The Collective Mind

collective-mindIn all the dilemmas we face, the collective mind is one dynamic that we most certainly will have to manifest in order for there to be any chance that we will adapt to the coming changes brought on by global warming or any of the other potential crisis’s I’ve addresses on this blog, crisis’s of existential proportions.

It would be wonderful if we were to make changes by our collective choice. I am a utopian thinker.  Generally, when I think of the collective mind I think of it spiritually or cosmically, but in the case of our coming threats, it is simply necessary. At present, we do have a collective mind, but we are totally unaware of it. Thus, our collective mind is in chaos.

In a world without a threat like climate change and the it’s sister issues, I believe we would eventually evolve back into a working, functioning collective mind, one that takes care of the species it comes from rather than works against it as it does now.  But I think I can easily say that it would take hundreds if not thousands of years to come about. However, the reality is we have but a few decades at best to accomplish the near impossible.

Looking at our present collective self, we will not naturally evolve into something worthwhile it appears. Even if we do reach a collective mind enough that would allow us to bring about a reconciliation of human damages, then most likely that is all it would be. It would not be an evolution; it would be an anomaly, a blip on the screen of our existence and would only be with us until we’d stabilized out adaptation and reconciliation efforts.

Hopefully, something of it would rub off and stay with us permanently; I expect that something like that would happen.  But from where we stand right now in 2016 with three straight years of record breaking global temperatures, this isn’t about that. We simply need the collective mind to wake up enough to get organized for a big task. If it goes back to sleep after it has done its job, then so be it. At least maybe then we can continue as a species and be given the time to reach our evolutionary potential. But if it doesn’t wake up, they’ll be no evolutionary potential.


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