Austerity Is Not an Evil Word

images (5)Yeah I could say the same thing for Draconian too.  Let’s make sure we all know what were talking about with some internet definitions.

Austerity: conditions characterized by severity, sternness

Draconian: (of laws or their application) excessively harsh and severe.

So it looks like Draconian is a little more bad ass than austerity, more than a little maybe. Either way, these are descriptions of what governments do when something big is happening. Most of the time it’s about economy, but it can be something like war particularly if on home ground. Or it can be about something like climate change, water shortages, energy shortages, comets–you get the picture.

Now some governments are just plain old asshole, corrupt totalitarian mudlucks and they put these measures on you just to make themselves rich or even as evil as to demonstrate power. Yeah so there’s some sick fucks out there doing the Draco deal but then there’s when it otta be that way and there ain’t no sick fucks around. There’s when citizens themselves volunteer to be Dracoed on. And cuz they love life and country and they’re good people they step right up and say, “Hit me daddy!”

“What the fuck?” you say.

Yeah no we did it in WW2 man, c’mon. Roosevelt got us on it, and we gladly did it too!  Hey what-ya-think? Ya think we’d do that now, ya think? I don’t know, we might, I mean we might if it was a war deal. But that other stuff I mentioned earlier? Well, maybe a comet.  We sure ain’t doing it on climate change that’s for damn sure and we’s got that coming right at us in a hurry. We should be on bread and water by now.

I ain’t really kidding there you know. I mean not bread and water but, not far off of it let me tell ya. Yeah no really. I know this would be a hard thing for just about anybody on the planet to grasp, let alone Americans but yeah, we gotta Draco big time.

But we ain’t got that kinda thinking going on, do we. Nah we’re thinking about the next Smart Phone, about shoes, cars, 401K’s…hey, I won’t go on. Actually, did you know that if I had gone on and listed all the products out there it would have been an estimated 100 million individual products? So, I’ll just stop were I did.

Now how do we think we can do that, huh? How long do we think we can do that? I just read something today, I ain’t gonna find it; find it yourself if you would. But anyway, I read that we are using 3 times more natural resources than we were in the 70’s. I wanna say it said in 30 years or 3 decades…I don’t know, whatever, you get it.  Ah man there’s water issues too, I ain’t gonna talk about that shit either, there just is, there’s water issues a come’n.  nuclear stuff too…the works.

And then there’s climate change. I ain’t gonna talk about that either. I mean god damn we all otta know about that by now and I believe we do. I realize most people only know little, but at least we all know something about it now. And a lotta people know a lot, I do. But ah, dey ain’t no Draco on it yet, like, the score is 1 to 19,854. What’s the deal?

Well the truth is likely that we’re already kinda quite fucked so, what-a-ya-gonna-do about that, huh? I mean we could slightly, wonderly, possibly, minimally do something about it if we did the Draco deal, but we’d have to do that. And we’d have to learn cooperation too, all kinds-a shit like that. I don’t think we’ll do it do you? And it likely wouldn’t work if we did! I think we’re gonna die. A miracle will do, if soon.  Thanks for listening.


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