To Save the Planet: Sanders Must Join Up With Jill Stein

images (1)Yeah see Jill Stein has graciously offered to kinda move over and co-sponsor the revolution via some sorta Stein-Sanders or Sanders-Stein deal; all within the Green Party…something like that and HEY! I think it’s absolutely the thing to do. It will work, that ticket will be stronger that anything Trump or Clinton could come up with and will defeat them both in the general. Yeah sure, Bernie made a promise to not run against the Democrats clear back in the beginning, but after the way the Democratic party, the DNC and the establishment media have all treated him? Fuck that promise; he needs to declare war on the whole god damn deal.

There are hundreds of more reasons to declare war on the establishment than how Bernie’s been treated. Climate change by itself is one and really the only one needed. But there’s s basket load more, inequality, consumerism, water issues, war issues–all kinds-a shit. But is this what I really want to talk about? Wells sorta, but there are some wide valleys to cross before I can bring all this together. They may seem irrelevant at first but allow me to suddenly jump out of the box for a bit, it’ll come together by the end.

OK in all this deal, this election deal, I would ask you to kinda lay it aside and realize, if you will, that this is truly only a small play being acted out in the midst of a huge human story going on at present. In other words, it don’ mean much in the scheme of things—things to come, that is. The real story going on right now is the possibility that the human species might experience an abrupt and profound evolution…notice I said “might”. Yeah there’s no guarantee we will, in fact it’s nigh impossible that we will, but at least we’re set up for it if we choose to allow it.

The reason I call this election a small play inside a big deal is cuz if we will have succeeded in overcoming our tribulations then only a small portion of that success will have come from politics and government. The majority of it will have come from the sudden evolution of the human species and what results that evolution produces. Yeah see we want and hope for governments to take care of this fucked up deal that we, you and me, have created. However, the truth is the governments and the corporations are only a small part in this fiasco we’ve woke up in. Their job has been only to provide “us” with the tools to fuck ourselves over, all’s we needed was the money, and they provided that too, and so fuck ourselves over we did.

What I am saying here is most often not realized by the average human being, especially human beings of the developed world. Developing world human beings don’t really realize it either, but for different reasons. However it’s the developed world calling the shots so let’s stick with them. Besides, they are way more unaware of their actions and consequences than the rest of the world is. That is because of their symbiosis with the issues I mentioned earlier, issues that can lead us to extinction and very likely will. These issues are almost entirely created by the developed world. Yet the developed world barely admits to the responsibility, and in fact continues at an ever increasing rate to pursue the same destructive and deadly paths that got us here. Worse yet, we seem to be totally oblivious to our behavior.

This is very serious folks, I ain’t writing this stuff to be cute. We are on a path to extinction and it is our behavior that is causing it, not the government’s behavior, not the corporation’s behavior, OUR behavior, you and me. And here’s the fucked up deal about it all, it is the last thing on our minds. This is a big problem, an existential problem. It is a problem that only a sudden and abrupt evolution of the collective human mind can deal with. I mean an evolution that is so profound that we might even come out looking different. In other words, it’d be a literal miracle if it should happen. I believe in miracles, do you? You’d better, that is, if you want your grand kids to not boil to death.

Ahight, back to the election. There is only one thing that makes this election important. It’s not keeping Trump out of the Oval office, neither the same for Hillary, no, it’s about the revolution that Bernie Sanders has started. Actually that revolution was in place before Bernie, it’s been coming for a long time. Anyway, this revolution has to happen or we are dead. The revolution is really the evolution I been talking about. I wish I could say it’s looking good, but it ain’t actually. It has all its hopes packed into this election, and too packed into Bernie Sanders and not nearly enough packed into the people themselves. This makes the revolution unlikely to continue with any power. For this revolution to have any impact at all, and it needs a large impact, then there must be an abrupt evolution of the human collective mind first.

What would the average person be like if and when we’ve had this abrupt evolution? Allow me to give you a brief description. Number one and primarily, he or she would no longer have a mindset of self-interest and competition; instead they would be focused on community interest and cooperation. Pursuit of material gain would no longer be of interest to these people, they’d feel they have too much to accomplish regarding the reparations of the planet to worry about material gain. Their goals in life would be to find sustainable ways to live simple lives. This would have to happen in a deep and profound way to the peoples of the developed world, the developing world would take it on much easier.

OK, can you see yourself giving in to the potential of this sort of change within you? Can you imagine the life it would create? Well, if you want to have your grand kids keep their skin, then you’d better accept the change that you deeply need. I need it too, everyone one on the planet needs it. Can we achieve this sort of thing; is the Bernie revolution the beginning of it? Do you hope it is?  I do. Thanks for listening.


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