pagan-goddess-mother-earth1I don’t know if that image there has anything to do with what I’m about to say, but I liked it for it anyway.

OK here’s the deal about the collective mind. Sure there’s no rules or supposed to be’s, of course, life happens and we go where we go, I’m talking from the perspective of a collective species here, but I suppose if you have a personal belief or religion guiding you, then maybe there’s some supposed to be’s. But I don’t know that there is any universal thought on supposed to be’s for a species as a collective. And we all got supposed to be’s for ourselves, but are there supposed to be’s for a species that are naturally ingrained, or are obviously necessary? For instance, “murder is wrong” seems to be a needed or established rule within a species.

Now I think there would be signals out there that would tell a species that something is wrong with it and that it is not adhering to its supposed to be’s; that is if it’s true that species actually do have supposed to be’s. Like say when it becomes obvious that a species is on it’s way out but there appears to be no outside force causing the decay. Is it because that species is not adhering to its own supposed to be’s? I think so.

I think we do have one major supposed to be for our collective human existence but we let it go of a long time ago. And the irony is the broken rule is that we’ve made it OK for an individual to not be at the service of the collective. Yes, that was a rule we live by for hundreds of thousands of years, your first lesson as a kid was to devote yourself to your tribe or band. Your life was second to the collective. We don’t do that anymore, in fact, our devotion is to self interest rather than community interest and our relationship to each other is competitive rather than cooperative. Worse yet, we’ve collectively deemed this as virtuous.

Well it’s just a thought, because right or wrong about it, it’s likely too late to correct it anyway. But if it isn’t and there actually are supposed to be’s for us as a collective, then I hope we at least begin to understand that there is such a thing as a collective and it has responsibilities to itself, true?


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