We’re Still Dying

downloadYou know I get out here and I don’t know what the hell to do, know what I mean? I don’t wanna see no god damn doom shit going on, does anybody?  Oh yeah it’s fun to talk about when it’s only a theory, and anyone who can’t see we past that stage decades ago is probably rich or some god damn thing.  Then some group comes to me wanting me to help out with their program only to realize in the end I’m supporting the same shit that put in this fucking hole. Where the fuck do I find the sanity, where’s the reality, where’s the evolution we need to pull our collective ass out of the fire, huh?

It’s gone! Gone down the hole of the free enterprising slave drive we’ve been on the last 200 years. Gone down the anal cavity of fame, fortune, and expensive blow jobs. Gone to the middle class Sunday football game, to the ticketed floors of Wall Street, the bouncing balloons of car lots and pocketed to the pennies your mama had you save cuz you were to be a good kid.

What the fuck’s an American suppose to be anyway? Some kinda spending machine, a voting unit, a mover of money, what? I mean holy shit were marching ourselves right into hell and we think we got our balls all tucked neatly into our shitty underwear. What sorta wake up call are we gonna need? Even if it comes too late, which it will, we’re still gonna get it. We might be 10,000 left on the planet, but at some point we’ll go, “we gotta change”.

But that’s besides the freaked out point, see, cuz right now the idea of change is so far from the collective mind of humanity we may as well literally shoot for the stars. So we’re doing all kinds of dances to show that we…we…care? Is that it, care? Nah I don’t think so, I think we’re showing IPhones. We’re showing lots of intellectual debate, smart guy stuff, ‘I know a lotta shit’ stuff, but beyond that, we ain’t showing dick. We are getting smart though, well informed at least. But so far, we’re still dying.

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I am a nut. But a good nut. Please note that all my blogs are continually in the process of being edited. You most likely would see changes if you visit back again more than once. Oh, I'm an artist by trade these days, so ahh anyway, um, ah well, my website is on here somewhere, um ah, wella anyway it's ah, http://dannyheim.com./. It's not a buying type site, don't worry, I don't market from there.
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