Paying the Piper: The Next Generation of Human

pipe“Hey, we’re out here ain’t we? Hey, we’re gettin’ those renewables goin’ ain’t we? We’re gonna make this happy, you bet, we’re the humans of the 21st century, we can do just about any fuckn’ thing.”

OK yeah well…good luck. If you happen to have read my last post, The Traps We Have Set, then you’ll know I don’t give much hope for a safe and vibrant future for the human species, or any other on planet Earth for that matter. As the title says, we have set way to many traps that will bring us to collapse, it’s a sure deal.  In this essay I will assume you know that, and so I want to address the “nature” of our efforts to save our collective ass. I find it a fascinating human story and also very telling of what we have become.  Or, maybe always have been but just didn’t have toys to show just how immature and irresponsible we can be; in other words, un-evolved for a species with such big brains.

Here’s what we doing now about ourselves, we’re fixing it so we can continue to be just as we are only remove the oil that ultimately will jam up what we are cuz it’ll kill us. So with renewables we can now go ahead and be the pigs we’ve gotten used to being. Of course, this is all a pipe dream. Yeah cuz speaking of pipes, we ain’t gonna get out of this without paying the piper, you bet. Yeah see we wanna be cruzing thru, we wanna keep those high standards of living, we wanna fly when we wanna fly. But see, we ain’t gonna be able to do that and still be able to correct the crooked path we’ve made. It’s just the way it is. We will not get out of this without paying for it, we’re convicted, we just don’t get it yet.

Yeah I know this probably sounds like the bad, evil human thing. But I wouldn’t really say that. We’re just kids learning about what life is and we are having a little problem getting out of the fourth grade these past few decades. But right now, we’ve been stalling our evolution so long we’ve forgotten that there was more to growing up than learning how to make bombs and fuck over our neighbors.  So now, because of all these god damn traps we’ve set, we gotta grow up real freaking fast. It’s our only hope, and a slim one at that. Some kids don’t make it out of puberty, they think that they’re invincible and jump off the roof and break their neck. That’s kinda the kid we are as a collective species. Only, the school board is giving us a chance to “maybe” quit being so stupid. However, to correct our ways is not necessarily going to be fun, we gotta pay the piper, that or die.

And here’s the bitch of it, those of us who would actually participate in correcting this path won’t even get to benefit from it. All’s we get to do is serve the time and die. WE owe, so WE gotta pay. See, we’re the last generation that can do this bullshit we been doing, one more generation keeping up this crap and the nail is in the coffin, if it ain’t already. Thing is, we’ll be paying for it for at least the next three generations and likely double that. We ain’t gonna have governments, societies, malls, airports, corner grocery stores, none of that in the new phase, the new phase being more or less one big project done by the humans of planet earth. That’s what human civilization will be for at least the next 50 years, one big project. Oh, the project will be to make it so planet Earth is livable once again. It’ll take everybody, everything and every muscle in our bodies to get it done. It won’t be a picnic, it will be an act of sacrifice and love cuz we care about life and we don’t wanna be the ones who ended it.

Well, that’s what’ll happen one way or the other, we will either do it by choice or by force of nature, take your pick. At some point in our decay, we will finally decide that we gotta change and think about just staying alive. This is the point we have reached, this is our status as a species. We will not get out of this by our current solutions path, not even close. We have taken this so far that there is only one way out, and that it very hard work and sacrifice, we’re gonna have to be almost like slaves, but slaves to our own desire to correct the world we’ve mangled up with our want for more. Why is it we think we will get out of this unscathed?? How arrogant, no, how childish we must be in our present state of evolution. We are like the kid standing in the grocery isle screaming for a candy bar and mom says she don’t have the money, don’t matter to the kid, he’ll keep screaming. That’s us.

I seriously doubt we are going to grow up this quick; we have so little time and so much to overcome and change. But pain is a great motivator, and pain is coming, severe pain, unimaginable pain. I am convinced that this is what it will take. Our collective consciousness is so far from making mature decisions it just seems impossible to whip it up that quick. But when we start seeing the deaths coming in by the hundreds of thousands and millions, then it will be grow up or die horribly. This is what we need to think about as activists. We need to get off this crap about the great opportunities climate change is giving us. Until we see the actual magnitude of our situation(s), we will not do this. Hopefully, we will not have to be shown this magnitude but instead willfully decide to grow up and look at it squarely, then take responsibly for our actions. Our chance for that choice was yesterday, but maybe there’s some kinda grace period we don’t know about. Let’s hope so.

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