Near Term Human Extinction (NTHE)—the Processes

Dichotomous BalanceHey I’m eclectic, yeah cuz it’s defined as “deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources”. Well I don’t know bout style and taste cuz I’m kind of a hoosier, not as defined in Indiana, but as defined in St. Louis. There it means kinda the same as nigger but applied to whites, but nigger can also be used fondly among blacks and hoosier is used fondly among whites in St. Louis.

Sidebar start1: Hey I don’t say “n word” first off cuz I just have to rebel, it’s a mental disorder. The other reason is I am impervious to tags of any kind. Uh, not on myself mind you, I’m a sensitive fella, but as societal definition I don’t really give a shit; some people talk in shortcuts, that’s all. I mean I ain’t got no bug about PC stuff necessarily as far as speech in general, but one word deals? Depending on how and when they’re used, fuck it. I understand the good intention there, but my observation is some how that good intention is mysteriously backfiring and in the end I think its part of why we get Donald Trumps all over the place. Am I saying we can call any body a nigger? Fuck no…hey butthead, you know what I’m saying, so lets move on god dammit. Sidebar end1

Gotta Establish Some Stuff

OK, glad that’s over. But what ain’t quite over yet is the human race and whatever species is still here at this very second. Yeah and I do look at things from a wide range of views and their sources, that’s what I’m trying to tell ya. Now let’s get something straight right freak’n now. I am not against the idea of NTHE. Not at all. I think Guy McPherson is brilliant.  Hey, some of my best friends are NTHE (whoops, yeah but its true). Anyway, I’m gonna “show” you this, not for my sake, I’m just using me as a means to talk about a subject, but in this case, me is perfect for it.

Yes I am an NTHE kinda guy. Not quite middle of the road there, but still I qualify. Where I fall short of the medium is in two ways. One is I am not a believer in the ‘hopium’ idea. Which for those of you who do not know what that means it defines people that are still thinking we have a chance to survive in the face of a train coming at them 90 mph a hundred feet away and they’ve only loosened 1 of 4 ropes. I agree somewhat that this is the situation, but I don’t agree that that fella on the tracks has to die. CUZ, some kinda miracle could happen. See, that’s the only difference, I believe in miracles though only a very little, but still I think they can happen. Why? Because no matter how obvious the future looks, it can change even if by a miracle. Though I don’t believe existential change via miracle has ever happened on Earth there’s always a chance. Essentially it’s based in my overall philosophy of spirituality that says. “It’s a big universe, anything and everything can happen”.

The other reason is what I mean when I said earlier I agree “somewhat” with the situation as defined by the overall NTHE movement, which partially comes from Guy McPherson’s assessment of the science. And all I mean by that is he says something like extinction by 2030, I say 2070. Who’s right? Who the fuck knows? I don’t. Truth is I tend to believe Guy over me, I mean what the fuck do I know compared to him? He’s using science ten times more than I am; I’m mostly using life time personal observation and intuition. Oh, I rely on science as well of course, but I’m not a scientist. However, Professor McPherson is and so he understands all this much deeper than I ever could. The exception is I am very good at extracting the pertinent ideas of a thing without knowing all the details. I base my whole justification for writing on that ability. Over the long haul I am finding my stance has been somewhat verified by the facts and how they trend so I’m gonna keep my path the way it is. Contact my whatever if you don’t like it.

Processing the Future–Inside Yourself

Well OK, I had to establish these things in that previous section before I moved onto the real topic here. Hopefully that will become apparent as you read on. The immediate theme I got in my head about all this is about an examination of what happens inside us when we view the future as “ending”.

Sidebar start2: It just occurred to me why I may want to write about this. I have cancer and am just about to have my spleen removed and undergo 3 sets of chemotherapy. Now it ain’t much of a deal, I am very sure it’s all gonna good and so are the doctors. But that don’t stop me from having some visions of dying, I mean c’mon, cancer? Yeah yer gonna think and see your possible death no matter how hard you try not to. Luckily I ain’t too obsessed with that but I do understand it for having been going through it.  And yeah here and right now I’m seeing the connection with it and NTHE, yeah so I may talk about it this way some more, we’ll see. Sidebar end2

Well yeah I’m gonna talk it right now, no sidebar included. The mind’s gotta do a lotta shit when you re faced with possible death and more so when you are faced with sure death. Now if I live long enough I might be faced with sure death via climate change, yeah I might, really. I mean fuck, according to Guy only 14 more years. And having respect for his opinions makes that something to deal with and so I do. Now if my cancer prognosis was sure death I know I’d still hope for a miracle, I would, I know I would.  Yeah so maybe that’s why I view NTHE this way. But then I don’t know cuz I viewed it this way long before I knew I had cancer, so…

Nevertheless there is a connection I am sure of it. So in the process of dealing with such horrific things one’s gotta get some kinda mindset on it or yer gonna get fucked up more than needed. And so one of the things that happens to me in the process of worrying about possible death coming my way is how it affects my thoughts about what I wanna “do” today. And I gotta tell ya, today is today these days. Yeah to avoid this kinda worry, and shock actually, you gotta get in the right now even if it means just sitting there numb. You don’t wanna do that numb stuff for long, though I do, but you’re gonna do it, so…

I do find that my activity seems to be more intense these days, more involved, when I finally do get active that is cuz like I said, I do get into the numb thing too much. I ain’t so good at this stuff but I might be getting a little better. Here’s the deal, reality forces you to get at least somewhat good at it or you won’t cope very well. So it goes with NTHE.

Let’s Do Some Examples

Oh here’s one. I am still developing my home and land; it’s a big deal with me, it is my life’s ambition really. That is to be a subsistence farmer and escape the system as far as possible, you know, all that ideological shit. I’ll never make it all the way I know, not even close, but I will always strive for it. “Yeah but now I have cancer, oh fuck, will I finish my dream? Is it worth trying?”  Now this ain’t a perfect example cuz I am not labeled as terminal like we are with climate change and many other traps we have set. But the tendency to get morbid still exists within me, so I know and can use that experience as a doomsday kinda analogy.

Yeah so anyway if I fucking die, I ain’t gonna do my dreams. What’s that do? Well, many a day when I could go out and get some rock to keep doing my rock thing on the land…well, I don’t do it, not all the time, not nearly all the time. That’s cuz I’m either being a numb guy or maybe I actually gotta take it easy, cuz I am sick, got other stuff beyond cancer actually, so…

Yeah so anyway how’s that work with NTHE? Well it works exactly the same danged way, don’t-cha know? Why build a bridge across the Atlantic when we’re gonna die before it’s done? Why try to cure cancer? Why try to screw that gal you been looking at, why the fuck do any god damn thing? I mean what the hell is Guy McPherson doing traveling all over the planet trying to help people understand their world? Why? Why do it? Well I don’t know, do you? We just do that. I mean I can’t sit their numb, it gets old, I gotta get out and get some fresh air and sun, you bet. I gotta see my gal, I gotta do the god damn dishes, I gotta DO! You bet. But I don’t, not always and not enough.

And so it goes for us as NTHE folks. Forgoing future plans is kinda built in with this perspective, in the long term that is. If a person really believes that extinction’s coming in 14 years, that’s gonna slow down that long term idea of getting two separate PhD’s, ya see, it just is. And hey, that’s OK as far as I’m concerned.  That is unless your hobby is the pursuit of getting PhD’s, then have fun. See these things are just gonna happen like that with NTHE, they just are and that’s even if you are a fair weather believer in NTHE. It affects your head you see. And that too is OK cuz it should affect your head, and if it doesn’t see a doctor.

Ah, you know I think this is enough as this topic could go on for an eternity. Maybe we’ll talk about it some more another time, Thanks for listening.


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