Will The Revolution Call For Violence?  


You know a guy’s gotta have balls to talk about this subject…you know that don’t you? Yeah well I’m shaking in my boots to write about it, but man, nobody is and it’s gotta be talked about. I’m not talking about the Donald Trump shit, I’m talking about the liberals losing it and storming Washington with sticks and stones.  But holy politawhack, if this shit keeps piling on it’s gonna get harder and harder to not be jumping out of pants to keep from swinging at the air and whatever gets in its way.

Here’s why I conclude this. For number one and big time is the fact that we are going to have a revolution.  It’s either gonna come from the right or it’s gonna come from the left or holy shit both. My god, think of that. Anyway the radicals are gathering and they have worked their way into the mainstream, the media aspect of it anyway. And I say it’s about god damn time.

Look, I ain’t even gonna go into the reasons, there’s too many. You can pick them for yourself, you won’t be wrong.  That’s because we human beings, especially the human beings of the developed world are so fucked up and sick we’re ready to revolt on chocolate cake.  Just start swinging and you’re gonna hit something you’re pissed off about.  If not you’re so zombied the revolution will run your ass so far off the road you’ll decide to just stay out of the way, or some shit, I don’t know. The point is there is a boiling point, we’ve just about reached it and have passed the point of no return, we’re gonna revolt.

It’s a subtle thing right now, only showing up in election cycles, but notice how they get crazier all the time and then BAM! You get one like what we got now. It is the one indicator that says we have reached of the point of no return. You don’t run momentum like this off, it’s gonna reverberate. The problem is we really don’t know to what the reverberation will manifest. It’s all shook up right now, and we’re looking at presidential hopefuls and trying to figure out what the fuck to do with them when all the while they don’t really mean shit when it come to the point of no return.  The point of no return has a mind of its own and don’t give two shits what some president thinks. From here forward it’s about you and me and what the hell we’re gonna do.

Oh sure, go vote, yeah do that, you gotta. I will. I’ll vote for Bernie if he gets the nomination but I might vote for Bernie as a write in if he don’t. I will not vote for Hillary, I’d vote for Trump before her. She’ll just make the revolution harder is all, she would bring the tension in our necks to the necessary point to have us break down suddenly without reason or provocation. She’ll say something one day and we’ll just blow and not even know the fuck why. Don’t try to figure that out, I can’t but I believe it somehow.

See this will be a political revolution but in the process politics ain’t gonna mean dick. The only thing that will mean anything is what our collective blow out will do to the future. Now if Bernie gets elected it will make a difference and that my friends would be a hell of a thing in this corporately corrupted trumped up fucked up deal.  And this is where the violence thing comes in.  Hey now god dammit I ain’t promoting no violence shit now, got that? I will say though it’ll be a miracle if we avoid it. And again, I’m talking about the liberals, the conservatives will bluff violence but the liberals will do it.  That’s cuz we will be the ones who will have the actual justified anger. But see, justified anger gots-a much shorter fuse than unjustified anger. And there’s matches laying all over the place waiting to strike that little fuse.

Don’t worry, we’re gonna keep our cool for awhile longer, even through this election.  Well maybe, likely, but not 100%. Believe it or not we’re gonna need one more round of failed hope before the fuse is lit. We’re gonna need one more president missing the boat to show us it will take us to turn things around. So understand, if Bernie does get elected then revolution will happen soon. But not the way you might think, though he would be a part of that revolution. Cuz see as soon as we would see the trouble a guy like him would get into with his socialism shit and banging up against big money we’d also see how futile it is to try to get things done via government, well, the present government I should say.

Yeah and all that’s just great but the deal is it could go violent, likely will go violent, at least in part. For sure they’ll be some property damage, some remote bombs but no injury to people, stuff like that…lots of it. We can’t take anymore failure, we can’t take anymore corruption, we will blow. Some one or some faction will start it up and then it will grow like a grass fire.  But eventually the revolution will succeed and after that all’s we can hope for is there will be enough safe environment left to carry out the life we hope for. That is a very big if and most likely an unlikely with climate change hauling down on our ass. But we may have enough time to pull it all off and live it for a month or two before we fry. Thanks for listening.


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I am a nut. But a good nut. Please note that all my blogs are continually in the process of being edited. You most likely would see changes if you visit back again more than once. Oh, I'm an artist by trade these days, so ahh anyway, um, ah well, my website is on here somewhere, um ah, wella anyway it's ah, http://dannyheim.com./. It's not a buying type site, don't worry, I don't market from there.
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2 Responses to Will The Revolution Call For Violence?  

  1. smokemasterjohn says:

    Danny, this isn’t news, but I’m glad you’re aware of it. I’ve been saying for a while that Bernie is our last chance at a peaceful revolution, but it’s way bigger than just the American parasitic capitalist system. Way bigger… You’ve got two choices when the time comes – leave or fight. Part of the reason things are this bad is the stresses caused by the continuing nonsense about climate denial in this country. If there were real leadership, if there were an informed populace that wasn’t busilly sucking on the hind tit of parasitic capitalism, if people could put down their mocha lattes and smell the hydrocarbons in the atmosphere… Well, you get my drift. I don’t want violence but I have extensive mil training and I’m not afraid to use it. Heaven help the IQ of 100, self-infatuated, domesticated fiduciary sheeple, compulsively hooked on “lowest common denominator” materialism and “feeding the system”, that gets in the way of the march to a free, functional, and fair world. The zombie apocalypse is already underway and the zombies are all around you, working for the oligarchy, and believing the utter bullshit that they couldn’t make it without “Big Brother”.

  2. dannyheim says:

    Thanks John, you do good work.

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