Seeing the Magnitude: The Four Directions of Human Condition

imagesThere actually is an awakening that can happen to a person, it happened to me…see if you can get it too. It is an awakening of very specific sorts. It is a point in which you see the four directions of the human condition at one simultaneous moment. Once that moment occurs you will never forget it and you’ll always be able recapture the awakening.

The reason you can hold on to this mindset is because of the magnitude of what you will see. The ultimate magnitude of the collection of these four directions of the human condition equates to one final outcome, extinction. And that is what you will eventually see and is also the fundamental awakening you will experience. The result is you see the reality of the human condition in full, exact, and without prejudice. It is quite an experience. It may happen suddenly, or it may come in parts, but if you put in the work to get this open eye, you will eventually awaken.

There is nothing magical about this, it is the result of gathered knowledge that is more or less memorized and then coagulated into a single thought. That is the process and you won’t get there by shortcuts. However, some can get it quicker than others.

Here’s how. Look at the graphic below; see the four different directions of economic growth, destruction, inequality, and ethical decay.  Each of these subjects need to be studied and understood thoroughly. That is, thoroughly in the manner that you understand them from the perspective of their net impact on humanity’s overall condition. As you study each direction, keep in mind that economic growth is the central driver of all that is happening in these various directions.  Studying economic growth by itself will demonstrate this. The bottom line, know these subjects well. Study them from as many angles and venues as you can, then find the common denominator to draw a generalized conclusion about the subject.


Once you have made a good study and have made conclusions about each direction humanity is taking,. Start to think of them as a collective subject. Maybe even personify them into a single entity, a human character if you will. See who that person is. As you think this way and try to understand these four directions we are taking as a single direction it is then that the light starts to get bright. Something like that, you’ll need to find your own way with this. But know this, the outcome is quite definite, you “will” have an awakening, and it will profoundly affect your outlook on life and humanity. Good luck.

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2 Responses to Seeing the Magnitude: The Four Directions of Human Condition

  1. dysangelist says:

    Just discovered your blog; we think very much alike. I needed a way to feel that I was not completely giving up, so I put up the site But it does seem very unlikely that enough of us will wake up / grow up in time to make much of a difference.

    • dannyheim says:

      Thanks dysangelist. I read you blog, Yeah we do have a lot of the same thing to say. Maybe that’s because these truths are becoming so obvious. I am noticing a huge uptick in the message we are sending coming from many sources, even mainstream media. Liked your blog, good stuff.

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