The Big Deal Pope, I Mean the Pope’s Big Deal

pope-encyclical-climate-articleInlineThis thing with the pope, his encyclical and all…it’s a big deal. Much bigger than I think one can see right off the bat, if I may presume. The first and foremost and only thing to realize about what he is doing is something very simple to comprehend. He is simply doing what Jesus would do, you know, that thing Christians say a lot, but maybe don’t mean? Well, Pope Francis does.

His concern, his mission…is to do what Jesus said to do, “heal the sick, feed the poor”. He is behaving like any person who knows what Jesus wanted him or her to be like, you know, the code dude, the freaking Golden Rule man. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” It is the fundamental basis for human reason, for common sense, and for logical deduction. Yeah, that’s this pope, he does that shit, he does what Jesus guided him to do, it’s right there in the fucking bible man. That’s the deal, see?

Now here’s a thing I wrestle with so much I actually gotta get to the place to just let the fucking thing go, I mean I gotta do that a lot. And that is how the fuck is it we got so many great academics in this world right now in the 21st Century, and they can’t see this simple thing the Pope is up to. If you follow and understand what Jesus was about in the bible, and yeah ya got over look a couple deals, but if you just pay attention the stuff in red and forgo the editorializing bulshit, then you’ll see the simple messages of Jesus, I mentioned two already, but the last and final one is the simplest of them all but says it all, “love one another”.

But see I don’t get it, there are things from those understandings that would tell us exactly what to do with our current situation, that being that we are on a path to total destruction.  Well, even the fact we are on that path is not understood by many of our supposed great minds, still there are quite a few who do, but, the net result is blindest to the simple truths of our time, and the finite responses to those truths available to us.

First off, the fundamental reason we are set to this blindness is because we let go of some things we’ve had in our consciousness since we walked upright, and that is the instincts to protect, defend and live for the basics to life itself, those being food, water, clothing and shelter. These were not only meant to be number one in our lives and what our collective mind to be fixed on, these were also our religion, these were worshiped as though a manifestation of Christ. And then suddenly, in geologic times scales anyway, in a moment we let all that go out of our collective mind and food, water, clothing, and shelter became completely taken for granted and set to a non-consciousness priority in our lives and culture. At least in those societies that dominate and rule the world, making it a global persona to be reckoned with.

See ya gotta check this closely, ya gotta look at it, think it back, go back to then, be there and understand your instincts, then you’ll see why the pope is doing what he’s doing and why it makes perfect, logical sense.

I suppose the first step, the next step for human kind is to get the collective mind awakened. To realize we have to become a single purpose society, that this is the next logical move, that we center everything on healing and on reckoning with our basic natures. It doesn’t mean we go swinging in trees, that we stop being smart technologically and scientifically, but we do have to go back to a consciousness we had many millenniums ago, and we have to reclaim it as something most high. This is actually some what of what the pope’s encyclical is, a return to fundamental common sense by once again making food, water, clothing and shelter our central purpose for living and the foundation of our happiness. It’s that or we’re gonna die. This should be understood by now, and I am shocked on a daily basis that it is not. But maybe this pope is on the road to bringing that awakening.  I truly hope so, it would be the miracle needed to set our road straight and long lasting.  That’s all I gotta say for now.


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4 Responses to The Big Deal Pope, I Mean the Pope’s Big Deal

  1. howard says:

    Gotcha Danny. I am not catholic or christian even, but take out the Jesus stuff or leave it in; it just all makes sense.

  2. Danny, I had no idea what was going on with Social Security. It seems that the social security system has been turned into a business where the money they take minus the money they pay out is their profit. You are right WTF, and yes the Pope is right, we need to stop thinking everything has to be a for profit corporation and start thinking about what is good for the people. The same thing goes on with student loans, fist they say you have to train yourselves for jobs in the new global economy, then they take your money (in this case money you haven’t made yet) and then oops, sorry there aren’t any jobs, but don’t worry you are a smart guy and I am sure you will figure out a way to pay your debt.

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