We Are Lucky To Have Been What We Are

images (4)Well I surely am not an evolution scientist, but there are some simple observations that any one who can read should be able to make and comprehend. It’s basic common sense. OK one thing I myself have observed is this statement I keep coming across where people say, “Humans deserve to die”. That’s a heartbreaker for me. I do not believe that. I see it that we found ourselves adrift in an evolutionary current that was just simply bad, it’s a bummer but that’s the deal. Yet you gotta agree that in spite of our bent striations, when looking at the whole of life the species that we are becomes something quite special to behold.

How’d We Get Here?

Perhaps we should first define what “here” is. And of course that gets a little tough here in the present and so “simple observation” of who and what we are can be subjective and littered with opinions. Therefore if you should agree with my assessment well then god damn, that’d be something. So I’m gonna take a real wide and generalized view and say, we are in trouble and perhaps headed toward extinction or mass death at the very least. I’m just talking about us, not other species that happened to get in our wake.  Does that seem like a reasonable assessment? I’d bet there’s a good 40% of you all out there that would agree and that’d be pretty fucking good in today’s world.

So let’s proceed.

God dammit I ain’t gonna go trying to get scientific here (just wanna make that clear). OK so real scientists say we’ve been around, as something like we are now, about 80 thousand years, something like that, a-ight?  You remember what you remember, that’s what I remember, don’t matter in this context anyways. And as for what happened prior I’ll just say this, it must of been one hell of a ride…

So, starting out in those early stages were probably scraping about, learning tools, fire, meat, clothes—pretty wild shit actually, wild shit to discover that is, musta been something. Hey watch Quest for Fire on Netflix and you’ll trip out on its depiction of the early fare skinned animal.

OK jumping way the hell ahead you got yer post ice age, or the Holocene period…just to get a little scientific, he-he. Yeah and what a deal that’s been, eh? I’m saying it has been one of the most beautiful times on earth, like we were on a planet heading for perfection, all things appearing to calm down, really a deal there. So that was pretty groovy THEN, we started getting kinda smart. We the humans that is. We started developing crops, we got settled down, we made living spaces with cover and protection from the elements of nature. We were cooking with grease, literally, at this point. Life was pretty damn good actually.

Yeah so we got better and better at this development stuff until you know what, we got onto the idea of civilization. Something like 5000 years ago? Check it out, I ain’t got a smart phone lady to tell me what’s up likey my gal does.

But anyway that was also “kinda” groovy, though it introduce big war deals that still go on today. Yeah I know small bands of humans prior to civilization fought each other as well, yeah I know. But it ain’t the same deal as to what it grew into and you all know it, so fuck that.

Well then the humans’ civilization experience started chiseling all kinds-a ways with this “development” idea and its evolution went to town like I’d suspect nothing ever had on earth. When I say “its evolution” I’m saying that exclusively to mean the human evolution in terms of development, not the human in form or consciousness but in…let’s just call it technology, we evolved at light speed in technology. But basically we still have the same level of maturity and wisdom we had 80,000 years ago, perhaps less, much less in my opinion. Just like addictions suppress maturity in individual humans today, our addiction to technology has equally stunted and suppressed maturity and wisdom in us as a collective species. It is important to note that humans of 80,000 years ago would have done the same things we’ve done today if they had been confronted with the same advancement in technology. In other words, they were no better or worse, just perhaps—fortunate? That’s up to you to decide.

Back to Now

OK so we’re gonna be getting into that opinionated area now so buckle up. First off please don’t think I’m being anti-tech, I ain’t at all, I hope we make to Mars someday soon, I hope we have Halo decks someday and communication just by thinking of somebody, stuff like that. But I don’t want those things until we are mature and wise enough to handle them and use them properly. At this point we ain’t done that hardly at all. I mean we’ve missed that mark by a thousand miles.  Our use of technology is taking us down, not technology itself, but our use of it.

So yeah see, that’s how we got “here”. We got here, on this death spiral, by not know what the fuck we were doing with technology. We became the 3 year old with a loaded gun. “Yeah we all know that” you say, and yeah I know you all do.

So Whata-Ya-Mean By Lucky In That Title There?

That’s a good question cuz it’s the whole deal I’s trying to get at in this god damn piece.  Well ain’t it so? I mean look at us, look at what we are, what we can do and show me another species that can even come close to our potential. Yeah, yeah the fucking whales are incredible but they can’t make bombs that’d blow us all to Saturn, can they? They can’t make a device that would let them be on land, but we can make one that lets us go to their world. They couldn’t “decide” to destroy the human species but humans could knock them out in a week if we really wanted to. There is no other species that can do one millionth of we can do physically and otherwise and more so do it by choice. We are a freak of nature as earth goes, hell, in the known universe. And we got people saying, “Humans deserve to die”. Fuck that.

Oh sure, we’ve done some damage by being around, no doubt. But that was just an unfortunate turn in evolution as we’ve already discussed here. We got a hold of something way, way too soon before we were ready for it, likely thousands of years. And yeah shit was gonna happen and did. But it don’t make us a species deserving to die.

We Can Change Cuz We Can Choose

The most special thing about humans is their ability to choose. They can be going one way and if they decide to abruptly change and go the completely the opposite way they can. Individual humans do it all the time. It’s much tougher as a collective, some would say impossible. But its not impossible cuz there are conditions under which humans will change as a collective. However, ask any other known species if they can do that; if they even had the brains to answer they’d say, “fuck no”.  In the world of species evolution we are at total freak out.

All the damage that’s been done by humans can be undone by humans if we, and I mean every human, collectively decide to do so. And yes I understand that is nigh impossible, but because of our level of physical and mental evolution it technically is possible.  And that is the significant point, that is our greatness, on many, many levels we can where all other species can’t. So shut the fuck up about this we deserve to die shit. In stead appreciate how lucky we’ve been to be what we are. If you are human you are a member of the most powerful and unusual species in the known universe. Don’t wish to kill it, instead do your best try to use it to make happy for all things that live. Why? Cuz we actually can.


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