President Ted Cruz’s Inaugural Address: January 4th, 2025

imagesMy fellow Americans, thank you for the opportunity you have given me to serve this great nation and all it entails. It is an honor to be the 45th person sworn into this great office. Our time has come, and the challenges we face are dire. It is in this context that I address you tonight. This will not be and inaugural address “for me”, but for all of us, not just America, but the entire world.

In 2018, President Elizabeth Warren commissioned a study on the overall course of humanity. In other words, a study to determine our trajectory as a species in relation to the planet in which we live, and all the life therein. The study was a collaboration from every field of academia known to man; from biology to physics, economics to anthropology, to psychology, sociology, zoology, technology, all the sciences, all the humanities, everything. The group concluded the study in June, 2024, the final cost was 80 billion dollars. Now I know you have not heard about this project, it has been kept secret. The funds were not carried by the US alone, all of Europe was involved, China, Russia, India, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, all the island nations, all of Africa, all of Asia…every government from every nation was involved.

In 2021, or about midway through the study’s duration, a preliminary report was released from the group’s executive board. The report was nothing more than a cautionary warning as to what the likelihood of what was going to be the final report I have here in my hand today (holds up an 300 page document).  I regret to say that in essence, this report in my hand is exactly the same as the report I read in 2021, just ever so more conclusive. Five major conclusions were drawn, all of equal weight:

–Humanity’s present course is set to extinction of itself, and at least 50% of all life on the planet.

–Water for industrial and agricultural use will be depleted by the end of 2025

–Given that our economy can no longer insure itself, the next billion dollar or more disaster will collapse the banks and the world’s economy with them.

–Our nuclear and bio-chemical inventories will not be able to be maintained in the wake of collapse.

–It is the ultimate conclusion of this study, that all markets, all industry, all economic activity, must be shut down within the next 25 years or a mass extinction event is a 100% certainty within the next 35 years.

I know that most of you were not expecting an inaugural speech to consist of the doom of modern humans, but I am sorry to say, the study has been reviewed many times and many different ways, all leading to one conclusion: we must shut down our current mode of existence. It has become deadly to a certainty, we all know it, we are seeing it before our eyes, we have no choice but to surrender. Our way of life has come to an end, let us hope by grace of some kind we are saved from ourselves.

Starting tomorrow all Americans will be receiving a package to let them know what is expected of them, what is going to take place, and specifically what you are personally to do first. Each city has been assigned a czar and an extending task force. You will be hearing from them within the next few days. Good luck my fellow Americans, our work has just begun.


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