Food, Water, Clothing and Shelter—Explained


Untitled-1 copy It’s time that I give an in depth explanation as to why I promote the “collective” move to food, water, clothing and shelter. It will take a lot of explanation here, but I want to make damn sure this time that there is no lack of understanding about why I feel this proposal is so valid. Just a note, I ain’t gonna be the angry guy this time, though I do remain angry. But in this article I’ll talk to you without cussing so much (but still cussing) and make it so that most people can read without trying to throw me out of the building for being so vulgar. I normally don’t care if someone gets or likes my articles cuz they are more like a journal or a personal reference for me. But with this particular article I really want it to be known by as many readers as possible that the future of humanity and all forms of life on planet Earth rest on the need for humans to get our lives down to food, water, clothing and shelter.  If we don’t, then we are sure to die.

Food, water, clothing and shelter. What the heck does that mean anyway? In my writings  it’s really a sort of metaphor for countries, notably developed countries, to take a stance that says they will reduce economic output and do massive slow downs on product production and consumption. It is also important for them to remain in those positions until the issues of climate change, water depletion/contamination, nuclear and biochemical development/contamination and natural resource depletion have all been completely resolved. It is also important that the human race recover from its collective mental illness known as free enterprise since its existence has become a danger to all life on the planet. Simply put, we gotta change everything about ourselves.

I’m gonna speak to all of what’s in the preceding paragraph one category at a time. So let’s start with the people of the developed world. Why am I picking on them? I pick on this group of people because they are the ones who are the main promoters of all the crap that prevents us from visualizing and moving into the mode of food, water, clothing and shelter. And the sad truth is that even the poor people of the developed and developing worlds also promote and hope for the benefits of economic growth which makes them as materialistic as the rich. What about all those in between? Same deal applies. First understand that it is economic growth that is the brainchild of materialism. So anyone, rich, poor or in between, who believes we need to uphold economic growth are by that association branded the troublemakers of this world.

So why do I give so much evil to economic growth and why am I pushing countries to massively reduce economic output?  First let me make it clear that the real evil doer here is free enterprise because economic growth is really only a byproduct from the equation for the free enterprise system of economics, known as the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Let me explain. The GDP equation basically has economic growth built into it and that growth is a result of the equation being a running equation. In other words it is continuously calculating but never gives a final answer. Therefore its baseline numbers grow without ceasing. It’s complicated but I’ll try to explain further.

Since we live by a monetary system there’s a thing that needs to happen called the money supply. There’s money in banks, there’s money being invested, there’s interest money -there’s all kinds of money out there. But probably what is the most important money is the money for purchasing products and services. It has to be there, it comes in the form of cash, debits and credits, i.e. it’s in your wallet. To sum this up, that money in your wallet is why economic growth is so important. Economic growth is more or less how that money in your wallet gets there. And that’s important with free enterprise cuz if no one is buying product, then ultimately no one will be working and making money, spending money that is. And see what happens is that spending money then get’s invested or has interest put on it so that banks and corporations can get fat, especially their CEO’s and board members. After doing all that spending then money on the margins happens, or simply profits. So without economic growth there is no way CEO’s and corporate board  members can get fat cuz there’s no way to get money to the consumers so they can purchase product so there can be profits for banks and corporations, it’s called the monetary cycle, see it, see the cycle? Think of it like a car, the car needs gas in the tank for it to run, there must always be gas in the tank. In other words the gas in the tank must be more than the gas in the fuel line or the car will stop running. The same happens in the case of free enterprise, there must be more spending money available in the economy than money actually being spent or the economy will shut down.

The previous paragraph is actually describing free enterprise, or the more sinister name, capitalism. A lotta folks like to believe that free enterprise and capitalism are something different but they are not, they are the same thing. Somehow it has become that “free enterprise” doesn’t imply the same evil that the term capitalism does. Oh, the free market system is another name, but it too has the same meaning as capitalism. I call free enterprise a disease, or an illness. It’s a disease cuz its end result is death. That is because of its propensity to cause us to over produce and over consume which then results in unwanted byproducts such as what I mentioned earlier, that being climate change, water depletion and contamination, nuclear and biochemical development and contamination and natural resource depletion. There are more byproducts than that, inequality for one, but suffice to say these others are the biggies, the ones that will bring us to extinction. The real quandary is that free enterprise cannot be stopped or I should say cannot be controlled. Because the only way to tame it is to shut it down or to stop it completely and replace it with another system. You can regulate it a bit, but only a bit because if you over regulate it the dynamics of economic growth start to fail and you wind up with total economic collapse. But even the best economic regulations cannot not stop the ultimate evils of free enterprise.

So in all this what are the actual “evils of free enterprise”. Now the following is real important to understand. It will show why free enterprise is so evil and why we cannot stop it from being evil. When a country starts out from scratch, the truth is there is no better way to go than to use free enterprise. That is because free enterprise is great for innovation and development. See it’s got those two dynamics in it called self interest and competition. These two human traits become the generators of product. Coincidentally, in the beginnings of a country it mostly will be developing the production of food, water, clothing and shelter. And a few enjoyables don’t hurt nothing either – keeps up the morale.

But eventually these products get fulfilled and reach their peak need, and so their production and consumption will likely become a steady state. But a steady state doesn’t work for free enterprise, remember its functioning math needs to have growth. So what happens is “junk” products eventually get introduced to the market place. They get there because there needs to be product growth (same as economic growth) and there really isn’t a need to seek ‘growth’ for the basics, those being food, water, clothing and shelter. Essentially they have a cap in terms of need. After awhile in order to maintain growth you’re gonna have to make up shit products. Like more kinds of toys for children, air fresheners, bicycle decals, place mats, throw pillows, and much more all the way to stupid apps for smart phones, get it? This is where the true evil of free enterprise lays in waiting. And once you get to this point there is no stopping it, cuz with free enterprise the more you grow the more you gotta grow, it’s all due to the god damn math of the GDP equation for the free enterprise system of economics. See?

So I’d assume that if you believe what I’m saying here about free enterprise, then you also will have to conclude we gotta get rid of it. That is, if you are aware of where we stand with those biggies I mentioned earlier, they are:

  • climate change
  • water depletion and contamination
  • nuclear and biochemical development and contamination
  • natural resource depletion.

How do we relate the list above to the problems associated with free enterprise? This should be self-explanatory really, nevertheless, lets start with the first one on the list, climate change. Yeah, what causes climate change? It’s greenhouse gases (GHG’s), right? The most prolific of those being carbon dioxide, or CO2. I say most prolific in terms of human emissions, but actually the strongest and largest amount is plain old water vapor, which primarily comes from the oceans, water vapor is 93% of the total GHG’s.  But we emit CO2, and those emissions come from our production and consumption activities. Remember, our production and consumption activities are greatly magnified by our need for economic growth which is everlasting as long as we remain under the free enterprise system of economics. So, wouldn’t it be that we’d conclude that our next and most prudent step is to rid ourselves of free enterprise?

OK so what about water depletion and contamination? Well, pretty much the same thing applies as what did with climate change. Note that if you think water issues are strictly  associated with climate change then you would be wrong. Yes water issues are greatly enhanced by climate change, but we don’t need climate change to have water depletion and contamination problems. Just by our need to over produce and consume we will experience big issues with water. In fact, we are having issues with water right now. And where does “our need to over produce and consume” come from? Free enterprise, right? So again, wouldn’t it be that we’d conclude that our next and most prudent step is to rid ourselves of free enterprise?

Now nuclear and biochemical development and contamination issues have a little different explanation. Some of the nuclear issues result from economic growth as they pertain to energy, but biochemical and nuclear weapons are more about the balance of power, which economic growth plays a part in but is not the main driver. What is important about these products is what happens to them after the problems of climate change and/or water issues have emerged. Climate change and water issues are economy busters. If they go to their full fruition they will bring about economic collapse. The end result of economic collapse is there will be no maintenance upheld for nuclear and biochemical products and their waste. Actually, I contend that these are the actual mechanisms that will finalize the extinction of life on the planet, especially for humans and other animal life. In short, these guys gotta go, nuclear power plants and nuclear bombs and the development of biochemical’s must be shut down and there must be a technology to make their storage of waste permanent, like forever. We don’t have that yet, it is vital that we get that.

As for natural resource depletion I believe it also is quite self-explanatory.  It is a no brainer that natural resource depletion is unequivocally a result of economic growth. The point to make is that we will deplete our natural resources IF we continue with free enterprise and its ‘demand’ for economic growth.  If you do not believe we will experience resource depletion then you must have some proof that someday we will be able to produce resources out of thin air. But that ability better come soon cuz that sort of technology will take some kind of miracle we ain’t even conceived of yet. Again, where does this need to extract natural recourses come from? Free enterprise, right? So once more, wouldn’t it be that we’d conclude that our next and most prudent step is to rid ourselves of free enterprise?

I hope to this point I have well established the relationship between free enterprise and  economic growth, and how their existence are bringing us to the brink of extinction. I also hope that now you can see why I call free enterprise a disease. It is like alcoholism, which is a progressive disease that if not treated will become terminal. Free enterprise is also progressive cuz of its need to grow economies but also is terminal in that this growth ultimately overwhelms life on Earth due to the resulting byproducts that are listed above. Is it no wonder that I vehemently ask for free enterprise to be shut down and that we instead resort to only producing food, water, clothing and shelter.

Now am I saying that food, water, clothing and shelter only is an absolute? Of course not. Like I said in the beginning, it is more or less a metaphor for what’s needed to survive our manifestations. But not entirely is it a metaphor, to deal with the byproducts created thus far by free enterprise, we pretty much will have to go to just food, water, clothing and shelter as far a any further production goes. However, I’m sure there would be more I am not aware of, especially given that we will have many durable products already in hand that we can use without negative consequences. Blankets for instance, furniture, culinary utensils, and much more. But concerning something like cars, then no, they will be recycled and used for other things that will be needed for adaptation to climate change. To get an idea of this, here are a couple articles I’ve written that go into detail concerning the processes needed to recover from our doings:

I said in second paragraph of this article that “we gotta change everything about ourselves”. That is this whole article in a nutshell. We can no longer be what we’ve been.  Nothing will happen to resolve our issues unless we dramatically change our doings and actually our human nature. What this entails is an abrupt evolution of the human species. What would normally take many thousands of years to accomplish, we need to do in at most in a few decades. Sadly, I have to admit it is highly unlikely this will happen. The likelihood is we will go extinct. And sadder than that is we will take most all of other species down with us. Once nuclear and biochemical products and their waste start being released due to the collapse of civilization then mass extinctions will take over. It will take millions of years to return to an earth resembling something like we’ve known the last 10,000 years. I am very angry about this and it’s a bitch to acknowledge it. Specifically, I am very angry that humans, especially those of the developed world, are so addicted to materialism that they can not see the road ahead. And even more disheartening it is obvious to me the road ahead is so easy to see yet we are utterly blinded to it and all for what, our precious standards of living? We cannot seem to find the truth about what we have become, our excuses and reasons are too deeply ingrained. That is why I say only a miracle now can save us, let’s hope it comes soon. Thanks for listening.


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5 Responses to Food, Water, Clothing and Shelter—Explained

  1. Solutions means action, lack of action means extinction. See the solutions here then act

  2. We can vote in a government that will give city dwellers a go rural grant where they can lease a small acreage and live sustainable. But we need your online click to show you know how important it really is. That why people are joining there local group with our network virtual server in the cloud.saveNatureFree.Org

  3. Danny, it seems like your saying that to rejigger the social structure of humanity in a sustainable way, we need to strip away the upper levels of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and revert to the bottom level. While I tend to agree, there is also value to be retained in some of what we learned in our current misguided misadventure. We continue the sins of the past if we think that a return to the past manifestations of that lowest level of the hierarchy is the only answer. Perhaps this time we should break the mold and NOT throw the baby out with the bathwater.

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