Gravity: the Measured Illusion


The search for the graviton particle is no longer necessary if my hypotenuse proves to be theory.  Gravity is only an illusion, not an undiscovered particle; yet, it is useable in exacting physics equations. Gravity is measurable, but not detectable.  That is because “what is happening” (as oppose to) “what is there” makes the distinguishing difference. Nothing is there but something is happening.

What is happening?

We see gravity has this so called pull to the earth or what ever body that has gravity greater than another body, it becomes mass vs. mass–PULL. BUT, there is no pull, there is only variations in the speed or velocity of collective particles.  In other words, objects, being a collection of particles, move to and fro from one another by changes in speed are not pulled to and fro.  The event is seen by the eye as objects in relation to speed, like a car passing you, and felt as a collision of objects at differing speeds, like a car passing and clipping you.

If you jump up you come back down. But you don’t actually come straight back down (a test to be tried using spheres in a controlled environment).  Instead, the earth as an object of collective particles is moving slower than you are as an object of collective particles, but this only happens while you are detached from the earth, because then you are detached from it’s speed. You come back down faster than you went up because your “true speed” is faster than the earth’s true speed. But once you’ve hit the earth your speed becomes the earth’s speed and your true speed minus the earth’s true speed is the amount of energy stored or actually pushed against the earth, yet it remains and never goes away. It just pushes, so you are not feeling weight by your mass to the earth’s mass, you’re just a car pushing against an army tank; spinning your wheels to go faster than the tank.

How and why does this happen?

First I’ll answer why.  It starts (and ends) with the Big Bang. An explosion of particles all given an exact speed via the propulsion energy of the blast, each particle assigned a given speed according to there mass and volume. This blast was powerful enough to have stored that given energy in that given particle as to remain a constant for 13.7 billion years now. The blast has not peaked neither has the energy given to varying particles. And the greatest of these is the Light Particle, who gives us how.

The light particle sets the stage.  That is because it is the smallest and lightest particle; actually it has no mass or volume. But it does have speed; it goes 186,000 miles per second! All other particles’ speeds are reduced in exact proportion to light’s mass and volume which is zero.  So any particle that has mass and volume will have a reduction in speed minus 186,000 per second, if 20% of it’s potential propulsion energy (equal to light’s) is taken up by mass and volume, then it’s speed will only be 148,800 miles per second.

So how the event of so called gravity happens is because an object’s collective mass and volumes of particles a speed equilibrium is reached for the entirety of that object.  Some of the particles want to go faster than the others; it’s their instinct to do so because of the constant energy still being supplied by the big bang.   Two objects in relation to each other are only moving at the same speed as the galaxy they exist in, and that is all in relation to space time movement. However, all objects can change speed according to the ability to have the bigger object that is in front of it move out of the way so it can get up it’s speed.

That is all that is happening, you see.  The big bang sent particles hurling in exact precision, in all directions, some moving faster, some slower.  The slower ones got in the way of the fasters ones because they where bigger and heavier. Consequently, relationships between particles formed to create elements, then atoms, throw in magnetic energy and eventually we were driving cars. But the cars are not clued to the road by gravity, or some particle that has such magnetism as to hold it there.  Instead, they are moving by the additional propulsion force of the eight cylinder engine on the object that is being propelled more or less the same direction you and your car is but you and your car can’t pass because the earth is to big for you to push against you and the earths trajectory which is the same, why because of the big bang’s constant supply of propulsion energy to the particles that make up you and your car combined.

The earth is only passing the sun and the sun is passing the earth because their speeds vary a little in relation to space time and the overall speed of the galaxy.  It’s all variations in speed which changes the distance between objects.  They get faster as they approach one another because one is accelerating and the other is not or is at least not accelerating as fast.  If either of the objects just so happens to have reach it’s true speed, which never happens, then it would move at steady speed, but since all particles (except light) are at war to reach their true speed, objects are continually accelerating and decelerating.  Why does it work out so smoothly and uniformly here on earth?  Because of why it all happens in the first place, the exact continuous force of propulsion energy given by the big bang.  How can the varying speeds of different objects be so precise as to give the illusion that a force is being applied, and that can be measured and predicted as to the behavior of the objects? Because the particles that make them up retain a constant supply of exact propulsion energy warring to reach a precise speed, yet the war is controlled as precisely by a constant energy force, mathematically the total energy forces of the particle universe divided by the constant energy force applied by the big bang is equal to 1.  Variations occur only in objects but are insignificant in space and time.  Interstellar variations because of dark matter and dark energy, which I’ll get into later, and surface variations, mostly due to geologic events, life forms and intelligence.

Note: there are people out there who would use something like this article to discredit someone for reasons completely unrelated to this article. I’ve already had that experience. So, I guess what one could call this note is a disclaimer for those who have malicious intent, THIS IS JUST FOR FUN!! But it’s my god damn mother fucking theory, and I fucking like it. Why? Cuz it’s FUN!!



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