The Traps We Have Set

images (4)I suppose all a fella is doing when he has a blog is write the same thing over and over only said a thousand different ways. I know I’m that way, though I make no apology for it. When you got a message you want to convey then that’s what you do, convey any way you can. Well ok I’m sorta gonna break from that here and get very specific though it still regards my typical message, only narrowed down to one aspect of it. Just for clarity my typical message is we are doomed unless we shut this fucker down and change our lives completely, becoming sacrificers of all that we’ve known, living and doing only for the sake of future generations.  Or to put it all into one phrase, “only a miracle now”.

In this essay I wish to focus only why the truth of that message is so clear to me and hopefully to you the reader as well. It’s about magnitude. It’s about the scope of the next 100 years, it’s about the traps we have set that are sure to catch us and have it so we don’t see the next 100 years. There are four traps we have set that, short of a miracle, are sure to go off. When I say “go off” I mean that each of these situations are presently on a course to reach a tipping point that from there comes total collapse. To confound this further each situation, or trap, once gone off will in turn set the other traps off as well. This makes for the chances of catastrophe to be set to a matter of permutations. In other words, collectively these four traps make for one sure trap set to go off, that being extinction…mass extinction.  The four traps are:



Food and Water

Climate Change

These are not in any order of importance; I don’t believe there’d be such a thing in this case. Each has there own agenda, each are capable of destroying civilization and beyond. However, they are listed in an order that helps delineate the overall situation we are in, which is due to these four burgers. Nuclear is there first because nuclear will be there last. That is because no matter what collapses civilization, that collapse will also eventually collapse the safety and welfare of nuclear and biochemical agents and their waste. When they start their spread unattended, death will follow, death lasting for thousands to millions of years. That’s why it is the alpha and omega of doom.

This is not way out talk, this is fact. This is what you call the perfect trap to set if one wants to end life on planet earth. And here’s the thing that makes this trap a trap, a sure trap. The collapse of civilization “will” happen, again, and again. A meteor will hit big enough to do it, or a comet, or a super volcano, etc. In other words, just natural events alone will set this nuclear trap off cuz they’ll cause collapse. And natural events are sure to happen, 100%. That’s why they’re called natural. You need a civilization that is organized and functional enough to deal with these materials, collapse destroys that possibility. All’s you gotta do is look at it with unbiased eyes, it’s right there in front of you. The “yeah buts” won’t sway it, it’s fact, until nuclear and biochemical agents are dealt with or dismantled, then due to their existence at some point we are sure to see total annihilation of life on this planet.

Population is a trap by itself needing little explanation. The thing about it is how it plays into all the other scenarios. It is worsened by climate change and food and water but only by how much it worsens them. Then of course as this develops and goes unattended, collapse is sure to follow and then the nuke story is played out all over again.  The only thing good about population and its relationship to these other scenarios is that it is the one case that get’s lessoned over time, and that’s due to mass death. It’s the problem that will be solved the quickest.

Food and water issues need a little more explaining as to why they are even in the list. But my criteria for this list is that each item listed can by themselves cause the collapse of civilization, but not necessarily extinction. Only nuclear and climate change have the ability, by themselves, to cause mass extinction. Food and water issues, like population, only assist climate change and nuclear in bringing about extinction. By themselves, population and food and water issues are self-mending, they only bring death to the point of manageability, not annihilation.

Food and water are in this list because without them we are not going to live long and prosper, obviously. And they are sure threats that stand by themselves, even without climate change, though it makes them a sure deal. Because of issues with water, arable land and population growth, food and water together make for collapse if their problems continue their present path. Do not be fooled by high yields that are still happening. Groundwater is depleting at unprecedented rates and arable land is getting harder and harder to find as population grows and demand for food and water increases. The sure sign of defeat is mostly about the water issues, without water no food. Need I tell you?

Climate change, believe it or not, will not be the thing that kills us in the end. Humans will be extinct from nuclear long before climate by itself will kill us. Climate change has just gotta act up long enough to cause collapse. That collapse will come by food and water issues, mostly water. And of course due to that collapse nuclear and biochemical material will be unsecured and then we’ll radiate to death, every last one of us.

Ok, that’s all I wanted to say.

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  1. turboblocke says:

    I think that you exaggerate the dangers of nuclear reactors melting down:

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