For President? These Are Our Choices? Climate-Water-What?


151002081229-hillary-clinton-donald-trump-composite-large-169Well I was gonna show up at the polls this November and I ain’t gonna say just yet I won’t, it depends. I’ll be there if Bernie slips in as the Democratic nominee but it ain’t looking real good right now with what happened in South Carolina. It looks like it’s gonna be Hillary and Trump. Now see, this ain’t a wtf, no, it’s a flat out WHAT THE FUCK!?!

Oh hey, at the end here I’ll get into that “Climate-Water-What?” deal that’s there in the title as it is very important in this election, well, any election for that matter. In fact, I believe these are the issues we should base our voting on, but of course we ain’t and that’s a down right shame…oh well, let us proceed.

To say that Hillary vs Trump ‘is scary’ is an understatement, right? I mean those of average intelligence know that already I’m sure. No wait a minute, maybe intelligence ain’t got anything to do with it so I retract that. Let’s see, what is it then? I’m sitting here thinking about it, humm? Shit, I don’t know…wow, that’s even scarier. Not that “I” don’t know, but I don’t think anybody knows. Oh sure there are likely a thousand intellectual postulations out there as to why and they’re all gonna sound good but when you get right down to it you’ll find it is still a phenomenon.

Here’s one way of looking at it. If it were going to be Bernie and Trump for the general election then, to me, it’s not so phenomenal. Yeah see cuz Bernie and Trump would be a clear statement that the country as a whole wants radical change and that would be understandable no matter what side of the street you walk on. But a Hillary and Trump election doesn’t really tell us much of anything about what is going on with WE THE PEOPLE. Well, let me retract again (a little). I guess you could analyze and say that the Democrats are riding a fence on being radicalized and the Republicans are radicalize. So, with a Hillary/Trump election, to look at the country as a collective we really would not be able to get a handle on who we are in the year 2016. It’s an out of sync polarization. Which is weird in the 21st Century when we been seeing polarization become more symmetrical as the years roll on, now after South Carolina we are wobbling all over the freakn’n place.

See the Bernie vs. Trump was looking like the “trend” and trends in America are hard to break, once they are set they usually gotta play out. Admittedly the Bernie/Trump trend wasn’t set in stone just yet but it had a hell of a start after New Hampshire and even Nevada because though Hillary won it was much closer than expected. But now, suddenly the ball seems to be dropping. And at this point I would bet 10 bucks, which I don’t have, that the general is gonna be Hillary and Trump–fuck, what is that? It’s a lukewarm cup of chocolate and a steaming hot doughnut, that’s what it is. Neither of which is pleasing, not if the benefactor is the collective persona of the American public.

America needs radical change, it needs revolution. And with that you can only hope it’s a Gandhi and not a Hitler leading the charge. I’m not sure Gandhi correlates with Bernie Sanders but Hitler most definitely correlates with Donald Trump. If Hillary wins, which I’d bet on, then we have no leader, instead we’d have the status quo and that ain’t good as the status quo is lost in the world of money. If Donald Trump wins then I truly believe we’d see some kinda WWIII before his reign was through, civil war at the least. The only thing Bernie and Trump have in common is they represent major change. And “that” is why I’d vote in November. It ‘s not that I’d be voting for “Bernie” necessarily cuz he actually doesn’t represent the ultimate revolution I’d like to see which is a return to a more agrarian type society. But he does have his supporters fired up for revolution on the right things which can point us towards that world I’d like to see. So in a sense I’d be voting for WE THE PEOPLE, not Bernie.

I think we’d better prepare ourselves for the status quo with Hillary at the helm. From that I’ll leave you with a thought. In this present world the status quo is really a no better place to be than a Hitler type dictatorship. Both are leading us to a sure death for reasons explained in many of my other writings, climate change is number one. And note that Bernie would not be a whole lot better for the climate issue than Hillary would be, but he’d clear the fog that money spreads over it and that would be a majorly big deal for climate change action to come into fruition and many other issues as well, such as water depletion. These two issues are what revolution needs to be about cuz we are dead without revolution on water and climate. Yeah go vote if Hillary and Trump are the choices, but I surely won’t. If I did I might have to vote for Trump just to get the train wreck over with, Hillary just stalls it which sets us up for an even harder fall. Think about that for a minute. OK, thanks for listening.



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