Let The Corporations Rule! Celebrate Geoengineering!


excited-young-business-executive-aged-businessman-clenching-fists-40849558Well hey yeah, let the corporations rule, yeah wonder if that’s what we should do? Ya know? And maybe we otta stop hamstringing geoengineering and support it all the way? Think I’m kidding? Well kinda maybe but then again not really. Yeah see lately I been writing a lot and also writing from the perspective of perspective–dare I say. OK so dang it, we’re gonna take this perspective for now, let’s just look at it for a minute, you know, give it a chance.

K so here’s the deal on corporations, I’ll get into geoengineering later. But both of these deals kinda coagulate into a meshed kinda deal with profound implications. So maybe, just maybe, corporations are, from here forward anyway, our sugar daddy. Hold on fuckers, don’t piss yer jock just yet there. Nah now think about it. They already have full reign over us and our governments, corporations do. You’re misinformed if you don’t know or believe that, check it further please. Look at your own life and if you can not see that you are corporately dominated and controlled, then you are not looking, period. WE are oriented to be a product/service society, 95% of that comes from corporations. Whether you like it or not, YOU are an economic unit and YOU act accordingly for the preservation and continuation of the corporation.

Hey, hey, hey—calm down. We’re just doing some exploratory drilling here, ain’t anything happening yet. But let’s say we succumb knowingly and intentionally to the very essence of that paragraph above.  Yeah say we see the corporate light, the one the corporate elite see. Cuz you know I’d suspect their light shines pretty god damn bright in their brains. Yeah and maybe it otta. Yeah why not? Maybe they actually do see themselves as not only providers of our lifeway, but protectors of it as well, gods kinda like.  And Holy Shit and God Bless America, but fuck maybe so, maybe it otta be that way. You know, think of corporations not as god so much, but sugar daddies watching out for our lack of intelligence.  Maybe they’re hoping that someday we will see this clearly, and maybe that day is coming soon, we just gotta surrender to it. That, is what our rightful leaders may be waiting for…

What about GE?

Well here’s the deal. The corporations have the money, the wherewithal and the initiative to save our ass if they put all there power into it. And if we supported them and did what they said they could likely succeed in saving our ass. Yeah see you gotta turn it over god dammit, no half-ass shit. Really, you’d have to let go and let the corporate will guide the way. If you fight it, you’ll fuck it up. Surrender man, whoa!

So you can bet them corporate daddies are building ideas for geoengineering. They gotta be by now. So if we tell them “OK, we trust you, do what you gotta”. Well? Would we be any worse off than if we’s to be fighting them to the end?

Now you gotta think about this shit, see. Here’s why. Because in all likelihood, we have most likely passed tipping points for not just climate change, but many other things as well. And if we have gone too far, so to speak, then staying the course could actually be the most wise and prudent thing to do, and who knows, geoengineering might work, and if we stayed the course with corporations perhaps they’d remedy the rest of our woe’s. Fuck! I’ve practically convinced myself! But not quite. Thanks for listening.




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I am a nut. But a good nut. Please note that all my blogs are continually in the process of being edited. You most likely would see changes if you visit back again more than once. Oh, I'm an artist by trade these days, so ahh anyway, um, ah well, my website is on here somewhere, um ah, wella anyway it's ah, http://dannyheim.com./. It's not a buying type site, don't worry, I don't market from there.
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