Jesus and His Sidekick Pope Francis

changing-face-of-jesus-07-0312-lgndownload (1)I just gotta gotta gotta write about this Pope Francis, I think I’m in love. Oh and Jesus too, after all, he’s the one responsible for this guy Francis, well, both of them actually. I see him walking right out of the fires of hell, the hell of corruption, of violence, greed, and a one big fat ‘fuck you’ human attitude towards each other.  He’s coming from out of that midst and saying simply to let it go, kinda like Jesus did.

Yeah you know we gotta think about this Jesus fella in all this.  I ain’t no Christian, whoa no…no. Let’s don’t go there. But I can listen, and I can hear what someone is saying. Jesus said “love one another”. Yeah I get that, I mean I really get that, it’s all right there, that’s why I get it. Humm, so this Pope Francis is taking that quite literally in his message, see, I mean he’s washing the feet of inferiors for criminey sake, he’s drives a common sedan, lives in the lowest dwellings he can find at the Vatican, get it? He’s setting a fucking example! Now you get it?

Jesus also said, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  Well dah! Yeah see there you go, that’s what this Pope is doing, he’s saying listen to this Jesus of Nazareth man.  He’s making it real simple for us, yeah see cuz if you only do things to other people outside of yourself that you would like to see them do to you, or not do to you, well then, I mean c’mon, what-a-we-waiting-for? Has there ever been a better path to follow? Jesus and this Pope are right on, I mean in their words they are. “Love one another”, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Good enough for me.

But there is one more thing that Jesus and the Pope have got to say that ties the whole deal up in to one simple plan. I’s having this conversation with my girlfriend the other day. She was trying to tell me about her reaction to life as it is, why she feels impelled to bring beauty to the world through her art. And god dammit it she is right. She talked about a woman tortured by a rapist and then raped and killed. And then I suppose a reaction needs to be there to counter it, see? There has to be beauty, healing, nourishment. And so Jesus said this one other deal, “heal the sick and feed the poor”. Alright now god dammit, that’s it right there, that we can do, that is an explicit instruction that requires hands and feet as well as heart.

So let’s us heathens not be afraid of Jesus and his sidekick the 21st Century Pope.  We ain’t gotta go being holyrollers or Republicans or anything like that, but we damn sure gotta listen to reason. Jesus gave the reason of the universe, love. So, love it is.


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One Response to Jesus and His Sidekick Pope Francis

  1. Sam Bliss says:

    A lot of non-Christians I know think one has to be Christian to love Jesus. But man, how can you not love Jesus? The picture in my mind doesn’t even have the dude strutting around calling himself the son of god. I see a man with so much love and trust and empathy that his followers started telling everyone he was the son of god, or something like that. So I commend you for seeing how cool Jesus and Francis are, even if neither have particularly special relations to the divine in your estimation.

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