The Two Worlds of Society


imagesI’ll get straight to it cuz it’s important. I guess you could say there are literally two ways, or choices on how to view life in the 21st century:

  1. You are living the lifeway of the 21st century right now and so your view is about what’s happening right now.
  2.  You see the path that the 21st century lifeway is on and therefore your view is the  future, which by all natural and scientific accounts is a future moving towards extinction.

Yeah I’m sure there’s lots of in-betweens. And I really didn’t define that first choice there in the way I did the second choice with that little bit of commentary there at the end on the extinction deal. OK so here’s the commentary on the first choice, and see I had to put that commentary off cuz it’s a longer commentary than the second choice. OK here it goes, yeah see it breaks down into three different aspects really. One is technology, namely smart phones and social media, another is ‘current’ events and finally there’s economy.

OK now we’re getting somewhere. So there’s a lot going on in the mind of a 21st century person…that’s living in the now, that is. Now let’s note that “living in the now” people are not necessarily the little gurus of our time. Some might be, and that’d be subject to interpretation, but a great deal of this group lives in the deep bubbles of making money, texting, and trying to be hip on what’s happening while not letting it affect the bottom dollar. See, I told ya the commentary would be long on those first choice folks.

The second choice is not so complicated. You are simply in a state of alarm about all that is going on in the 21st century and therefore what matters to the average person “now” is irrelevant cuz those things won’t matter in the near future; “the average person” being the first choice people. They’re the average cuz the second choice people are a very small minority. That’s why there’s lots of in-betweens and several aspects to the first choice folks, see?  Yeah lots of in-betweens for the second choice folks too but the main thing about them guys is their deal on the future, that’s all that matters to them really, and that makes their in-betweens thin and kinda unimportant.

OK so what the fuck’s so important about this shit? Well I’m a second choice kinda fella and I can tell you that it is only the second choice folks that this means any kinda dick to–at this point anyway. And that’d be sorta obvious wouldn’t it? I mean if you are or are not concerned about the human race going extinct then there’d be a pretty significant disparity between the two modes of thought, wouldn’t there be? Yeah see if you gotta hard dick focused on the right here and now and its fuck the future then this writing simply won’t mean a lot, not for very long anyway.

So it’s really about the second choice people, so let’s talk about them. And really the best way I can talk about them is by examples. In an almost phenomenal way the Bernie Sanders revolution is actually the best example I can come up with, the only one needed really. That is something that is so ‘easy’ about the time we live in; the lines are drawn with dark black ink, so they are easy to see.

However, my choosing the Bernie deal may not be for the reasons you think.  Let’s get something straight right off; second choice people are not necessarily born out of the left or progressive side of the spectrum. They can come from anywhere. Second choice people generally see the 21st century as decaying and pretty much having things all wrong, well not all, but most. So in the case of Bernie Sanders it’s about what is good for the goose is not necessarily good for the gander.

Second choice people will see and understand Bernie and his wishes, many if not most will believe in those wishes. But believing in something like that is irrelevant to the fact that we are on a path towards extinction, see? In another world they would live out those beliefs, but not in this one, not the one in the 21st century. Those beliefs of Bernie’s require longevity and to the second choice person longevity is a short lived term making beliefs in free college, more work for more pay, better infrastructure, and better economy with more equality, all that wonderful stuff Bernie puts out, all that means little in the face of extinction. It does for the second choice people anyway. First choice people do see this sometimes too, but it means so little the experience vanishes with the next glance. But not so for the second choice folks, it is a constant for them.

That constant is important to note. It affects how one looks at policy. Ha! That’s an understatement. It affects how one looks at everything and that’s not overstated at all. But no really, this constant affects ideas on policy in particular. Cuz see policy right now in the 21st century is guided by economy, which is first choice dominated and ruled. Well, there are a few more aspects to it than economy, but all of them have to do with fear (as in fact does the policy ideas of second choice people). Economy leads the fear is all, and therefore it is the most important issue to the first choice people. Beyond that is terrorism or war, social issues, environment…whatever kinda stuff really. The big deal is economy. However, for the second choice person the constant in their brain that is revealing the path we are on tells them economy and all else are meaningless until our path is corrected, a path that is plain to see to the eye willing to look and one also that is constantly re-illuminating itself.

So see wow man its way out there the two worlds society has going on. I mean it is tripped out dude, whoa! It is for second choice folks anyway, and also for first choice people as well, but not nearly as much. Second choice folks have to constantly make corrections in their brain as they walk the sidewalks of America. By the way, as a second choice guy I notice that being out on city sidewalks is an amazing experience. I won’t try to explain it cuz I can’t, but wow, it’s something.

It is this correcting thing I’d like you to take note to. It is no small thing. When I think of how wonderful Bernie is, and the revolution as well, I have to be aware that that is one brain of many brains that tries to live today, all gitty and such. Yeah it’s happy, but not for long cuz soon after this occurrence comes the reality brain saying that today is short lived and coming to an end soon. It auto-cancels all appointments.

So holy Jesus fuck, how’s a guy live through all that? Well really most of the time you pretend you are a first choice person. You have to or you’d be thrown out of every bar in the county if you did otherwise. A thing to do is give up hope, that can allow you to live in today better, a “be here now” sorta thing. Seeing there is no hope is an auto-recuse of responsibility. But you’re kinda dammed if you see hope, even if it comes in the form of miracles. I mean it helps if you see hope only by miracles, but it still puts you in the driver’s seat, but more like a Sunday drive. Yeah so when I said there in the beginning that “it’s important” well, I don’t the fuck know, maybe it ain’t I don’t know, what the…thanks for listening.


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