The Social Security Administration–The Entity of Forced Repression


download (1)This is my story about what happened to me at the Social Security Administration (SSA) offices in both Gallup and Santa Fe New Mexico and by the SSA itself as a government entity. It has left me deeply scarred and having a great issue with anger, of which I can no longer afford to have and so I am doing something about it now by writing “my story”. What happened to me was so devastating that it has been almost 2 years and I can only now try to deal with it. It has been too disturbing for me to write about. Every time I’d try to deal with it I’d get mad and depressed thinking about it. However, it is also very hard on my soul and so I gotta get it out. Most of all I think it tremendously important to have people know the kind of world we’re living in as it pertains to the government of the United States of America.

Hey just a warning. I’m gonna be cussing my ass off in this document, its the anger, believe me, it’s the anger. But it’s because of the anger I am writing this damn thing in the first place. I’m getting it out I guess. Yet another reason I am writing about this is for people to understand just how dishonest and screwed up our Social Security System is, and that to me is more important than my anger. See this is not about an official that is acting illegally on some matter such as the Flint Michigan lead issue. No, this is about the entire Social Security Administration acting “legally” but those legalities are in reality so corrupt it becomes unimaginable. It is an absolute joke and so criminal I do not understand how we the people have not risen up in total revolt, but we haven’t, instead we follow along like dumb little dogs.

The Story:

I have a number of medical issues that have ultimately disabled me. My symptoms got to be noticeable and frequent starting in 2006. Eventually I applied for disability in July of 2011. I was and still am plagued with an illness called cryoglobulinemia, it is a result of having Hepatitis C. Since then I have contracted high blood pressure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD),  and cirrhosis of the liver.  The most disabling issue is the cryoglobulinemia because it makes my joints so painful and swollen I can hardly walk and this happens on a regular basis when I am active, at least twice per week. But if that ain’t happening then my lower legs and feet are regularly so numb it’s simply too uncomfortable to do much of anything. Again, this is all when I am active, if I lay around and keep my feet elevated constantly I don’t suffer nearly as much, but who can lay around all day, I ain’t got a 24 hour nurse so I wind up with my legs being a major issue most of the time.

From the years 2006 to 2012 and before the Affordable Care Act was in place anywhere you’d go to see a doctor they’d tell you get the hell out if you ain’t got insurance. I tried a couple doctors offices in Albuquerque and Grants NM but they said by-by to my no money and no insurance. In 2009 I did manage to find a place in Questa, NM, 300 miles from my home, that would let people in with no money and no insurance, a miracle actually. There I was diagnosed with vasculitus for the first time (later found to be cryoglobulinemia). The doctor told me this was a disabling and incurable disease and that I could get disability for it. He said he would write a letter for me if I wanted to apply for it. Well like some kinda stupid nut I was attempting nobility and told the doc no thanks and that I’d struggle along trying to work…what-a dumb fuck idea that was as I can attest to now.

Yeah I struggled along alright. By June of 2012 I was so sick and down with my legs so often I finally had to quit working. I was willing to go ahead and die of hunger rather than “struggle along” another day. It was simply too painful to endure any longer. The year prior, July 2011, I applied for disability. Nothing happened until around March of 2012 in which time SSA set me up to go see “their” doctor. So I go to see their doctor and she pumps my arms a couple times, sees if I can touch my toes and then sends me home with a report to SSA that I am fine and ready to work. I mean it was nearly that bad. A totally ridiculous charade. But I’m sure she made a couple hundred of taxpayers money and didn’t need to give a shit whatsoever about how sick I was. I was very sick at the time and was hoping to actually get some doctoring from this deal since I had no medical insurance…Wrong. I asked what she thought was up with my legs or if she agreed with the doc’s assessment there in Questa NM in 2009 about the vasculitus. I had sores all up and down my legs, swollen joints and lots of pain. She had no comment on all that and only passively mentioned it in her report to SSA. She wasn’t there to doctor me, she was there to reject me, that was her job and that was all that SSA wanted from her – nothing else. It was so obvious a child could see it.

But see this is only a small part of the corruption and lies that came later. I’m going to stop with my story and tell you all what I saw and experienced regarding SSA’s process and how they figure they “owe” their disability applicants. Well actually, they feel they don’t owe them anything and in fact are only out to get as much money from their applicants as they can, I mean this literally. Here’s how it works.

First off you have to get a lawyer to interface with our government, or at least it is highly advisable to get a lawyer. If you do not the government will rip you off so far and so deep it will leave you speechless, and penniless if they can achieve it–if they can they will–it’s automatic. Now think about it, you have to get a lawyer, get it? You can’t deal with our government without one, they are too corrupt and will literally steal from you. And it doesn’t matter how sick and disabled you are, you are a money magnet for them and that is how they see you, they want to take your money, nothing else, this is exactly the way it is. Let me show you.

Note: When I say “your money” I am talking about the money SSA owes you because you are disabled and you have been paying the disability insurance premiums all your working life which come right out of your danged paycheck. That is YOUR money they are holding so they can distribute it back to you in your time of need.

OK so if you ask an SSA representative why you need a lawyer they will lie and tell you it is because of the technical issues, legal codes and terminology involved with disability claims. That is a lie, one of many. The real truth is you need a lawyer for protection from SSA’s evil ways and nothing else. Think about this, what is “getting disability”? It isn’t about a bunch of terms and legal codes and laws for lawyers to make money on and the government to get some of that money from taxes on disability lawyers. No, it’s about going to a doctor, having determination made about your issue by that doctor, and then going back to SSA who would then make an honest decision about your disability qualifications based on the doctor’s findings. It’s that simple. All that is needed is honesty and the expertise of a doctor, nothing more. The applicant doesn’t have to be honest, he or she really doesn’t need to do anything but show up with their body and illness. The rest involves the integrity of the doctor and SSA. In all of that, where is there a need for a lawyer?

In today’s climate of business and political activity one might say to me, “you’re  being a naive simpleton there dude”. No, I ain’t. There is no reason for me to not expect this, there is no reason not to expect that I can walk into an SSA office and get exactly that that kind of treatment from my government. I should expect nothing less and nothing more than honest assessments in a situation like this. The process is not complicated, all it needs is a doctor who knows what he or she is doing. With that the process becomes simple for SSA. It comes down to a simple yes or no. It’s “yeah dude, you’re disabled.” Or, “no dude, you’re not disabled, so get the fuck to work.” The doctor determines all that, not SSA.

However, it doesn’t work that way and that is only for one reason. It is because SSA does get involved in the medical determinations, which is totally wrong, they should have nothing to do with that, only the doctors should make those decisions. This is where is all goes crazy. And the only reason it is happening is because SSA is not about serving its public, it’s about taking the public’s money. The SSA is only a bank, a place that has taken your premium payments and has accumulated funds to distribute back to those who need it, it is as simple as that and don’t let anyone tell you different.

How they get your money:

OK I’m gonna go back to my story, it is the best example you’ll ever hear about how SSA is a robbery machine. It is simple and not hard to get but will drop your jaw to the floor, But before I get into how I “legally” got screwed, let me show you the amount of money I got fucked out of. All of it legal, but then, all of it absolutely corrupt and full of deception as well. I say corrupt and deceptive cuz it’s not about what they say or do, it’s  about what they don’t say and don’t do. In short, your ignorance of their rules is how they fuck your butt. And those rules are only there in order to fuck your butt and no other reason.

In the end I wound up on what they call SSI, or Social Security Income. Under the SSA plans you get SSI or SSDI, Social Security Disability Insurance. With SSI your payment is now at $733 a month. With SSDI the payment is based on your work history and your Social Security Retirement Income at age 66. My SSDI would have been $1273 per month.

OK, got all that? It’s important as we go forward so remember it please. OK so lets do a little simple math. Well I surely ain’t getting the $1273 month I’d of gotten under the SSDI plan. For me, it’s $540 less per month under SSI as opposed to SSDI until age 62. In my case that is a 30 month period from the day SSA started my benefits when I was age 59 and a half. Doing the math that’s a total of $16,200, or 30 times $540, so it’s $16,200 less dollars I’ll receive from the government under SSI as opposed to SSDI in that 30 month time period.

Now at the end of that 30 months, or age 62, my income will go up because they will take me off of SSI and put me on my regular retirement income which for me is expected to be $914 a month for retirement at age 62. However, had I gotten SSDI then nothing would have changed at age 62, my income would have stayed at the $1273 amount until death. Lets say I will have lived another 20 years from age 62 or to 82 years old. I’d be receiving $359 less a month for those 20 years because of having been put on SSI. That’s a total of $86,160. Add the $16,200 to that we spoke of earlier and that becomes a total of $102,360. BUT WAIT A MINUTE! I have not included what I lost in settlements. When you get approved for SSDI or SSI they back date the settlement to the day you were declared disabled by the doctor, it’s called the onset date. My onset date was 21 months prior to the settlement date, the settlement date being the day they settle your claim and you start getting the fucking money they owe you. So under SSI at $733 per month that’s a settlement of $15,393, or 21 months times $733. Under SSDI at $1273 a month it would have been a settlement of $26,733, again, 21 months times $1273. And guess what? I didn’t get “any” settlement at all. I’ll get into why later; it’ll make you sick.

In the total of my life at age 82 I will have lost income at a maximum of $129,093. That’s a lot of money, and is especially a lot of money when you are a guy only getting $733 a month at present and missed a settlement of $15,393 to boot, ouch!! As of to today, January 29, 2016, which is 23 months later since my settlement date, had I gotten what I deserved which was the SSDI plan then I’ve already lost $540 times 23 which is $12,420 plus the $26,733 lump sum settlement which totals out to $39,153. What I’ve actually taken in is only $16,859, that’s $22,294 short of what those fuckers owe me to date. That’s just in 2 years! The tally is going to be going up for the rest of my life, get it? AHHHHH!!! God dammit it pisses me off, I gotta get rid of this anger, it’s killing me…

Yeah, see that $22,294 is my money that SSA has ripped off from me, so far, since I actually qualified for full SSDI based on the fact I have vasculitus which was determined by the doctor at Questa NM in 2009 and several other doctors later on. But instead I got a settlement of zero dollars and a temporary income of $733 a month until age 62 at which time I am forced to retire and receive less retirement income than I’d get at age 66. I say forced because I will still be disabled and will have to retire at age 62 in order to get any money to live on and add to that I’ll have to start paying for insurance cuz I’m likely still gonna be sick.

The Real Story:

OK so how’d SSA get away with all this stealing? OK, this is where the story really is and is also where it gets rather sickening. I mean that, when it all happened to me in two fucking days I nearly threw my guts up.

Well I was one of the dumb-shits who did not get lawyer to deal with SSA–the lying United States government. This was my129K life time mistake, not to mention a mistake that brought immense turmoil to my spirit. Well actually I did make a couple attempts at lawyers but it didn’t work out because I saw too many lies coming down the pike from them. Since my pay was in cash they wanted me to lie and say I was making no money. Basically it just simply pissed me off that a fella needed a lawyer to interface with the Untied States government. I mean it really pissed me off. I could not accept it.  After a lot of dancing around with these vultures I decided to risk just being honest and telling SSA my own fucking “true” story.

So yeah like I spoke of earlier about the SSA doctor crap that happened to me around March of 2012, well shortly after that lie, around June 2012, I received my first letter of denial for disability from the SSA. No surprise there, that’s what they do, it’s a bull-shit game SSA does to stall dealing with us disabled pukes. You always get denied at first. Then you appeal to a lying judge for a hearing. It’s so much bull-shit really, everybody involved knows it, everybody involved participates in it as well. None of this BS is necessary if there was honesty involved, if there was good intent involved. But there ain’t; there is only thievery and deception involved.

Yeah so I go ahead, play the game, and do the god damn appeal to the lying judge for a hearing. So the lying judge sets me up to see her sometime in about a year to a year and a half. Ain’t that crazy? Yeah see there really is no need for the long waiting periods. The only reason they happen is because of all the bull-shit bureaucracy and red tape crap that’s been intentionally created by SSA in order to hide the skillful measures they use to steal your money. That’s it plain and simple. I know it and they know it. Yeah see that’s why you need a lawyer, so he or she can dodge those skillful measures. Oh yeah I almost forgot, it is also so the government can get tax revenue from lawyers fees. Yeah see the lawyer fees come right out of the disability settlements, or your money that SSA is holding. So see SSA gives you “your” money at settlement time, you give some to the lawyer, then the lawyer gives some of it right back to the government in tax revenue; ha ha funny, eh? Your money floats around like some god damn bird and that bird shits some of it on you, some on the government, and some on the lawyer –“what a gas”, I’d  say.

Well nothing was happening while I was waiting to see the lying judge, well except I was seeing myself getting sicker, not able to work at all. So how was I making it? I got myself on welfare, or Human Services….another racket of the U.S. government. OK, ready to start getting sick? Here’s where it begins. It starts around July/August 2012. On welfare I got $240 a month cash and $189 in food stamps. Well I own my own home and land out in the middle of nowhere New Mexico but had no mortgages or anything like that. So I supposed I’d try to “make it” with that. And I kinda did, sorta, for awhile.  But by October 2012 I just wasn’t staying ahead on basic living and I was getting pretty sick too. Couldn’t really do a damn thing. And get this, even if I could have made a little extra money, the government would have taken it while I’s under their thumb with the welfare shit. You getting this? Yeah if I’d of made a couple extra hundred one of those months well then I was supposed to report it to Human Services and then they’d take anything above 65 bucks. So they’d take $135 of the $200 I made.

Now think about this folks, this is sick. Let me repeat it. I was getting $240 a month to live on, but if I made or received in gifts anything over 65 extra dollars, the United States of America would take it from me. It is like they’d be saying, “YOU are a poverty stricken fuck who we hate and want to keep as repressed as we possibly can and we believe you owe us money for being repressed and a poor fuck so we’re gonna take the money that anybody gives to help you or any money you make from your own hand cuz you are a guy trying to live in our God given country and we hate you. YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT!”

Yeah it’s like that. It is how it makes you feel. Yeah see it’d be one thing if a guy was some kinda scammer looking to get a free lunch, but when you’re a guy sick and unable to care for yourself it’s an entirely different deal. And hey, the way I understand it is they have found that fraud is quite rare in and around government entitlements. So what’s going on folks? Why are those who are the deepest in poverty punished like this? Somebody tell me, please.

Let me back up a second cuz I want you to understand something. I started working when I was just 12 years old. I lived on a dairy farm and was more or less a foster child there, too long a story on that but you get the picture. OK and when I was 16 I got started on payroll jobs so from then on I was started up and registered with the SSA as a wage earner. So see I was getting my credits in order to get SSA benefits when the time came to need them. I was paying my premiums in other words. A fella gets 4 credits per year of work. In the end I had 139 credits. So that’s about 35 years of being a worker for this fucking country, and that’s just work that was registered because I was on a payroll. I did at least another 8 or 9 years of unregistered work in this country. We’re looking at nearly 45 years of being a worker here in America. I worked on farms, I worked in factories, I built homes and buildings, I even sold god damn insurance for a time. I was even an administrator for an environmental group for 10 god damn years.  And then the fucking government wants to take my measly 200 bucks cuz they’ve given me $240 and some god damn food stamps! Why? So I can stay alive long enough to have them jack-off to hating me a little longer? What the fuck is going on?

Sorry folks, but this gets even sicker, we ain’t done yet. Like I said, by October 2012 I wasn’t making it by myself on my land in the middle of nowhere on $240 plus $189 in food stamps per month. New Mexico was in a drought. I ran out of money and water. So what I did was go to Santa Fe and stay with a friend in order to catch up. The other even more important reason I went was due to increasing health problems. I realized I had to find a way to get medical help. That help was in Santa Fe where my friend was. My Hep-C was really catching up with me. I needed a cure. Obama-Care was coming but not just yet for me. I remembered the clinic in Questa NM that let people in with no money or insurance. So I tried it again and sure enough the good folks there let me in. Again they diagnosed me with vasculitus like they did in 2009. But they also gave me a place to go to get my Hep C treatment started, it was called HealthCare For the Homeless right there in Santa Fe of all things.  Yea!

Fortunately, believe it or not,  even though I owned a home I was considered homeless because I was too poor and sick to live there. I also was eligible because my land was considered undeveloped: my house was worth less than 6000 bucks –  no insulation and no running water or indoor pluming.  So I qualified as ‘homeless’. I got set up in Santa Fe and finally started getting healthcare, a long awaited deal. This was October 2012.

Well during all this time I was still waiting for the lying judge from the lying Social Security Administration to contact me for my disability hearing. About a year had past and I was still in Santa Fe. By now there was no question I was gonna get disability cuz I had so many god damn Santa Fe doctors saying I was fucked that I knew the lying judge would have to fork it over. So I wasn’t worried about that, I was just worried about the Hep C treatment working and me staying alive. Well the danged treatment didn’t work in the end. They had to take me off it or it would have killed me; too low a white blood cell count was going on. I was totally devastated. I had no idea what I could do from that point on. I realized I was gonna be totally dependent on disability income until my health issues were resolved. So now I  just waited to meet with the lying judge who worked for the lying entity called the United States of America Social Security Administration. We’re now looking at around November 2013.

Well the lying judge finally contacts me and says I gotta hearing coming in January 2014. The day comes and I am sitting before the lying judge lady. Believe it or not I never lied once to the god damn SSA; could have many times to my great benefit, but didn’t. Yeah, that was a dumb-fuck thing to do, I admit. I would change that now and lie my ass off. So anyway we talk it all out for about 30 minutes, me and the judge, and at the end of our conversation she says she’ll let me know real soon what she decides. And that she did, she sent back a huge document that said I was “Partially Favorable” in her decision to give me an OK for disability income. I was thinking what the fuck does that mean, “Partially Favorable”? Well simply put it meant I was being put into the lowly scumbag level of SSI. It was a technical thing. You know, one of those “skillful measures” I talked about earlier, a way to fuck the truth. Cuz the truth was, and by the lying judge’s admission, I was and am fully disabled by the legal standards of SSA.

However they got this cute little skillful measure that says you gotta have at least 20 work credits in the last ten years before your SSA determined disabled date, or the onset date. The lying judge can make that onset date any time she likes. She made mine just out of range of the ten year period so that I only had 12 credits my last ten years and therefore disqualifying me for SSDI, the $1273 a month we talked about earlier. She made the onset date June of 2012, but it should have been, legally, September of 2009 when the doctor at Questa diagnosed me with vasculitus, a disabling disease which qualifies you for disability benefits. In 2009 I would have been within the 20 credits in the last ten years deal. See this is the part I talked about in the beginning where they fuck your butt. They fuck your butt by omitting this information from any conversation you’ll have with any SSA representative. I talked to several representatives several times and told them I did not file taxes the last few years cuz I didn’t make enough money to require me to file. And it’s filing your taxes that gives you your fucking SSA credits. So yeah see in those many conversations I had with SSA reps they had many chances to tell me about this last ten years deal, a deal that fucks you in the butt like a bulldog. See an honest person would have told me that I’d better file those taxes cuz my onset date could be changed by the judge, but they kept their lying mouth shut instead, probably cuz it’s required by the SSA. So yeah as it turns out they didn’t tell me a damn thing. Ha fuckng Ha!

But since the judge determined that I was legally and fully disabled I had to get something I guess, that’d be SSI which is the $733 a month and $29 in food stamps. See, it’s a Human Services deal all over again. With SSDI you get the retirement income you’d get at age 66 and you get that for life. You are also allowed to make or receive money up to $1000 a month, no penalty.  BUT, on SSI you can only make or receive $65 a month over and above the barely livable $733, after that they take whatever you’ve gotten and put it in their fucking SSA bank and then laugh at you. You become one of those scumbags that the SSA jacks-off to regarding the very deep misery you are about to live out. You are their laughing stock, literally, as you’ll see in minute, we ain’t done, it gets sicker yet.

Now I could have appealed this fucked up deal. But if I’d done that they would not only take as much as another year for a hearing, but they also could have taken away the $240 per month and the $189 in food stamps I was getting at present. Anyway, there was no way I was gonna risk that. I couldn’t do that and live. Besides, I was gonna get $733 month and had 21 months of settlement coming if I’d accept the deal the lying judge gave me. So I decided to take the lowly scumbag deal and be their puke and looked forward to a 15K check in my hand, I concluded it to be better than nothing, what else could I do, walk the streets waiting for a hearing with the lying judge again?

So I take the deal and show up for the settlement meeting, it’s February 2014. I’m meeting with some guy who was supposed to close it all up and write me a check for 15K and start my $733 a month. I was kiney happy, but only kiney cuz I’m very aware that I’ve lost big time, but I was also very trapped in the deal – a quandary really.

Well we’re talking along, me and this closer fella, (the guy who closes out my disability claim once and for all) and he’s looking over my files and then he asked me why I had an address in Santa Fe when my home was in Pinehill on the other side of the state. So, innocently, I tell him that I was too poor and sick to be at home and was staying with friends while doing doctor stuff in Santa Fe cuz it was the only place that I could find to get medical help in this god damn state. Suddenly this fucker lights up with a big smile and becomes so full of joy that I thought he’s gonna piss his pants. He goes, “Oh, well hey, you can’t get your settlement then. You are not supposed to live with anyone when on SSI. They deduct that cuz you’re getting free rent. Ha ha mother fucker!” No he didn’t say it that way, but it is exactly what he could have said by his actions and facial expressions. He was utterly thrilled to be able to fuck me over on such a punk rule, a lying scumbag rule for lying scumbag SSA closers to jack-off on.

I was so fucking devastated at this point I couldn’t believe it was true. I said, “Yeah but I’m going home now!” The closer said back, “Too late, you’ve already executed the penalty, you don’t get your SSI settlement –  but you’ll get your monthly SSI payment starting next month.” I was feeling sick, I thought I was going to puke. I said, “Look, I think I am going to be sick, I need to leave.” He said, “Well can’t you stay and finish, we’re just about done.” I replied, “No! I’m too devastated.” He just looked at me and said, “It’s  just a little bit more.” I didn’t say anything, I just sat there slumped in my chair trying to keep from puking while he talked happily and victoriously about my future… I’m not exaggerating this folks, this is how this fuck acted, it made me even sicker than the news already had.

Later on that day I decided to write this closer guy a letter and try and explain why I had to stay with my friends. I explained that it was an emergency, that I would have been on the streets otherwise and had nowhere else to go. I also needed to get medical help and could only find it in Questa NM 300 miles away from my home and my friends were much closer to Questa, only about 90 miles. Well I wrote all this down in a letter and then took it to one of the windows at SSA so they could give it to the closer guy. I wound up giving it to some worker there and also attempted to explain to her what it was about. She was laughing at me while I explained. I couldn’t figure out what was going on, I was looking at her through this fucking window and wondering why was she laughing? So I ask her that, she didn’t give an answer but did try to stop laughing at me. Yet she kept this shit smile on her smug face all the way to the end, I was getting to feel as though I’d entered the Twilight Zone, I was falling apart and could have possibly had a mental breakdown, but I held on…I think, I don’t know for sure.

Nothing happened from my explanation letter of course, never heard from the closer fuck, I’m sure he didn’t give two shits about my explanations, which just added to the catastrophe I am living out. This is even horrible for me to write about now, I cannot stand the memory, it is like a nightmare to remember all this. But thank God I’m almost done.

Well like I told the evil closer guy, I was done with Santa Fe and was going to go home. I had $733 a month to live on and $29 a month in food stamps, I could at least be at home, it was my only refuge in all of this misery. But I had one more thing to do with SSA and that was to go to Gallup NM and get registered with them for my SSA account. While in Santa Fe I registered with the Santa Fe SSA cuz it was more convenient while staying with my friends there. But now that I was gonna be back home I had to re-register with the local office in Gallup. When I got there to the Gallup SSA I met with a representative.  She started looking over my files and then instantly began giving me all kinds of hell about me not living at my home. I said, “Look lady I am moving back, what-a-ya think I’m doing here talking to you?” I started to get faint, I’m like, “Now what, what is she doing?” She starts threatening me that I’m not going to get my $733 a month. She said I may have to pay back what I’d gotten from Human Services, she then says, “you might even go to jail!!” She said these things in a way that made me feel more humiliated and devastated than I’d ever felt in my entire life, she just keep pouring it on as though she was moving in for a kill and deeply coveting the experience she had now been gifted by the SSA gods. She loved it.

I’m not kidding folks, this was actually happening. I mean this lady is going nuts on me. I’m just sitting there, totally sunk to the bottom. I see my life has fallen into some kind of hell place, I begin to think I must be dead and in hell, I literally thought this. I’m looking at this mad woman and she’s yelling at me like I was her lost son she’d always hated and was now ready to throw to the trash dogs.

Then something very strange happened. I got to a point in this moment of hell that the only thing that could come out of my mouth was, “Mam, do you not like me or something?” As soon as I asked her that, she immediately stopped her yelling. She put on this big fake smile and said, “Oh no, dear, that’s not it, I’m just trying to get it all straightened out for you.” Then she completely shut up and finished the paper work and told me I was done, not another word said. I left and have been living on my measly $733 a month and am now getting ready to go on my second attempt at treating my Hep C with the drug Harvoni.

Understand this. I live in deep poverty now, I have no insulation in my house. If my vehicle breaks down, I have no way to fix it. If I need medicine that my insurance can’t cover, I wouldn’t be able to afford it and still eat. I am lucky to have enough propane to keep warm, meaning thank God for global warming cuz the last two winters have been very warm. But if it gets down below zero I’d have to leave my home and stay with friends until it warms up. All that and much more, just use your imagination. And hey, don’t try to help me with money cuz the United States of America will take it from me as they need me to be deeply repressed.

And now understand this, all that in that last paragraph would have been eliminated from my life if we had an honest government. A $1273 a month SSDI payment would be $540 more a month than I get now. Even without a the lump sum settlement one typically gets in disability settlements, in just a few months with that extra $540 a month I would have been able to eliminate all those problems mentioned above. Instead I am still suffering from them nearly 2 years later. Simply put, imagine yourself living on $733 month and being forced by your government to stay at that level, that you’d be punished if you went over it, get it? It is forced repression by the Untied States of America. You need to know this, you need to know that we have a government that forces repression on its poorest people, not just the poor, but its poorest. You need to know that we need a revolution to rid ourselves of what can only be called a corrupt and repressive government existing only to serve the privileged minority.  Hey thanks for listening. This ends my SSA story.



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I am a nut. But a good nut. Please note that all my blogs are continually in the process of being edited. You most likely would see changes if you visit back again more than once. Oh, I'm an artist by trade these days, so ahh anyway, um, ah well, my website is on here somewhere, um ah, wella anyway it's ah, It's not a buying type site, don't worry, I don't market from there.
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3 Responses to The Social Security Administration–The Entity of Forced Repression

  1. Mark Richardson says:

    Here is my suggestion. Sell your place in Gallup and move to Cleveland, OH where you can buy a decent little bungalow in the city for $10-$15K. See if you can get a job, any job, that has health insurance, Kaiser insurance preferably. Have Kaiser put you on their waiting list for treatment with Harvoni that Kaiser has a charity (Patient Access Network) which in your case would pick-up 99% of your treatment cost just as they picked up mine.

    Harvoni has a 99% chance of curing Hep-C if you haven;t yet been treated with Interferon, and a 96% chance even if this is your 2nd attempt. I have several of your symptoms and even got permanently tossed from ever having health insurance in my life thanks to a botched dental operation and subsequent oral surgery that required a blood transfusion back in 1987, before Obamacare gave me my life back after I had been on the waiting list at Kaiser here in Denver for 18 months. I used to have little hope but today, thankfully, I have my life back, and I have hope that you can get the help that you need too.

    I’ll agree that Social Security is a scam but let’s try to make the best of a bad situation and try to get your life back too.

    • dannyheim says:

      Well thanks but I believe you did not read the entire article, that’s OK, it’s very long. But if you had read it all you’d see I am already on Harvoni, and yes it is my second attempt, I did interferon before. I will never sell my land. it is my sanctuary. I can’t work a job either, I actually am disabled. A desk job is worse for me than building high rises, my legs go crazy down in a chair, they have to be elevated. you can’t do that in an office, not kosher.

  2. Danny, I had no idea what was going on with Social Security. It seems that the social security system has been turned into a business where the money they take minus the money they pay out is their profit. You are right WTF, and yes the Pope is right, we need to stop thinking everything has to be a for profit corporation and start thinking about what is good for the people. The same thing goes on with student loans, fist they say you have to train yourselves for jobs in the new global economy, then they take your money (in this case money you haven’t made yet) and then oops, sorry there aren’t any jobs, but don’t worry you are a smart guy and I am sure you will figure out a way to pay your debt.

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