I’m Gonna Rip Back Your Brain


GuiltWell ain’t that interesting, yeah I’m gonna rip back your brain. I’m gonna open it up and take out that crap you been learning and restart your point of view.  But it appears it has to start with mine first.

I been writing on this blog off and on for nearly three years now.  It’s been fun…no I mean it’s been fun. Yeah that’s all it’s been.  Well we’re shutting down for remodeling here at the old Evolve Now and yer gonna get a chance to fine out why here in a minute. Yeah we’ll be coming back within 6 to 8 months but when we do—oh shit, you’re gonna hate it.

Linked and streamlined information that is to the point with no bullshit, of course people want that, of course. So, if you want them to respond or more of them to respond–Ya gotta give them what they want. But I ain’t been doing that kinda writing, see, I’d have to change that if I were to try and win the public, which I ain’t had any real desire to do…yet.

My writing style is one ting but the main reason I do not go viral is cuz my subject is about as unpopular as warts. What does my subject ultimately say to people? In a paragraph it says I am telling people to realize they have an illness called free enterprise that doesn’t necessarily bring them personal pain but as a collective species it brings pain to itself and other species. I am telling people to start reducing their income to as close to the poverty level as they can take it. I am telling people to remove themselves from the American system of economics as far as they can. I am telling people to try to live subsistent and off grid as best they can.  I am telling people to change everything about themselves and call for an abrupt evolution of our species.

Now see, need I go on? To the average person this shit would sound nuts, just the poverty part alone! Yeah so if I went back to all 70 of my writings here and perfectly addressed them with palatable writing then I’d still be stuck with the content issue, which is entirely about what is in that paragraph above.

Well, that’s what I’m gonna do anyway, I’m gonna do that palatable type writing but I’m also gonna talk the same shit I always have, but with much more clarity, proof and conviction. All my writings in the future are going to be completely different but deadly to your conscience. I warn you, you will be chastised by me as you’ve never been before, you will hate me, I will make you sick with guilt, you will cry.

What I been writing so far has been more like a journal, or notes for something in the future. I’ve really only kept it public cuz I got more hits than I’d of ever expected, so I’ve very mildly promoted, just Facebook mostly, which ain’t dick for promoting unless yer gonna spend money, I digress. In any case, I been writing for myself really. But hey, what’s coming is gonna be all about YOU! And guess what? You’re gonna be changing your life, and you’re gonna hate it. What I will be coming back with is not writings necessarily, but more about a movement of change and revolution. Do I expect victory? FUCK NO! I mean Jesus Christ I’m gonna be trying change the god damn global paradigm man, c’mon. But, that’s what I’m gonna try to do anyway, so.

Good luck to you if I succeed since your life will be shit if I do, i.e. the fun is over. See you in 6 to 8 months.


About dannyheim

I am a nut. But a good nut. Please note that all my blogs are continually in the process of being edited. You most likely would see changes if you visit back again more than once. Oh, I'm an artist by trade these days, so ahh anyway, um, ah well, my website is on here somewhere, um ah, wella anyway it's ah, http://dannyheim.com./. It's not a buying type site, don't worry, I don't market from there.
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