Tribal Ways and Climate Change—An Inevitable Match  


images (1)What-a-we-gonna-do someday when all else fails? Which it appears likely that all else will fail.  Geoengineering is the unannounced plan of the governments and them danged corporate gangs. Well, maybe ya otta worry about it, pray for miracles at least. It ain’t gonna be pretty, it’s gonna be a survival deal, may as well plan on it. Oh, by the way, the evidence is in the science and not on TV.  If you got any doubts about this I strongly suggest you listen to that fella in that link there, Kevin Anderson, he is probably the top scientist in his particular expertise which is studying various emissions scenarios and their resulting heat levels and then translating that information into what those changes will bring for human life.

Well the end deal is we ain’t gonna be able to continue to live the way we do now, I mean that otta be gettn’ real obvious. I’ll jump right in here and tell ya, we’re gonna have to go tribal. Yeah see we’re trying to deal with this huge scale event with huge scale solutions. That may sound like good sense and it is, depending on how those huge scale solutions are set up. The way we going at it now is by keeping everything the same and otherwise just change to clean energy resources.  I mean that’s the scale of it, outside of that the scales are minor: some adaptation here some mitigation there. The only thing as nearly as big as clean energy will be geoengineering, but then maybe not, who knows…

All this is la la land stuff, it ain’t gonna go that way. We’ll likely collapse in the process, my guess is somewhere around 2050 at the latest and if we don’t have a way out I’d guess we’ll be extinct by 2070. This is just an intuitive thing with me, I take it serious but you don’t have to, unless you agree. But suffice it to say there is no reality in the solutions scenarios of our leaders, they are lost in a great deal of false hope. It’s like a “lies” kinda thing that they’re doing to themselves and our collective selves.

Well anyway, I’ve had this thought in my head about going tribal for many years, and only half way wrote it about once way back in 2002.  But that writing was kiney-a romanticized thing, allow me to get a little more real about it this time.

To put it simple, we’re too big.  Seven plus billion people are just too many to deal with in a unified way.  We are trying to deal with this by nations, 195 of them. If all these nations agreed on a particular path for ALL of us to follow then I’d say maybe we have a chance. But then, we’d still have to get over the idea that all’s we need is clean energy and life can go on as before…WE GOTTA GET OVER THAT! Reality is about ten thousand miles away from that.

Reality is that our lives will have to change to a more simple, agrarian type lifeway whether we intend for it or not; system failures will ensure that. At some point we will find ourselves needing to pick up a hoe and plant some spuds. We’ll find ourselves catching water from our roofs and maybe even raising rabbits and chickens or some god damn thing cuz see, economies will fail as climate catastrophes overwhelm us, mainly due to food and water issues. Can you imagine 7 billion people grabbing hoes all at once? That ain’t gonna go off very well.

The time is now to start thinking in these terms, that is, in terms of life being just a survival thing cuz the system is going down folks, you ain’t gotta be no doomsayer to see that. So here’s the deal. We gotta go tribal. I’ll ask you to think this through for yourselves, I ain’t gonna explain a lot about it, the tribal way that is, you just think about all those folks grabbing hoes and I’m betting the following will come clear, if it ain’t already.

OK so I’m thinking that only about 1000 people can deal with each other and make things work for life, or survival in this case.  And that 1000 people should only deal with themselves, they should be a tribe.  So yeah do that with all 7 billion folks, break them up into 1000 people tribes and have a global oversight government to assist these 7,000,000 tribes on how to share among the collective tribes in order to stay the fuck alive. See, we’re gonna go tribal one way or the other, it can be pretty or it can be real ugly depending on how it comes into being. If it comes into being by choice and not by default of circumstance then it might wind up pretty. If it comes by unintended collapse then it will not only be ugly, but also very deadly. OK, you figure out the rest but you better believe computers will be involved, get it?  Thanks for listening.


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