God Dammit! Get The Computer Industry Out of the Market Place!


-0a1944bec158b674What I mean by that title is the internet as well as the computer hardware and software industries should be a single utility, and not a utility run by private enterprise but instead run by the government, same as roads, bridges, waterways, etc. In other words it should be a part of the American infrastructure, the world infrastructure for that matter. Of course some software’s could be sold by private industry, particularly entertainment software. But it would have to be filtered through by the government and fit into all of its software and hardwire constructs. Well, let me back up a minute, take that “private industry” phrase with a grain of salt, please. I am totally a person believing in society run by the commons, a complete Marxist actually, so factor that in, thanks.

There are some very fundamental reasons why the computer world should be a part of the ‘national’ infrastructure and it be taken clean out of the market place. OK but let me do a little disclaimer here right off the bat. I don’t know shit about how the computer world works. But I do have common sense and logical deduction available to me and on that I depend heavily. So in the following sentences take what I am saying as just that, it’s common sense and logical deduction. Somewhere in those I am perfectly right about what I am saying regarding the computer industry.

OK, first off you need to understand what is happening while the internet and the entire computer complex are existing by the dynamics of “free enterprise”. The main problem is that it is being controlled by competing interest and each corporations’ self interest. This competition does not make the products better, instead it makes them not work worth a shit, as we all know and have experienced. Why? Because with the internet you have multiple satellites up there competing for air space, meaning all those satellites are jamming the airwaves and are also made to be just sufficient enough to handle the owners customers.  Same with fiber-optic cables. They are having multiple sources of data coming in from hundreds of IP’s and filtered out through several different browsers. None of these competitors are in agreement, they bang against one another constantly and therefore your computer gets viruses and slow downs due to software malfunctions and in many cases even without viruses. Now like I said earlier, I don’t know if this is exactly the deal but I would make a big bet that somewhere in all that corporate competition there are problems just as I have described. If not, someone please let me know. Cuz see, in the end, no matter how you delineate this mess, we find each of ourselves saying “what the fucks the deal here with my god damn computer!”

We need not be aggravated by these market place products costing us hundreds to thousands of dollars that need to be upgraded all the fucking time while we find our upgrades come to be worse products than the previous ones, it’s nuts. I have used Microsoft Office since 1993. I have found that Office 97 was the best edition they ever had, since then they have gotten worse with each new edition.

Yeah it’s nuts and again, we need not be aggravated. I do believe that there is a way to solve these major problems we have in our computer life and that’d be to inject the computer industry into our infrastructure. It would be run by the government and financed by tax revenue as all our infrastructural facilities are now. The big upside is it would be controlled and operated by one single entity that has no competing interest but is only available to make good for the public it serves. Of course we’d need a clean and uncorrupted government, which we don’t have. Though in this case the government would have to be on their toes as this particular facility would be used for just about everything we do, as it does now. It would be hard to be irresponsible in this case as opposed to other aspects of our infrastructure such as highways and bridges, which are a sham.

The truth is our government as a whole is nothing but a sham and could not be trusted to handle this type of project. So there’d be our first agenda, to get the fucking government in line. Bernie Sanders could be one beginning of that process, so vote for that cocksucker, please. See the deal is we are very sick as a species right now and have been for at least 100 years. And really you could say this article is about that, and not so much about the fucked up computer industry. But no, I won’t say that cuz I really want you to think about this computer issue.

One thing to think about the computer industry right now is how they are fucking you over concerning your god damn money. Please listen to this, see you gotta update/upgrade, update/upgrade, update/upgrade your life away, and your money too. There is no need for that. The ONLY reason that happens is cuz the industry you are a slave to wants to gather into their selves your money, no other reason. I’m not saying that computers and the internet do not need upgrading, but that does not have to cost you money. And it should not mean you gotta go to the store to buy the upgrades so Bill Gates can act like the greatest philanthropist the world have ever known.  It’s bullshit and rabid lies going on there, it’s fucking criminal. We should have all upgrades handled by the government, including when you need a new computer, which they would provide. Software updates and upgrades could be done online when you’re in bed sleeping, it can and should be done that way. Oh, I almost forgot, all households should have a minimum of two computers fully equipped and as good as any billionaire has and all of it provided by the government.

That sort of thing will never happen within the world of computer markets. Corporations do not have that capacity to be good to you, not unless you got big, big bucks. Most of us don’t, so they’d never do these sorts of services for their customers. Something you gotta know that you may not be aware of, especially if you are not a member of the poverty class, and more so a member of those in the deepest of poverty. You’ve all herd about this fucked up deal that Microsoft is no longer going to be supporting some of it’s older operating systems such as Vista and XP. And actually they are even phasing out Windows 7, which at this point you have to still “buy” to be legally situated.

Do you understand what this means for the poor? Many of the poor, especially the very poor are still using systems such as XP and Vista simply because they can not afford to upgrade, and likely never will be able to upgrade as these new systems cost hundreds of dollars. So what Microsoft is actually doing is forcing its users to buy their (Microsoft’s) new software and in many cases new computers as well. When they cease completely to support these older systems the internet will not be useable to those with XP or Vista and other systems as well.

This is the case right now in 2016 that you can not use Internet Explorer 8, it simply doesn’t work well enough to be worth going on the internet unless you can upgrade to Explorer 9 or 10. But you can’t upgrade with XP or Vista, instead you have to have at least Windows 7 in order to upgrade, which will cost you money to buy right now. Even though it may cost as little as $89 at Best Buy people living on less than 10K a year are not going to be able to afford that, they are lucky to pay their energy bills god dammit, FUCK! A lot of these folks got their computers from friends or family that would have thrown their old computers away and these computers likely would have had XP or Vista on them.  So what’s gonna happen to these folks is their gonna be kicked out of the computer world as far as the internet goes, which is mostly what computers are about now. This will likely happen to millions of people world wide, but Microsoft don’t give a shit, they say it’s the way of things. How do I know that? Cuz I called them and that’s basically what the fuck they told me–the cocksuckers.

The computer industry is an industry that should have never been allowed to be a market place product. That is so simply by the nature of it’s structure. Microsoft software needs PC computers and Apple needs Apple, and there it ends. If it’s gonna be such a small division of choice then it should have been developed as the same way we’ve developed the Interstate Highway system: one entity doing one big massive job. Instead now you have two companies that have between them become as powerful as any first world government and have most of the god damn wealth within the world of business. It’s fucking crazy and criminal as criminal can be. Say NO to it, fight for the commons to be restored and for sanity to do the fucking same, OK? Thanks for listening.


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I am a nut. But a good nut. Please note that all my blogs are continually in the process of being edited. You most likely would see changes if you visit back again more than once. Oh, I'm an artist by trade these days, so ahh anyway, um, ah well, my website is on here somewhere, um ah, wella anyway it's ah, http://dannyheim.com./. It's not a buying type site, don't worry, I don't market from there.
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  2. Don’t ever allow a Government to get it’s grubby little hands on our Internet

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