Bernie Is Not Bernie—We Are Bernie

images (1)“We are officially still a campaign, and I’m a candidate. We haven’t suspended our campaign, and I’m not gonna suspend our campaign.” — Bernie Sanders, July 13th during a Delegate Conference Call.

Sure, I stole that quote there from my good friend Darlene on Facebook. Yeah well I ain’t waiting for her approval cuz of the hot off the press kinda guy I am…anyway, let’s talk about it.

Yeah enough of the nonsense. Now more so what I gotta say here is wrapped up in that title there (bet you figured that already). Of course we’re all Bernie, Bernie is us we are Bernie, all that shit, you bet. And what this quote from Bernie up there means for sure I don’t know, but it’s seems rather clear don’t it? He ain’t quitting that’s for sure, but quitting what is the question. Whatever it is I trust his judgment and outside of that I don’t really give a shit anyway. Cuz as I will explain, it ain’t about Bernie, it’s about us.

In my world, that is the understatement of the century. It’s all about you and me! Government is only a good deal when the systems it maintains are in reasonable working order. It works only when the systems governments maintain are within the spirit of the law; not most of the time, but always. Most importantly governments only work when the people they represent are aware of its doings, and have approved of how its functions are carried out.

But when a government’s systems no longer function properly, when its officials no longer have any regard for the law on a regular basis, and when the citizens that government represents no longer give two shits about what’s happening within the government then heck with it, Government Day is over. When a government and its people have reached this point, the people gotta realize they are more or less on their own. It’s time for the people to take action. They must now find a way to organize and get things straight in DC. Right? Well kinda.

See here’s a concept a lotta folks have a hard time getting their heads around. To “get things straight in DC” at this point in the game requires one hell of a lot more than voting the right people into office, way the fuck more than that. Simply put, your black, white, red, brown and yellow asses has gotta change first, not the government’s. Ha! Bet ya didn’t know that did ya? Yeah man, you gotta change! See when you change the government changes. The government, no matter how it rises to power even if by military, is always and forever a mirror reflection of the people it represents. Yeah all these buffoons we’re seeing run for office right now are us, you and me, and yeah of course that includes Bernie. So that’s good at least, but the rest no so good…very bad actually.

Yeah so go ahead and look in the mirror. You don’t need to read the newspaper to see what’s going on, look at yourself, and look at how you live. That’s the revolution my friends, how we live, what we do, make and sense, that’s what we’re changing, that’s the revolution, ain’t it? Thanks for listening.

Oh, I’d like to see that play in that image I put up there, looks good.


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One Response to Bernie Is Not Bernie—We Are Bernie

  1. mphpmdesign says:

    You could not be more correct on this Danny. Thanks.

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