1467436_10151678631130496_1400231111_n Well hell, here we go, la-de-fuckn’-dah, death and death again. Here’s what I’m going through and if you would please comment and tell me what you see and feel. I hear about the Western Black Rhino is now god damn mother fucking EXTINCT!! FUCK!! I think my bones are rattling. Yeah, yeah I know–what about the smaller little bugs and plants doing the same, yeah I know the big guys get all the attention, I get it but god dammit some things just ring bells in you head and heart that shake your guts up, like this shit.

I am writing about this cuz I’m afraid I’m getting too affected by the condition of planet earth. I live remotely and I guess you could say I get very insulated out here, sorta lopped off from the trends, happenings, the goods and the bads of civil life so maybe that’s what’s up. But it seems when I hear shit like this I get so fucked up about it and a feeling of impending doom seems to hover over me. I don’t like it.

Hey look, I wrote off recovery from the industrial world a long time ago, we’re fucked and about the only hope is that when we start to go we go quick, and more so that I ain’t here when it happens. I wanna live out my life in peace and harmony being some kinda nut out here in the wilderness unaffected by the FUCKING FUCKED UP HUMAN RACE AND ITS GOD DAMN I WANNA BE A RAP STAR AND BE FAMOUS SHIT AND CARRY A GUN ON MY HIP AND SHOOT ANY FUCKING ANIMAL THAT AIN’T GOT A GOD DAMN DAY LEFT ON EARTH!

But see, this stuff invades my little world and I suppose I could not get on the net and never listen to Navaho NPR (that’s all I get out here) and never go to my friend’s house while he’s watching TV or SOME GOD DAMN THING! I don’t know. But I do know this, it’s hell in a hand basket time and I guess if you’re one of those activist like I used to be then good fucking luck keeping your sanity and realize that if you are sane in the midst of all this you’re probably nuts.

It’s pain, I feel this pain and I guess I could be glad I feel it but FUCK NO! I don’t want to feel the kinda pain that witnessing social, environmental, cultural demoralization and devastation bring. No way. Get me outa here! Ah, whatever.


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I am a nut. But a good nut. Please note that all my blogs are continually in the process of being edited. You most likely would see changes if you visit back again more than once. Oh, I'm an artist by trade these days, so ahh anyway, um, ah well, my website is on here somewhere, um ah, wella anyway it's ah, It's not a buying type site, don't worry, I don't market from there.
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10 Responses to Tormented

  1. Ron Merkord says:

    The Western Black Rhino was declared extinct in 2015, but was also declared extinct several times in years past, as it has been close to extinction for a long time. This does not mean that all Black Rhinos are extinct, only this subspecies.

  2. This is good news that it is only one subspecies that is extinct, but that doesn’t really help, does it Danny. I understand your pain and anger and frustration, even despair. But don’t give up. We need people like you. We need people who care enough to get upset when mankind wipes another species off the planet. We need people who care, period.
    There is so much indifference and (often willful) ignorance that it is easy to despair for the future of the human race, collectively and individually.
    I think about these things a lot. I have a blog (with the same theme as yours) where I write about anything that comes my way that could possibly be improved – hence the name
    The only idea that I have come up with to save the world is the rather feeble one that we should be nice to each other. ‘Each other’ includes the rhinos and the rats of this world.
    With that in mind, we try to do what we can to make our world a better place.

  3. dannyheim says:

    No, it doesn’t help at all, however, I made the correction in the article cuz that was important to note. As for giving up, I have given up on doing typical activism or mainstream activism , but I remain an activist in the way I live, which is very minimal, very, very minimal, practically on the street in a sense. And that, to me anyway, has been and will continue to be my greatest achievement as an activist. But am I looking for political, economic or technical ways out of our deleimna? Not at all. It’s like this, I can’t save the world, but i don’t have to participate in it’s destruction, and that’s what I try to do, is NOT participate in the corporate run system, as much as I possibly can and encourage others to try and do the same.

  4. Ron Merkord says:

    I have no doubt that we are heading into the next great extinction event. That is the problem that I have with most of the conservation organizations right now. They latch onto saving this species or that species — after all, that’s a great way to bring in money for their particular organization. The reality is that unless we quickly and massively address CO2 emissions, a very large part of all species will only exist in zoos or DNA banks, or worse yet, not at all.

    • I, too, have a problem with the fund raising efforts of environmental organizations. I only contribute to specific projects: save the orang utang doesn’t work for me; stop the next clear-cutting of habitat does. And you are absolutely right about CO2, an issue that must be addressed with urgency. I’d like to point out, though, that apart from breeding programs, the only way to save a species – any species – is to protect its natural environment which is good for all the other species in that ecosystem as well.

  5. dannyheim says:

    It’s something that a simple by-product of one thing is laying the course of our future, but it sure is.

  6. Ron Merkord says:

    Losing animals like this makes me profoundly sad. Yes, it is just one subspecies for now, but let’s face it, in the long run, all rhinos, black and white, are doomed. Climate change, loss of habitat, and just the increasing pressures of an exploding human population is going to squeeze most animals out of existence. How sad for my 12 year old boy that he will not have many of our iconic animals in his world, except in the occasional well-funded zoo. A couple of years ago we took my boy up to Churchill, Manitoba, to see the polar bears. We did this knowing that these guys would be one of the first to disappear, and would quickly become harder and harder to see. To have seen them in real life, and then to see them gone, will be an education of things to come.

    I also say this as someone who has been very lucky in my life to get to know many species as few others do. I have had the privilege to become friends with many species, to know them for who they are — different from us yet sentient spirits in their own right. I’ve slept with my pack of wolves. I jumped on the back of an African Elephant friend and ridden out in the canyon to snack on tree branches. I’ve played with my Siberian tiger friend, and wrestled around with a bear. I’ve even gotten to pet a rhino. Through the many commercial and educational animals that I’ve been around, I’ve made many interspecies friends, and gotten to know them for who they are.

    All this does is increase the sadness of how we are going to lose so many of them from this magical planet. This amazing diversity of fascinating species is getting pushed out of existence by one cancerous species, us humans.

  7. dannyheim says:

    Wow Ron, that’ a hell of thing to have experienced those animals. I’ve had similar experiences with animals and birds, particularly birds of prey here the the Southwest, in fact, I seek it out as a favorite pastime. Not just animals and birds though, plants and trees as well, it is very nourishing to the soul. Ya can’t beat nature for a way to find joy and peace, ain’t it.

    • Ron Merkord says:

      Yes, a connection with nature helps provide a little sanity. Yes, I take solace in trees as well. So mighty and calming.

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