Evolve Now–Concept Proposal

Dichotomous Balance

Evolve Now

Concept Proposal 


Table of Contents

Introduction ……………………………………………………….………………………..page 2

Vision Statement……………………………………………………………………………page 4

Mission Statement…………………………………………………..……………………..page 6

Why It Must Go Radical………………………………………….………………………page 7

Non-Participation Test……………………………………,,……………………….…..page 8

Purports to Questions……………………………………..….………………………….page 9


Evolve Now–Introduction

By founder Danny Heim 

We are making the claim that no organization exists that is dealing with an issue I have personally been trying to confront for the last 24 years as an environmental activist. It is a big claim. But, I and this group are making it; we believe it and we feel it is vital to the security of our world. The threats come from the fact that we are facing climate change along with water issues and contamination issues from nuclear and biochemical substances. These are issues that can lead us to extinction, they are not just problems to tackle someday, and they are already on the road to ending life as we know it as well as much of life itself on planet Earth. But these are not any sort of unique claims we are making since reasons for extinction is a common topic these days.

The claim goes as such. The driver of most all of our problems from climate change to crazy cops is the free enterprise system of economics, or if you like the free market system, or capitalism; you pick they all come out of the same niche. There are plenty of groups that make this or similar claims, but it is the approach to solving the problem where we claim something unique. At least we have not heard it anywhere else and we’ve been looking. So, this has become the excuse for trying to start an organization—a movement more precisely. I guess somebody or some entity has to do it, may as well be us.

I’ll get to the solution in a minute, but let’s discuss the problem a little more first. When confronted by this organization you are most likely to be an activist already, particularly for climate change because, well simply, you will be targeted by us. The reason for that is because we want to influence your activism; we want you to attack your issue at the heart of it, and 9 times out of 10 that will be the free enterprise system of economics. It is very important to understand that to maintain the standards of living free enterprise offers takes persistent, unending economic growth. Unending economic growth means that the production and consumption of products will also be unending. This is not good, the earth is finite, we’ll go extinct with this idea because the earth will give out as its natural resources, namely water, will become impossible to extract, and that is our end. This will happen regardless of climate change, but climate change puts the nail in the coffin and brings it all on much quicker than otherwise would be.

There is much to “the problem” that is very complicated. But I don’t believe it is too much to understand that economic growth has become an unrealistic goal and model to live by if we want our descendents to have any sort of life, or life at all. The only real requirement to understand this is honesty, that’s the hardest part because we simply do not want to see this as truth. This is particularly so for those who have benefited from free enterprise and we find the more one benefits by it the more one is blinded to the reality of it; we assume that is quite understandable.


The Solution

Our solution is unique in that is simply does not screw around, it takes you right into your own life and makes you look at it. In other words, we are hardcore. Other groups may have very similar opinions about the problems and somewhat the solutions too, but their route to tackle the problem is much longer, much easier going and also puts blame in a lot of places besides you and me, the people, where it first belongs. Many advocacy groups tend to blame governments and corporations almost exclusively for our problems but rarely point to the way of life we seek as the fundamental problem. We the people want governments and corporations to fix that in us, we don’t generally think it is “us” that is the origin of it all. But the truth is governments and corporations are only responding to our wants, they may be evil, but they would never be that way without our desires.

So what do we do then? Our solution is to have you change your life in ways you can’t even imagine; change that will challenge your human nature. Once in a conversation I had with someone I was telling them about these sorts of changes we need to make, she said, “Well you’re asking us to change our human nature, we can’t do that.” I replied, “Yes that is correct, we must change our human nature and if we can’t then we’re dead.” This is the reason for the name of our group, Evolve Now. It means we have to literally initiate by unnatural causes an evolution of our human nature. It means we go from being consumers of the planet and become its caretakers instead, and that only. We have about 50 years at best to accomplish this abrupt evolution. In geologic time that means, Now!

The changes we are talking about are expressed in the final section here called the Non-Participation Test, which also makes for just about the entire program which is talked about in the mission statement below. We wish to start you with our vision statement which is quite different from our mission statement. That is because our mission, or our tasks are very specific, while our vision for succeeding in those tasks encompass an entire new paradigm for the human race.

We would also like to stress this very important point. Our motive is not to inflict an ideology onto the human species. This is not about ideology at all. Free enterprise was simply a mistake by the American founders. The logic seemed good in the beginning but as it turns out the math behind that logic is not so good. So what we are asking of you may look like we are trying to change your beliefs and though if you do what we ask you will change your beliefs but that is only by default and not intent. The intent is to survive our mistakes. With the traps we have set for extinction the only way we will survive our mistakes is to correct them from top to bottom; that includes you and me and the way we live our lives.


Evolve Now–Vision Statement 


  1. As a global project the human species will become caretakers of planet Earth instead of its consumers.
  2. The human collective and its individuals are sick from the addiction called the free enterprise system of economics. The human collective will learn that just like any individual gets sick from addiction issues, so does the collective human being get sick from being addicted.
  3. Humans will address this disease and recover emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
  4. As a working unit the human collective will:
    1.  rid the planet of water issues regarding contamination and depletion
    2.  rid the planet of nuclear issues of waste and the existence of radioactive materials
    3.  rid the planet of bio-chemical issues and the existence of toxic materials
    4.  sequester excess greenhouse gases such as carbon and methane from the climate
  5. Upon restoring the planet to safe and sustainable systems humans will then continue to live as caretakers and also live in a Utopian manner as life dictates it to be.

Note: The reason for the concern for the use of nuclear and bio-chemical materials is not so much about their presence in the immediate. The concern is that if society should collapse, and it will someday since there are more ways to collapse civilization than by the hands of humans. We could also be hit by a meteor and we will be, we can also have a super volcano blast us to bits and it will someday, comets, aliens, whatever, we will have an event that will collapse our ability to maintain the safety of these materials and their waste. If we do not rid ourselves of these particular traps, they will be the final blow to our extinction. This is a certainty.


The Collective Decision

Essentially the goals listed above can be summarized to say that the human species needs to collectively decide to create and sustain an abrupt evolution of itself. The perfect analogy is the alcoholic, there just can’t be a better depiction of the personified human collective than a sick, on the ropes alcoholic. Just as an alcoholic hits bottom and comes to a decision to get help, so it is for the collective human and her 21st century addiction to the free enterprise system of economics.

So it is a “decision” that our mission statement seeks because our vision statement will only be achieved when the human collective decides to get well. As it stands now we are applying politics, economics, military force and technology to deal with ourselves and our very problematic issues. Again, the alcoholic analogy comes to play where just like the drunk who uses alcohol to solve her problems, we the human collective are using politics, economics, military force and technology to solve ours. In other words, both the human collective and the alcoholic are using the very same things that are their problem to solve their problem. In both cases it is text book addiction and is terminal if not treated.

Therefore it is the sole desire and goal of this movement to bring the collective human being to a decision to do something about her self and help her to get well. She must admit to her addiction and be willing to dramatically change her ways of life and her thinking. If not the human collective faces extinction just like the alcoholic faces death. We at Evolve Now are pledged to carry this message to the human collective and to assist her in her decision to become a functioning human being once again.


Evolve Now–Mission Statement

Evolve Now is a narrowly focused entity specializing in convicting and awakening embedded participants in the free enterprise system of economics. It has only two tasks to perform. The first task is to assist participants in convicting themselves of having a part in creating a collective human persona that would be the same as someone with major addiction issues. Note we say the collective human persona because this disease does not necessarily affect the individual participant, but does affect the entire human species as a collective and other species as well.

If the participant awakens to their part in all this then the second task is to convince them they need to change their lives from being primarily consumers of the planet to being primarily caretakers of it, and not much else. We will not be the advisers of exactly how to carry this out in your personal life. But we will direct you to other organizations we work with that can greatly help you. We also provide a resource directory for studies and reading materials relating to these subjects.


Evolve Now–Why It Must Go Radical

Much of what this movement is about is reducing production and consumption of product and you will note that the reduction we call for would be massive, up to 60% overall. Some would call it a form of austerity or even Draconian. Why so dramatic? Why not just cut back some, why make it so unreasonable? We have those answers.

Since free market economies depend on the continuous growth of their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to sustain themselves the notion to “cut back some” simply does not work. In fact, it becomes disastrous of allowed to continue for more than 2 or 3 years and would ultimately lead to global economic collapse. It is an engine you see, a motor that runs without ceasing. What keeps it running is economic growth, when economic growth stops so does the engine. It is an either/or thing and that is because of its math construct which is more or less an ethereal idea concluding continuously that more must be obtained or we’ll die. It is an idea deeply embedded in our collective psyche and is the basis for our consumptive behavior. We must be consumptive or we will collapse our ability to be consumptive. That’s the way it works.

This is why any action we take to correct this path we are on must be radical and something completely different from what we do now. What we do now can not be changed, not even slightly or we crash too hard too quick. We need to intentionally begin to shut down the free market process while replacing it with a new paradigm on how to operate society. Think of it like trying to fix a train while it’s running down the tracks. First you gotta get the thing stopped, you will try to fix it while you run, but eventually you see you have to stop the train to fix it properly. In the case of “fixing” our broken economies it will take a couple decades to get the trained stopped and another 2 or 3 to fix it.

Where we go from there is still up for grabs as far as Evolve Now sees it. The first task is to get free enterprise shut down and just deal with:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Clothing
  • Shelter
  • Health Care
  • Education
  • Transportation
  • Communications

We will know more what to do once we’ve gotten free enterprise shut down and we are stable with the list above. Evolve Now takes the stance that what we are up against is so massive we can not even conceive of it all just yet. Therefore it is best we just deal with things one at a time like just getting the train stopped and then our vision will be clearer as to what type of societies we are going to become. We are truly in a “transition stage” as so many people like to say these days. Evolve Now is not offering complete answers; instead we are hoping to open the first road on the journey to get to those answers. We wish it was going to be an easier, softer road but it is not. We are asking you to buck up and be ready to change, be ready for hard work and that you do this not for yourself, but for your future generations. Can we do that?


Evolve Now–Non-Participation Test

This test is an indicator that you have completed the first task of our mission statement to convince yourself that your way of life is a part of a destructive path towards extinction. It also supports your commitment to the second task in our mission statement to “change your life from being primarily a consumer of the planet to being primarily a caretaker of it.”  If you can answer positive to the questions that have “*Yes” and positive to at least 5 of the remaining 7 questions then it is very likely you are a Non-Participant in the free enterprise system of economics and have had some level of awakening about the current status of human existence.

Though it may seem unfair family size is irrelevant to your answers. You will note that the questions do not reflect that you are intending to ‘absolutely’ remove yourself from the system but that you are going as far as you can take it. Complete independence is near impossible since the system is so ubiquitous and in your face. It’s sad but you are dependent on the system whether you want to be or not. The question in this case is: How much?

Note: On pages 9-14 there are purports to each question that explain the logic for the overall test.

Check Yes Or No

  1. Are your annual incomes at or under or planning within the next 10 years to be at or under 20K?  *Yes___   No___
  2. Is the size of your home at or under or planning within the next 10 years to be at or under 800 square feet? *Yes___   No___
  3. Are you doing your best to not participate in the free enterprise system of economics?  *Yes___   No___
  4. Have you concluded that it is a form of disease to use self interest and competition as the fundamental motivations to propel your life? Yes___   No___
  5. Do you see the value in rejecting self interest and competition and seriously replacing it with community interest and cooperation? Yes___   No___
  6. Are you doing your best to be “off grid” in the areas of food, water, energy and transportation? Yes___   No___
  7. Are you doing your best to abstain from expenditures outside of food, water, clothing, shelter (includes energy), education, health care, transportation and communications?  Yes___   No___
  8. Are you willing to give up your current career and go to work for humanity and all remaining species doing what “you” can do to restore our environment and its use to a sustainable and regenerative level? Yes___   No___
  9. In these efforts listed here, will you cooperate with your neighbors, your family, your friends and/or whoever is available, to remove you and your partners as far from the free enterprise system of economics as you are able? Yes___   No___
  10. Do you realize that due to human caused climate change for at least 10 generations, perhaps more, all forms of life will not be anything like they are now and in order to prevent going extinct humanity will have no choice but to try and repair what it has done? Yes___   No___


Purports to Questions

*Question 1

Are your annual incomes at or under or planning within the next 10 years to be at or under $20K?

The logic here is about the free enterprise system’s use of money. It is a fact that the more money you have and particularly the more money you spend will result in a deeper participation in the overall systems of free enterprise.  Since free enterprise is systematically attached to economic growth for its existence and economic growth is deadly to all species livelihood then logic dictates it is best to not participate in this system as best you can. It takes money to participate and money only. Without money your participation in free enterprise’s systems is zero.

So, the less money you have the less you participate in these deadly systems. Twenty thousand dollars a year is not much money these days, especially for families. And yes, for one person it’s fairly comfortable by American standards, not real comfortable but if you’re frugal you can live well. However if you have a spouse and five kids, you’re screwed. Still, that would be the price you’d pay for having those kids, it’s a bitch, but fair. Yet, in a good world there will be some kind of assistance for large families. This is where cooperation and community interest will come into play in a big way—it will have to.

*Question 2

Is the size of your home at or under or planning within the next 10 years to be at or under 800 square feet?

It may not seem fair to make this question a mandatory *Yes in the questionnaire but it is necessary. And you may also contend it isn’t logical to move out of a house that is already built. That would be true if it were not for climate change and what issues sea level rise (SLR) and other climate impacts will bring.


Our future will be one of massive restructuring of our infrastructure, our production and consumption methods and our home life. We will need materials and considering the our already critical issues with natural resources we will need to reuse materials from tear downs of buildings and homes that are being evacuated from coastal cites and towns because of SLR.  Homes inland that are bigger than 800 sq. ft. will be used as partial homes and as public use facilities of all types. Again, this is where cooperation and community interest will come into play in a big way—it will have to.

*Question 3

Are you doing your best to not participate in the free enterprise system of economics?

This is the basis for all the efforts in this movement. Participation in the free enterprise system of economics is equivalent to having a disease and since none of us can avoid participation then we are all inflicted with this disease. It is a disease by the conditions that it creates which is continuous growth giving way to deadly byproducts such as pollution and climate change, the depletion and contamination of water, the production of nuclear and bio-chemical agents and their waste, the depletion of natural resources, the devaluation of moral and ethical standards, and finally the termination of species (including our own) due to the collective impact of all these issues.

A disease can be defined by whether or not it is progressive and it is terminal if not treated. This is particularly true for addictions, of which free enterprise classifies. It can be related almost perfectly with alcoholism which is a disease that creates a need for more alcohol to satisfy the graving, an acute denial that the problem exist, its symptoms progressively get worse over time, and if not treated the prognosis is typically death, insanity or incarceration.

As we look at the life of free enterprise we can see these exact patterns as though the collective persona of the human species equates to that of an alcoholic.  Our systems need to have economic growth forever or it dies is the same as the alcoholic’s need to consume more and more alcohol or they’ll go nuts. We go along in this condition and act as though nothing is wrong. In fact, we tend to praise our free enterprise system as the best thing to ever happen to the human race just like an alcoholic praises alcohol for making them relaxed, sociable and supposed better human beings while acting as if all is normal. As an alcoholic progress in their disease their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health deteriorates. The same happens for the collective human species in its deterioration as the free enterprise system’s ever increasing need to produce and consume chip away at the


health of its environment, its sustainability and its ability to remain civil. Just as the alcoholic will die if they do not stop drinking and get treated, so too will the human collective die if it does not give up free enterprise and find a new way to operate and live in a sustainable manner. In short, the human collective is on the exact same path as an alcoholic.

Question 4

Have you concluded that it is a form of disease to use self interest and competition as the fundamental motivations to propel your life?

Though it was already explained in detail in the previous purport, it is still imperative that you decide where you stand. As a disease free enterprise will not necessarily affect you as an individual, not with its negative byproducts anyway. If you are poor it may affect you negatively, but not nearly as likely while poor in the developed world, in the developing world it is another story. But it does affect the entire human collective as a whole and many other species as well. That is the point of deciding where you stand. Are you sick? Do you have a disease? Making that determination is vital if you want to sustain a level of non-participation in the free enterprise system of economics because it will help you to cross certain lines as they come up. Just like the alcoholic that when tempted to drink has to believe they are sick and must abstain from alcohol, so too must you do all you can to abstain from free enterprise or you will remain sick.

Understand that self interest and competition by the mere nature of their words are at the very least hostile. “Self” interest and competition? It means your primary concern is yourself and you will compete to out do others for your own self interest. Free enterprise assumes that if everybody takes care of themselves first then all will work out well because we will collectively strive to improve our lives and as we compete with each other for this the quality will improve. And yes, it works exactly that way, for a time anyway. Because of the economic growth function people’s lives actually do improve. This sounds good at first but as growth continues so do the negative byproducts grow—all the way to extinction.

Question 5

Do you see the value in rejecting self interest and competition and seriously replacing it with community interest and cooperation?

Using common sense you can see that if you are gong to attempt to remove yourself from free enterprise systems you are going to have to have a healthy relationship with community interest and cooperation. If you are not cooperating with and taking interest in your community then why should it take an interest in cooperating with you? This is a must in the long run. I say in the long run because right now there are not enough people involved in non-participation to form cooperatives beyond the very weak ones that exist now. But as you will find if and when you should decide to not participate that the deeper you go into that stance the more you will see that replacing the deeply embedded concepts of self interest and competition with community interest and cooperation and have those concepts be as significant will be the only way we will survive in the end.


Question 6

Are you doing your best to be “off grid” in the areas of food, water, energy and transportation?

You can not be off grid with everything. Like we said before, there is no way to escape entirely the free enterprise system of economics. But in the areas mentioned in the question above you can get pretty far off the grid.

With food it’s very hard to become fully self sufficient. I know of no one person or entity that does it (just think of salt). Even indigenous peoples are no longer fully self sufficient. In some cases self sufficient water production can be done, but it will typically take a significant investment to make it happen particularly if you are going to use a well. It is the same for self generated energy, you can do it entirely but it will take a large investment and also an ongoing investment in maintenance. Reducing your consumption, reducing your income, increasing your level of community interest and cooperation, and just plain living a simpler life will also massively reduce your need for transportation. It still will count if you have a car, but you can only consider yourself off grid with transportation if you keep your car use under 3000 miles a year and tend to use other forms of transport more than your car.

The general idea with this question is to get you thinking towards abstaining from free enterprise systems more than about being self sufficient and off grid. In the end we want to depend on our systems as we need them for efficient and sustainable economies and governments. This is true even for our energy systems since lone household setups are not as efficient as grid setups done with clean energy. We are not looking for chaos or anarchy, but more we want systems that work and are healthy for all. In the mean time, get as far away from the systems of free enterprise as you can, most anything is better than them.

Question 7

Are you doing your best to abstain from expenditures outside of food, water, clothing, shelter (includes energy), education, health care, transportation and communications?

Well if you are staying with the effort to keep your income less than 20K then you’ll find that adhering to this request is pretty much already taken care of. But if you are not there yet in reducing your income then this question will definitely apply to you.


What this means is you would not take that trip to Jamaica. You would not buy that riding lawn mower. You would revamp your clothes and shoes and not buy new ones…so much. You would not buy a dryer but instead hang your clothes on a line. You would not buy a big screen TV; in fact, you’d not likely own a TV. I’m sure you are getting the picture. There are many, many, many products you can do without and that is what you would do as a non-participant in the free enterprise system of economics.

Question 8

Are you willing or planning to be willing to give up your current career and go to work for humanity and all remaining species doing what “you” can do to restore our environment and its use to a sustainable and regenerative level?

I certainly would understand if a majority of people would answer No to this question, it is a big ask. However, as time goes by and more and more people actually do stop participating in free enterprise systems then it will become that the majority of folks would answer Yes to this question. We will become more and more a collective in our behavior as we go deeper into climate change, peak oil, peak water, and economic turmoil. As we begin to collapse we will by nature and circumstance start to cooperate with each other, and of course we will also war with each other. It will be the deciding factor of our future if war or cooperation rules the day. One or the other will win out. But if cooperation should prevail, then the content of this question will become the rule.

We will wish to restore the planet not because we are so good, but because we will die if we don’t. Also, giving up a career will be a no brainer when we are faced with massive water shortages and somebody has to haul water, pump water, or build storage bins for water. There will be plenty of work of all kinds that involves restoring sustainable life on the planet; sadly, most of it will be physical labor. But, we are not there yet, our children and grand children will for sure be, but we are not face with these decisions right now. Right now you just need to commit to it for when the time comes. Chances are it will be here much sooner than we think.

Question 9

In these efforts listed here, will you cooperate with your neighbors, your family, your friends and/or whoever is available, to remove you and your partners as far from the free enterprise system of economics as you are able?

Again, this a more an issue of the future, how near that future is we are coming to find out right now in 2016 with a likely 3rd year in a row of record breaking global temperatures. Climate change is making itself known and as that happens this question becomes more and more important. But even right now you can begin to commit to make packs with your family, friends, and neighbors to help and cooperate with each other to survive the coming impacts.


I believe that this is one of the most difficult commitments to make, especially for Americans who are so independent of each other, even within families. It is painful to publicly confront the issues presented in this document. Nobody likes to talk openly about it unless you are activists talking among each other. But even there the disagreements are so varied and heated that arguments can persist endlessly.

Nevertheless this is a must for the future so you may as well get used to the idea if you wish to be a non-participant in the free enterprise system of economics. You will have to cooperate with those you are familiar and those you are not familiar. The familiar will likely be the hardest to deal with. It is not going to be fun.

Question 10

Do you realize that due to human caused climate change for at least 10 generations, perhaps more, all forms of life will not be anything like they are now and in order to prevent going extinct humanity will have no choice but to try and repair what it has done?

You don’t have to conform to this question in order to be a non-participant in free enterprise systems but it would greatly help the cause if you did. If you’ve conformed to the first three questions then you will likely do the same with this one. The point is to understand that the way of life this document portends is going to last a long, long time. On the contrary the sad truth is it has a high chance it may not last at all, we might fail. Even if we achieve victory, it will have come with a great deal of pain to the survivors. There is nothing happy about the next 200 to 250 years, they are going be a type of hell; the point is to survive them.

We have an issue in today’s world that is a major block to achieving what is contained here. That issue is that though it is true that many of us tend seek the right kind of attitude and function to react to our crisis’s, we only want to find ways to do that while having no pain. Oh sure, many will say “Oh no that’s not true, growth is hard.” Yes that may be correct but do you truly believe that? Because as I watch the supposed enlightened folks of our world, and there are a lot of them, I see them doing their best to make life, and its growth, as easy as possible. Well that’s admirable in one sense but kinda nuts in another.

Why? Because we have an entire world to rebuild and it’s going to hurt, it’s going to require major sacrifice from everyone, and mostly it is not going to take comfort to get it done, it is going to take hard physical work; yes that is correct, labor…like slinging sledge hammers and carrying buckets of rocks. I actually mean that literally. We can not rebuild this world with power equipment alone because we will not have the type of safe energy in time and in place to power exclusively with machines. We will need muscle, more muscle that has been use in the entirety of our existence as human beings. We must get used to the idea we have nothing but work to do. That is the fate to come for many more generations. Maybe someday we can return to finding ways to live as decadently as we do now. But right now we have to give that up, we have no other choice or we die.



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3 Responses to Evolve Now–Concept Proposal

  1. Danny, I think your assessment and solutions are accurate and reflects an honest look at reality. In general I share your view that the most important part of the solution is sacrifice for the common good. Unfortunately I don’t think people are ready for reality and I am not talking about conservatives, they are basically ignorant of the seriousness of climate change but liberals don’t want to change either, they are hoping for an Elon Musk to invent some gadget to save the day. They are all in some form of denial. We just had an election between someone who wanted a government that reflected the people and put climate change at the center of his program but the democrats voted for no change, a monster. I know there has been progress made but I also know It is difficult to take this and just keep on plugging away. It is people like you who have made important contributions to the progress we have made and I thank you for your hard work and dedication.

  2. Brenda Rosser says:

    Barry Commoner described the way we split the world into two – the natural world and the world of our own creation. As if they’re entirely separate things, and of course they’re not. I grieve because it’s proved impossible to flee from the military-industrial complex and the destruction of embedded ’empire’ strategies. The native forests around our home in North West Tasmania has been almost completely decimated by a mere decade of globalised corporate agroforestry practices. It’s a long story but a very quick and sad transformation. It’s hard to believe, after witnessing this, that the good we do as individuals really matters. Yet I sincerely believe that there is no other way to approach the future. Thanks for your thoughts, Mr Danny Helms.

    ‘Free market’ and ‘perpetual economic growth’ were never dreams from the bottom.

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