Kevin Anderson, Our Man Against the Tide


This post is dedicated to the video,  Kevin Anderson – Delivering on 2°C: evolution or revolution?  In my 23 years dealing with the subject of climate change I have never seen a talk that tells us what we really need to know as accurate or as brave as this one. Kevin Anderson goes out on the limb telling the truth of our situation and  more importantly what needs to be done about it; from the view point of scientific reality.

He tells us the hard facts, what we don’t want to hear but need to hear.  He is speaking to everybody, not just policymakers.  He even speaks to his own community of scientists, and reveals their quandary in this age of “whatever keeps economic growth growing”. Listen carefully as he talks fast, and for us Americans we have to deal with his British accent. Click on the highlighted title there at the beginning and watch this amazing video, and learn the real truth about emissions reduction, economic growth and how that relates to the reality of climate change.


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