Art is about two colors for Danny Heim

This is from the Gallup Independent newspaper published 7/11/2015. Sorry but you have to subscribe to view it on online so I sort of reproduced it here, umm. 😦

Art is about two colors for Danny Heim


Laura London

Staff writer

E L MORRO — Artist Danny Heim’s work “Black & Blue Cowboys” is featured in ongoing exhibits in El Morro at Old School Gallery on New Mexico Highway 53, as well as across the road at Ancient Way Cafe.
Heim said he’s been producing artwork since about 2009 when he started in Taos.
“The whole artistic thing for me is new,” Heim said. “I consider myself fortunate — there are people who have been doing art for decades and never had a show.”
Heim said he doesn’t make a lot of money selling his work, but has had some success. In addition to Old School Gallery and Ancient Way Cafe, he submitted work to some shops in Taos and did pretty well there.
“But I couldn’t make a living at it — I would be a starving artist, definitely,” Heim laughed.
Heim grew up in Kansas and said his family moved around a lot.
“My dad was a hobo, basically,” he said. “Our family was kind of gypsied out.”
Heim has lived on his land in El Morro about eight years and says he’ll “probably be there till I die.” He previously worked in construction, has been a database developer and worked as an administrator for an environmental group in St. Louis.
Heim said he has recently backed off from doing shows and promoting his work as he experiments and further develops his style.
“But I think I’m ready for a new round,” he said.
By next spring he hopes to be showing in Taos again and perhaps Santa Fe.
Heim said he has no formal training in art or art history; he just enjoys creating.
“I don’t really understand art … As far as my knowledge of art, you could probably stick that in a thimble,” he said.
He also writes, especially poetry on personal subjects and environmental issues. He estimates he has about 130 poems in his portfolio, and mentioned he has won some poetry awards in online contests. He may publish a book of poetry at some point.

Heim mentioned he has done a lot of writing as an activist on social and environmental issues, including some articles published in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch as well as New Harvest online magazine.
Heim’s artwork is minimalist, with clean lines and mainly only two colors: black and blue. He focuses on Western themes including cowboys, Indians and Southwestern landscapes — but he said he likes to throw in the occasional UFO or strange creature.
Most of the work is on a plain blue background with silhouetted black characters, landscapes and moons, and gives a somewhat moody impression. Although one piece — “High Fast Ball — A Self Portrait” featuring a naked woman sailing through the air with a catcher’s mitt to retrieve a flying baseball — seems to portray a whimsical side. Another piece, “Hidden Village,” features kivas and includes earthen tones.
Heim said black and blue is what is special about what he does. He has done some textured pieces and even added white to some of the black and blue works. He said he sometimes ventures into full-color pieces and recently has explored the abstract, but with the next round, “I think I will go back to hard-core black and blue.” He said his original works were in India ink on a blue pastel background, but because of the strong fumes from the India ink he started using acrylics. However, he plans to get a mask and get back to the India ink because “ink is thebest.” “The way it works with the pastel, it gives it a strong appearance,” Heim explained. “I’m portraying the iconic West, which is good inink.” Heim says some of his inspiration comes from Hopi influences, the rock and barren landscape of the Southwest and old western films.
“I watched a lot of that when I was a kid,” he said.
He said his favorites are black and white films from the 1950s, especially featuring John Wayne. He feels the black and white Westerns were much better than those that came out later, and said the black and white feel of the films comes out in his work.
Heim said he makes his own boards with masonite and puts wooden backing on them. He started doing that because it is a lot less expensive and he can do a lot more art.
“I have a lot of pieces not shown yet,” he said.
Heim’s work can be viewed at his website:







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