Seeing the Big Picture

images (3)Well there’s no shortage of information out there that’s for sure. I mean if you wanna get the big picture you certainly have the necessary access while you are right there in your seat! It’s wonderful and it’s horrible. I know that, cuz I see the big picture, do you?

To ascertain that, here are some questions for you: Do you know what the big picture is; do you have its snapshot? Is the big picture clearly obvious to you with no struggle to see and understand it? How are you using facts to substantiate your concept of the big picture?

Let’s take these one by one.

Do you have the big picture snapshot?

What is that? This snapshot thing. Well there’s a lotta ways to put it I suppose, but let’s keep it simple. Let’s say a snapshot is the summing up of the big picture into one sentence.  Oh by the way, the big picture is also known as “the condition of the global health”. Yeah of course I’m making all this up, I make up everything I write. There’s no “condition of the global health” thingy out there, not that I know of anyway. The U.N. does some reports like that but hell I don’t even know what they’re called! Now, at this point I am giving you a hint of what it takes to see the big picture, and it ain’t much is it? We’ll get into that later.

Your one sentence should be expressing either improvement or decay only. The human race is always and forever in either one of theses states. And by human standards, so is the planet at large. Your sentence should also have a small statement within it to show evidence for your big picture’s said improvement or decay.  OK, get all this down and you gotta snapshot of the big picture.

Is the big picture clearly obvious to you with no struggle to see and understand it?

This question might also be a hint to the secret of seeing the big picture. Cuz it will be “clearly obvious to you with no struggle to see and understand it” because you’ve done your homework properly, which is a talent. What I mean by that is it is in your homework, done properly, that makes it easy to see and understand the big picture. If you think that the big picture is complicated and full of contradicting scenarios you are already off to a bad start to seeing the big picture. The big picture is quite simple, and quite easy to understand.

Now note I’m talking about the big picture as it stands now. In other words, I am isolating the big picture as it stands in 2016. This is not about understanding the big picture in general over time, no, I’m talking about the one right now and none other. I can’t even begin to address the others of the past, but our present one? It’s easy. As it should be for you as well, that is, if you think you are truly seeing the big picture.

How are you using facts to substantiate your concept of the big picture?

Ahhh, this is where the rubber meets the road, of course. This is the question that ties people up, it’s the one that brings people to their conclusions of the big picture’s condition and so we wonder, is it right or is it wrong?

It is here that few understand what’s up and what’s the deal on the big picture. Most people think that getting the true perspective of the big picture involves lots of study, lot’s knowledge, lots of brains…lots of lots.  No, it don’t. But it does take an ability though, most people have it but don’t use it cuz it’s not taught in schools. You got to be able to notice, store and collectively remember the top 1 to 3 issues of the world condition. The details are not important. You just want to know what the issues are by title and remember what their overall severity or prosperity is, depending on what you say the state of the big picture is, improving or decaying.

With most issues you can use statistics or the general statements of science and experts to substantiate your big picture, but with moral and social issues you can’t. But see moral and social issues are not always, and actually rarely are, a part of the big picture. That is because moral and social issues are constants. We will always be engaged in moral and social issues, the big picture deals with issues of existential consequence for either improvement or decay for the human species and also the planet in general as it pertains to the perceptions of human beings.

The big danger here, and it is the one that most often causes people to fail to see the big picture is that people think they gotta know everything about the issues to make existential conclusions on them. NO! That’s wrong. This is especially true for the big picture of 2016. In fact, it isn’t how much you know about a subject, it is what you know about a subject that gives you the straight route to the big picture. And believe it or not most of the time to make existential conclusions the less you know the easier it is to make those conclusions and more importantly make them correctly. See, after time subjects of existential value are somewhat conclusive just by the science itself. So if you have any, even a small amount, of the most pertinent information from the science on something that has existential value, you already have the big picture. And again, this is particularly so for planet earth 2016 cuz by science planet earth 2016 is in the toilet in about 20 to 50 years.

But you gotta know that, see. You gotta know what the science and the experts say about a thing. You don’t need to know all of what they say mind you, please no, don’t do that. Just enough to understand whether we’re decaying or we’re improving. See so many times, especially for academics like journalists or even scientists themselves, they see so much material with varying conclusions that in all the smoke they can’t see clearly what the simple situation is, good or bad. In short, they get lost in too much data, and that happens easily these days cuz knowing and getting data is easy and also quite popular, for citizens it’s popular anyway and citizens play this big picture game more than scientists and experts do. Everybody wants to sound smart, see. However smart is not what it takes to see the big picture; instead you just need the right kind and amount of information…honesty don hurt either cuz sometimes the big picture hurts and we don’t wanna see it.

OK An Example

OK here’s an example of a one sentence statement of the big picture. Now this is my purview of the big picture and lookie here folks, its right. I’ll explain in a minute. OK here’s the sentence:

The human race and many other species are headed towards extinction within the next 50 years mostly due to the issues of  human caused climate change, water depletion and contamination and the proliferation of nuclear and bio-chemical agents and their waste.

This statement is correct according to the science of the day. I know, I’ve checked it out and therefore I also know what the big picture of 2016 is. Now it could change, but as of today, July 15th 2016, the statement above is generally correct. Of course, all big picture statements are good only from and for the day they are made cuz they might change the next day.

So in conclusion knowing the big picture is easy to do, and shamefully this escapes a large portion of the academics of the world. And in return many citizens are also ignorant to the true condition of the human race. This is a problem because in order to reverse or maintain the trend of the big picture, whichever you see fit to be the case, we have to first see it and most of the world does not see it. Or if they do they do not take it serious. And that is because they are not properly informed and many cases their blindness could come from that they are overly informed.  I don’t know for sure if that’s true, but all I do know is that I see academics being dumber than fence posts when it comes to seeing the big picture, they simply do not see it at all.

Give yourself a chance, take a quick look at what the scientists and experts are saying about our condition, and then, make your conclusions. Just don’t overload yourself with too much data, remember, the pertinent conclusions of scientists and experts is all you need, not their details. A good place to look is at the abstracts of science journals or just generally keep up with sciences news from articles you trust. Hold to that methodology and your big picture will be right on. Remember, the ‘pertinent’ conclusions of scientists and experts only. Good luck and thanks for listening.


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