Free Enterprise: The True Meaning of Power


red-bull-can-weightlifter-300x277Well if you ain’t watched Persons of Interest on the television or Netflix or something then I apologize for using its premise as an analogy for the power of free enterprise but here goes. Yeah see if you’ve seen that show you’ll know “the machine” is a kinda knows all, sees all, and does all kinda thing.  Yeah well free enterprise does that too.

I’m gonna try here to really stress and point out what power free enterprise has in our lives.  A shortcut but sufficient conclusion would be that free enterprise ‘is’ our lives. Free enterprise is us and we are it. So much so that we do not even realize it has become both our forefront and our backdrop, it is everything, it is god and I mean god in the near literal definition of what a god would be.

The Origins of Choice

So right off the bat we’re gonna have to go back and look at our past before free enterprise, yes there actually was life without free enterprise. It don’t take much looking to get the difference between then and now. In fact, let’s just go with one period of time when we walked around as hunters and gatherers, nomadic in our ways.  Cuz really, that contrast of then and now will show the deal about free enterprise and how it’s changed us.

OK let’s just use our common knowledge and common sense. OK you think about it, we’re walking around on the edge of our toes looking for that fat bush hog to knock out with a rock. You are on the edge, you are pumped up like speedway tires and life at this moment has peaked and all that is important fades into the moment of the kill. Whoa, that’d be something, especially when you and your ban’s life depends on it. Yeah that life may only last 35 or 40 years, but life on the edge that long would be one wild and trippy ride. You’d know the true thrill of living on planet Earth bare naked and flat to the world. I dunno, what’s better, 35 years of being a James Bond or 80 years of watching him on TV? You tell me.

Oh sure I get it, it’s a matter of “consumer preference” (a term used academically in modern day economics). Yeah see today, some would like those thrills and others would not. And guess what? Free enterprise gives you that choice, the nomads had no such choice. The thing is, human nature will always seek the path of least resistance and therefore the choice will almost exclusively be to forgo the thrills and just watch James Bond on TV.

This term, consumer preference, is the most powerful variable in modern economic math. There are many terms in the mathematic model of free enterprise, and all surprisingly have a near equal value in the equation’s net result but consumer preference is more or less the answer and the question to modern economics. It’s on both the front and back ends and is the propulsion in the middle. And because of it’s omnipresence, it is also key ingredient of the god drug free enterprise.

I’ll say this loosely that the concept of consumer preference really never existed until about the start of the industrial revolution around 1850.  Now I say “loosely” cuz it can easily be argued that its origins came with the beginnings of civilization 5000 years ago.  Or you could say it started with the use of “means of exchanged” or coin.  Or hell, you could even go all the way back 80 thousand years and say consumer preference was here when the concept of supply and demand was born which was never cuz that concept has always been and is the alpha and omega of natural economics.  HOWEVER, suffice it to say that when fitting the variable consumer preference into the modern equation for the free enterprise system of economics a whole new meaning to the term arises.

Taking it further you would see that as free enterprise grows, expands and adapts so does consumer preference. This happens cuz it absolutely has to happen in order for free enterprise to go on living. Growth is the key ingredient to sustaining free enterprise as a lifeway. Consumer preference doesn’t need growth to survive, but it does ‘grow’ as the free enterprise system grows.  The ‘system’ simply gets bigger by volume and mass, whereas consumer preference’s growth relates more to quality and sophistication rather than quantity and lard.

But don’t get too happy, consumer preference’s quality and sophistication growth can go either way, it has no moral code within the math. It only needs to move and flow with free enterprise and its production regardless if that production is ultimately for the good or the bad, don’t matter. Whether or not that movement is healthy and ethical is irrelevant, only the numbers relating to percentage of growth are. It does make sense,  it’s a fucking equation ain’t it? And it’s an equation running on a continuous loop in time as long as the net value in overall growth of products and services, or money supply, or net output, or right down to it the god damn GDP…is positive; preferably by 3% or more.

And so now we are talking about the power or the god aspect of free enterprise. The very fact that it has to grow in order to survive and the very fact that consumer preference is drug along on this ride is…

Are you getting it? If not it’ll help if we define the consumer preference aspect of free enterprise a bit more than we have so far. It’s what it sounds like, it’s about what we’d like to buy, or what choice we have to buy one thing over another. It along with free enterprise, and which essentially is free enterprise, are the biggest dynamics controlling our lives. Free enterprise drives your marriage, your religion, your education, your likes and dislikes, your image of yourself, it drives everything about every aspect of human life and has done so since the Industrial Revolution of 1850 when it became the god drug.

The difference between now being a “free market” society with growing mass as well as growing preferences as to then when we were nomadic and an “immediate need” society staying static in our ways is whether or not there was a controlling presence in our lives. As nomads there was no controlling god, at least not one that was hidden from us. We knew who god was, it was staying alive. But was that really a god? I would say no, it was more just a fact, a reality with no secrets or complications to intellectualize over.

But in market life, free enterprise life, we have much to mull over. We don’t really know it but we are constantly under the influence of our preferences, and more precisely our consumer preferences. We have choice now.  There isn’t the only bush hog in the neighborhood like it was for nomads, today we can just buy a salad instead, or ice-cream or cocaine. We can buy a gun and shoot a rat and eat it, or just do an energy drink. The very concept of how to live, why we live, what we live for and what lives for us has all completely changed from nomadic times. What is even more important to understand is that these changes have most all occurred as recently as the Industrial Revolution and have been driven by one single mechanism, the free enterprise system of economics.

Where’s the Judgment?

Yeah, where is the judgment? Well I’d hope that this question would have an obvious answer, but I gotta remember my own prejudices and assume that it doesn’t. But hey, who can really say what is better, being James Bond as a nomad or watching him on TV from the world of free enterprise? Not to mention the products and services we get from free enterprise. I mean holy cow look at me typing here, what a miracle. And in about 30 minutes I be able to publish this out to the entire freak’n world right from my own god damn home! Glory be! But then being able to climb a 50 ft tree in 8 seconds or run thirty miles in a day with no effort, have a sense of smell akin to a dog, well, which is better? S’up to you.

Of course that’s only if we are counting what affects an individual, but what about the entire collective, or even the entire living mass of the planet? What about that, huh? Yeah what judgment comes along with that condition? From there you gotta get out the slide rule and do some calculations. Which we have done via our science that came from free enterprise, btw. And what the numbers have crunched is that we are fucked if we continue living by free enterprise and its fundamental need for economic growth. It is more or less an extinction plan…according to the numbers.

So I guess if you look at it that way then it’s god damn straight, we’re gonna be judged bad for doing free enterprise.  Right? Ain’t it? Unless some kinda big enduring change takes place with free enterprise, and by the math that’s kinda impossible, we’re gonna have to let it go if we wanna live. Know what? We, or our powers that be, know this now. It’s scientific fact. Yet, we are sticking with free enterprise as though it was given to us by god, that it is the holy grail of how to run civilization.  What’s that tell you? It tells me that there must be something addictive to free enterprise. Something that resembles illness, or disease. It appears to have many of the machinations of alcoholism where an alcoholic drinks even though he knows it will either kill him, land him in jail, or in a mental ward. Yet he continues to drink.  This is the new human behavior under the influence of the free enterprise system of economics. What’s next? Ain’t it obvious?


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