Shouldn’t We be Angry?


images (2)Well god damn, what a question that is. Oh boy, have I been angry lately, just check out my last three writings, whoa! Pissed to the hilt. Lotta cussing, angry phrases, all that. I even had one Facebook site kick me out cuz of all the fucking cussing I been doing, whoops, there I go again, my god, have I been angry, yeah really. Yeah the fucking moderators at the Near Term Human Extinction (NTHE) site kicked me clean out cuz I said cocksucker…the cocksuckers.

Oh, before I go on I guess I should mention that this conversation surrounds the topics of climate change, water shortage/contamination issues, nuclear contamination issues, bio-chemical issues and their contamination, issues of economic collapse, and much more concerning things of that nature–you know, the doomsday stuff. Essentially these are the backdrop to our assured propulsion towards the extinction of human kind and many other forms of life, just remember that as we move along here.

OK, so what’s really going on here, is all this anger necessary? Well I don’t know “what’s going on” for absolute sure but I can tell ya that yeah, I think this anger has been necessary. I had to think it out a little bit there, but yeah, in the end I ‘rationally’ decided that all this anger, and more actually, is necessary. I mean what else ya gonna be when you’re surrounded by a buncha dumbfucks diplomatting their way to insanity. It is very aggravating, very maddening.

OK, OK, yeah I’ll explain this, it’s simple really. Now the greatest source of my anger is the developed world, well actually it’s the top 60 to 70% (in terms of wealth) of the people in the developed world that I am so mad at. And it all basically comes from one phrase, no not phrase, but I should say one motivation. Yeah, it’s a fucking motivation. And that motivation is that they, this 60 to 70%, want to keep their standard of living at whatever costs it takes. If it means to bring us to extinction, then so be it. Yeah, there it is, that’s the baseline reason for my very deep anger. And why the fuck wouldn’t it be? Oh, you probably don’t know the answer to that question if you are one of that 60 to 70% there, you’re too lost in your desires and so you really can’t know what’s up, you’re a fucked up human being that actually don’t know any better…truly, I mean that. You are not excused, yet at the same time I gotta admit you simply do not know any better cuz your desires are blocking you in a more or less medically determined way. You are sick in other words, and I am kinda bad for getting so mad and disgusted with sick people, but I am only human myself.

It’s been suggested to me that if I did not come off so angry, that if I took a more professional approach to developing and delivering my message that I would get further along in persuading people to my point of view. WRONG! Yeah really, that sounds like it’d be correct, that it would be what the smart person, the rational person would do. Yeah they would talk seriously while carrying a an academic tone and be diplomatic in their deliverance to the public in order so people would listen and calmly and rationally “accept” the ideas and opinions presented. But NO! That, I have found, is totally wrong, it actually don’t work.

Now note I said “it actually don’t work” when the proper way to say is “it actually doesn’t work”. See that’s proper grammar, but I don’t use proper grammar very much and that’s cuz I like to piss off the academic folks. I could be fairly academic myself, not like some college trained fucks maybe, but I could get close enough to get away with it. But I’d rather piss off these academic folks or at least aggravate with my bad writing and my bad language. Now why is that? Well, somebody’s gotta do something to thwart their misconceptions of what’s working. Cuz being academic, being professional and getting up there with your expertly devised PowerPoint Presentation just ain’t working, people, it just ain’t. Get it? Lookie here, I was involved, professionally, with the environmental movement for 10 years and I NEVER saw any of this type of approach work. In fact, I’d say it actually thwarts progress, really, I mean that.

Now get this folks, nearly, if not all and I do believe it is actually all, NGO’s and also all of the mainstream spokes persons on the issues I mentioned in that first paragraph believe that we can continue with economic growth and advance our standards of living and still accomplish solving all those issues. Yeah, can you believe that? I mean don’t that just blow your fucking minds, don’t it? Yeah their saying not only can and will we solve these issues but in the solving of them it’s gonna bring us more economic growth, more jobs and more prosperity than ever before! Now you wanna talk about desperation, you wanna talk about irrationality, you wanna talk about insanity and poor mental health, WELL, there the fuck it is folks, right in your god damn face! These are insane notions and they are lies as well. Why can I say that with such confidence? It’s cuz these exact notions are the reasons why we have those doomsday issues in the first place. That does not take a big brain to see, but it does take hardcore honesty, but that’s all it takes cuz it is not rocket science.

All the major science institutions and all the major scientists contend that if we stay on our present course we will go extinct, us and many other species as well. In fact, some believe we will have a great mass extinction for the sixth time in earth’s history due to our current human behavior. Yet, many of these same people turn right around and say, “but hey, with renewable energy and more advanced technology we’ll fix these problems and be able to go on moving further towards higher standards of living and we wil be able to continue to grow indefinitely – happy, happy, eh?” It-is-all-fucking-bullshit…this is what our diplomacy, our professionalism, and our PowerPoint Presentations are giving is, pure, unadulterated bullshit. This is clearly evident in the fact that nothing has changed, we are still dying, we are still moving ever closer, ever faster towards mass extinction – so say the scientists. What the fuck is that?

Now am I saying that being angry and shouting and cussing at he establishment is always gonna work with every issue we get presented with, no, I am not saying that. But in this case, that is the case where we have our top professionals who have been for decades telling us how bad our present course is but then doing a clear back flip and telling us it all gonna be OK if we keep doing the same shit, is that something we should put stalk in? I don’t thinks so, in fact, I think it is time we start telling these fuckers to shut the hell up until they are ready to either say what we are doing is good, or it is bad. We need to categorically tell them to make up their god damn minds!

Now we, the common people, can make up their minds for them and decide ourselves that no, this course we are on is bad and that it is obviously gonna kill us. We do not need to advance any more technologically, we need to conclude that what we do now ain’t working. Instead it appears we need to do the opposite and quit trying to grow and that we need to decrease our impact by living much simpler lives. You know like just make sure we get food, water, clothing and shelter. Wouldn’t that seem rational? Yeah since we’ve been burring ourselves with technology, high standards of living and economic growth, shouldn’t we conclude that we otta do the opposite? At least for time until we get our shit together, cuz we clearly got it all mess up at present. I mean we are dying folks, we know that now. Lets get smart for real. But hey, I think we’re gonna have to get mad first, we’re gonna have to get into these 60 to 70% of the developed world’s face and tell them to shut the fuck up with their insane rationality, they’re killing us.

You might think that what I am saying is dangerous, that it might provoke violence. Well, I hope not, I hate violence. But I myself do not know what else the fuck to do. I gotta yell and scream fuck, fuck, fuck…it appears. Cuz talking professional and tipping my hat on the way out the door just don’t seem to be working. I don’t mean just me, I’ve never seen work for anybody or any institution, never.  Not with the extinction type issues anyway. Let’s do something different, ain’t it about time? OK? Thanks for listening.






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One Response to Shouldn’t We be Angry?

  1. You are right “That does not take a big brain to see, but it does take hardcore honesty, but that’s all it takes cuz it is not rocket science.” I have given up on trying to be nice as well.

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