Even the Scientists Don’t…

imagesIf you are a person who is objectively conscious of what is going on in both world and national events, then it is quite possible you are beginning to get lift-off.  You are at the end of the runway and your wheels are forming new relationships with gravity while attachments to earth are losing their relevancy. This can be an exhilarating as well as an affirming experience, as if flying away from disaster and flying to…well that’s the trouble. You’re flying to who the fuck knows where and with the who the fuck knows president flying the plane and wondering what kinda government landing strip the fucker’s gonna land the god damn plane on. But still, it is kind of exhilarating.

Notice I said “objectively conscious”. Yeah see that makes all the difference. And I can say this cuz I can now see that there are some fairly objectively conscious people and programs on the internet. To name a few examples, the Young Turks, Secular Talk, the Humanist Report, Jimmy Dore, RT and much more.

Yeah but then notice there again I said “fairly” objectively conscious. It’s better than nothing, which is what we been getting from the mainstream media for about 40 years now. I mean, internet media is pretty good really, well, by today’s standards, that is. It is starting in the right direction anyway. However when a person is truly objectively conscious, that is truly conscious regarding life in 2016, then “today’s standards” are more or less irrelevant. The internet is breaking those standards pretty good as far as rhetoric goes, but the affect is still minimal and the overall message is still very weak and somewhat out of touch with reality. Television and the mainstream media? Don’t bother, they’ve gone to La La Land.

Where is the disconnect happening? Simply, it is happening with science and what it is saying about the magnitude of climate change. This is why I can say that even the internet media is somewhat out of touch with realty. The science is screaming at us and we are not listening. Science is not just screaming to the governments of the world, it is screaming to the people of the world even more. We’re sorta listening. There are some pretty heavy duty videos on climate disaster on YouTube and I see they get a few views. There is awareness of the coming doom, but of course you have to add, “if we do not act soon”.

Well see that’s were reality goes blind for even the most leftist, radical mind, even for the Young Turks and all the rest of the internet media gang. When examining the response we are having to climate change, you can see that we still are not grasping the magnitude of what the “science” is saying.  There are a host of reasons for this but first lets just take a quick glance at what the science is saying which I can sum up in one paragraph.

Science is telling us that we are about to have three straight years of the record breaking  global temperatures. That is not natural variability folks, that’s climate change. Greenland is starting its melt season two months early this year. Arctic sea ice is on a pace that is right now more than 2 standard deviations from the last time the record was broken for minimum sea ice, that was in 2012. This is not natural variability, this is climate change, it is abrupt climate change and is analogous to a motorbike having a ramming duel with a bus, the bike’s gonna get creamed. That’s what the science is saying, it’s saying climate change is gonna blow us off the map.

So, as you are watching Hillary and Trump be the biggest pair of political buffoons in the history of the world, well, you may not realize it but it has put you in a state of societal shock. See, you couldn’t find a dime store novel more ridiculous than this, nobody would ever write it.  We are living some sort of 9th grade writing contest and the winner is some kid still hooked on Saturday morning cartoons with evil villains pulling evil switches. This shit ain’t supposed to happen, and our literal social minds have not caught up with it.

Oh but hey, don’t worry cuz it don’t mean a thing.  I mean don’t worry about the political world, it means very little in the context of our current setting. But, this setting we are in means one hell of a lot. That is this setting that climate change has put us in. Though we don’t really need climate change to see we are heading for shit cuz we got plenty of doom deals to put us over the edge–like water issues, nuclear waste issues, natural resource issues; there are many more. BUT, climate change by itself simply overrules the list of doom scenarios we face, just as a tornado overrules a dust devil. We’re gonna die by climate change, or at least it will be what sets off a domino effect of doom deals, I call this period “the vortex of doom”. If you truly look with awareness and objectivity at the science then this is easy to conclude. Intellectually it is, emotionally it’s nigh impossible, but intellectually is better than nothing, much, much better.

If one has a straight look at the science and considers what risks are involved then in reality he or she would have to conclude we cannot be the human beings we are now. Every thing we do, think, and believe would have to change. We would have to collectively evolve to become something that we are not now…and evolve quickly. Temporarily, we would evolve into something akin to worker bees, or colonies of ants. We would be a single minded species with a single purpose: to sequester carbon and methane out of the air while having every household live as close to a zero carbon footprint as a household can get.  What this would look like is something you’ve seen on TV when some freaked out society on some planet in another galaxy lives some kinda utopian lifeway where everybody lives in tribes, they garden, weave their clothes and daddy plays the flute after supper and that’s about it. You know what I mean and don’t you think I’m kidding. I mean this literally.

Of course we are not having this sort of response to climate change, not at all. Even most scientists are not having this sort of response to climate change, some are but most not. How can this be? How can the scientists who are screaming out to us that we are fucked not respond with talk of dramatic action and change? Believe it or not it is not because they’ve given up, cuz there is a chance we could maybe do something, not likely but maybe. But they don’t speak of what we can do, which is change our lives so dramatically we would not recognize ourselves. They don’t speak of it cuz they themselves don’t wanna do it. They are no different than the politicians who ask them not to speak of it, they don’t want to sacrifice their comfortable standards of living, scientists make good money. They are also just as human as any other person in the developed world and they want to keep their toys.

This is where we are at, and we are absolutely oblivious to it. It’s a thing to ponder. It is like we are in a dream state, or that state the mind goes into when it is involved in an auto accident and your life passes before you, it’s a calm state of denial that you are flying through the air in a burning vehicle. And I wonder if we can snap out of it in time, I really don’t think so. Thanks for listening.


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