let’s talk about them. And really the best way I can talk about them is by examples. In an almost phenomenal way the Bernie Sanders revolution is actually the best example I can come up with, the only one needed really. That is something that is so ‘easy’ about the time we live in; the lines are drawn with dark black ink, so they are easy to see.

However, my choosing the Bernie deal may not be for the reasons you think.  Let’s get something straight right off; second choice people are not necessarily born out of the left or progressive side of the spectrum. They can come from anywhere. Second choice people generally see the 21st century as decaying and pretty much having things all wrong, well not all, but most. So in the case of Bernie Sanders it’s about what is good for the goose is not necessarily good for the gander.

Second choice people will see and understand Bernie and his wishes, many if not most will believe in those wishes. But believing in something like that is irrelevant to the fact that we are on a path towards extinction, see? In another world they would live out those beliefs, but not in this one, not the one in the 21st century. Those beliefs of Bernie’s require longevity and to the second choice person longevity is a short lived term making beliefs in free college, more work for more pay, better infrastructure, and better economy with more equality, all that wonderful stuff Bernie puts out, all that means little in the face of extinction. It does for the second choice people anyway. First choice people do see this sometimes too, but it means so little the experience vanishes with the next glance. But not so for the second choice folks, it is a constant for them.

That constant is important to note. It affects how one looks at policy. Ha! That’s an understatement. It affects how one looks at everything and that’s not overstated at all. But no really, this constant affects ideas on policy in particular. Cuz see policy right now in the 21st century is guided by economy, which is first choice dominated and ruled. Well, there are a few more aspects to it than economy, but all of them have to do with fear (as in fact does the policy ideas of second choice people). Economy leads the fear is all, and therefore it is the most important issue to the first choice people. Beyond that is terrorism or war, social issues, environment…whatever kinda stuff really. The big deal is economy. However, for the second choice person the constant in their brain that is revealing the path we are on tells them economy and all else are meaningless until our path is corrected, a path that is plain to see to the eye willing to look and one also that is constantly re-illuminating itself.

So see wow man its way out there the two worlds society has going on. I mean it is tripped out dude, whoa! It is for second choice folks anyway, and also for first choice people as well, but not nearly as much. Second choice folks have to constantly make corrections in their brain as they walk the sidewalks of America. By the way, as a second choice guy I notice that being out on city sidewalks is an amazing experience. I won’t try to explain it cuz I can’t, but wow, it’s something.

It is this correcting thing I’d like you to take note to. It is no small thing. When I think of how wonderful Bernie is, and the revolution as well, I have to be aware that that is one brain of many brains that tries to live today, all gitty and such. Yeah it’s happy, but not for long cuz soon after this occurrence comes the reality brain saying that today is short lived and coming to an end soon. It auto-cancels all appointments.

So holy Jesus fuck, how’s a guy live through all that? Well really most of the time you pretend you are a first choice person. You have to or you’d be thrown out of every bar in the county if you did otherwise. A thing to do is give up hope, that can allow you to live in today better, a “be here now” sorta thing. Seeing there is no hope is an auto-recuse of responsibility. But you’re kinda dammed if you see hope, even if it comes in the form of miracles. I mean it helps if you see hope only by miracles, but it still puts you in the driver’s seat, but more like a Sunday drive. Yeah so when I said there in the beginning that “it’s important” well, I don’t the fuck know, maybe it ain’t I don’t know, what the…thanks for listening.

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Conspiracy Sniffs My Ass


images (2)Well what can I say, I got a thing about titles but yeah this one kinda applies. I just got done watching a couple conspiracy Youtube deals. No, I don’t believe them, but see, believe isn’t really the word to use, it ain’t about believe.  The only way I can put is with a phrase, a sentence actually, cuz I ain’t got a single word for it: No single conspiracy is right, yet conspiracies of existential importance do exist when looking at a snapshot of current events.” Yeah, like that, and if you gotta word for it, let me have it.

I don’t really believe in conspiracies, none so far have impressed me. OK wait a minute, maybe I otta just go ahead and state my case or what do I “think”. And note I don’t even believe that, but here it is.

The one conspiracy that is happening is money coupled with power. It is a natural phenomenon that results from the free market system. So what I’m saying is the conspiracy that’s sniffing my ass is all things happening within the developed world and its relationship with the market system. Most of it happens without direct manipulation, the free enterprise system of economics does most of the work. But I ‘think’ direct manipulation does happen and happens substantially and frequently or ongoing. By who or what I do not know; most likely it comes from a symbiosis that has developed between governments and corporations. It might go back pretty far, but the dominant evidence has shown up mostly since the 1950’or post WW2.  And that’s going back pretty far actually, one could say it started under the Johnson administration…but, I don’t know.

It doesn’t matter what I know about this, it doesn’t matter what anyone knows about it. There is no reason to know anything. When you see an animal you’ve never seen before and it is attacking you trying to kill you–you don’t study it, you kill it. Study it the fuck later.

Oliver Stone’s film about Nixon has a scene it where Nixon is confronted with the concept of our system that is akin to that of a wild animal.  Of course, that’s exactly what all this looks like, like a wild animal. So, the conspiracy is simply the system out of control. What the powers that be do with that fact, is where the sub-conspiracies come in, which are many. I can say I believe them all and I can say I believe none of them, it’s all the same cuz it is the happening, that being the existential existence of a conspiracy, a conspiracy perhaps born out of math and later discovered by opportunists. Thanks for listening.

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To Save the Planet: Sanders Must Join Up With Jill Stein

images (1)Yeah see Jill Stein has graciously offered to kinda move over and co-sponsor the revolution via some sorta Stein-Sanders or Sanders-Stein deal; all within the Green Party…something like that and HEY! I think it’s absolutely the thing to do. It will work, that ticket will be stronger that anything Trump or Clinton could come up with and will defeat them both in the general. Yeah sure, Bernie made a promise to not run against the Democrats clear back in the beginning, but after the way the Democratic party, the DNC and the establishment media have all treated him? Fuck that promise; he needs to declare war on the whole god damn deal.

There are hundreds of more reasons to declare war on the establishment than how Bernie’s been treated. Climate change by itself is one and really the only one needed. But there’s s basket load more, inequality, consumerism, water issues, war issues–all kinds-a shit. But is this what I really want to talk about? Wells sorta, but there are some wide valleys to cross before I can bring all this together. They may seem irrelevant at first but allow me to suddenly jump out of the box for a bit, it’ll come together by the end.

OK in all this deal, this election deal, I would ask you to kinda lay it aside and realize, if you will, that this is truly only a small play being acted out in the midst of a huge human story going on at present. In other words, it don’ mean much in the scheme of things—things to come, that is. The real story going on right now is the possibility that the human species might experience an abrupt and profound evolution…notice I said “might”. Yeah there’s no guarantee we will, in fact it’s nigh impossible that we will, but at least we’re set up for it if we choose to allow it.

The reason I call this election a small play inside a big deal is cuz if we will have succeeded in overcoming our tribulations then only a small portion of that success will have come from politics and government. The majority of it will have come from the sudden evolution of the human species and what results that evolution produces. Yeah see we want and hope for governments to take care of this fucked up deal that we, you and me, have created. However, the truth is the governments and the corporations are only a small part in this fiasco we’ve woke up in. Their job has been only to provide “us” with the tools to fuck ourselves over, all’s we needed was the money, and they provided that too, and so fuck ourselves over we did.

What I am saying here is most often not realized by the average human being, especially human beings of the developed world. Developing world human beings don’t really realize it either, but for different reasons. However it’s the developed world calling the shots so let’s stick with them. Besides, they are way more unaware of their actions and consequences than the rest of the world is. That is because of their symbiosis with the issues I mentioned earlier, issues that can lead us to extinction and very likely will. These issues are almost entirely created by the developed world. Yet the developed world barely admits to the responsibility, and in fact continues at an ever increasing rate to pursue the same destructive and deadly paths that got us here. Worse yet, we seem to be totally oblivious to our behavior.

This is very serious folks, I ain’t writing this stuff to be cute. We are on a path to extinction and it is our behavior that is causing it, not the government’s behavior, not the corporation’s behavior, OUR behavior, you and me. And here’s the fucked up deal about it all, it is the last thing on our minds. This is a big problem, an existential problem. It is a problem that only a sudden and abrupt evolution of the collective human mind can deal with. I mean an evolution that is so profound that we might even come out looking different. In other words, it’d be a literal miracle if it should happen. I believe in miracles, do you? You’d better, that is, if you want your grand kids to not boil to death.

Ahight, back to the election. There is only one thing that makes this election important. It’s not keeping Trump out of the Oval office, neither the same for Hillary, no, it’s about the revolution that Bernie Sanders has started. Actually that revolution was in place before Bernie, it’s been coming for a long time. Anyway, this revolution has to happen or we are dead. The revolution is really the evolution I been talking about. I wish I could say it’s looking good, but it ain’t actually. It has all its hopes packed into this election, and too packed into Bernie Sanders and not nearly enough packed into the people themselves. This makes the revolution unlikely to continue with any power. For this revolution to have any impact at all, and it needs a large impact, then there must be an abrupt evolution of the human collective mind first.

What would the average person be like if and when we’ve had this abrupt evolution? Allow me to give you a brief description. Number one and primarily, he or she would no longer have a mindset of self-interest and competition; instead they would be focused on community interest and cooperation. Pursuit of material gain would no longer be of interest to these people, they’d feel they have too much to accomplish regarding the reparations of the planet to worry about material gain. Their goals in life would be to find sustainable ways to live simple lives. This would have to happen in a deep and profound way to the peoples of the developed world, the developing world would take it on much easier.

OK, can you see yourself giving in to the potential of this sort of change within you? Can you imagine the life it would create? Well, if you want to have your grand kids keep their skin, then you’d better accept the change that you deeply need. I need it too, everyone one on the planet needs it. Can we achieve this sort of thing; is the Bernie revolution the beginning of it? Do you hope it is?  I do. Thanks for listening.

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