If There Be a Message

downloadThis is a continuation of an early post of mine, Forced Utopia. I suppose I could just do a dido of it and not write this. However, let’s go ahead and get a little bit wu-wu on this, just a bit. If there is something out there, aliens, a god, a universal entity, take your pick. However you might come to understand a spiritual plain, be it duality or non-duality or whatever you imagine this way, could you also imagine that “it” would be sending us a message?

I mean you wanna talk about writings on the wall, 21st Century Earth has a museum full. I call them traps, or sabotages that we’ve set for our self and the remaining planet; they are absolutely real and undisputable. Here are the main culprits: water, food, nuclear, energy, economy, and population. From each of these stem an array of calamities, and many are intertwined, one reinforcing the other in direct dynamic ways. The words that ignite these scenarios to their destructive force are peak, shortage, contamination, release and growth. Theses words are where the intertwining feedback loops start, but they are where the message lies as well.

I can’t help be make the alcoholic analogy, it fits so perfect to the human race as a collect being. We’re talking about an alcoholic that’s just on the verge of hitting bottom, one who may still be on the edge of functioning, still employed even, but her life falling so fast apart she’s going to collapse any day. Her plight leaves her with three options, the mental ward, jail or death. She is cornered, she has set so many traps that the sheer weight of them it is all about to come unleashed, add to that, her liver is so shot she may not live long anyway. She is at the turning point; she has hit the lowest bottom of her life and can no longer continue. But in her despair, a light comes to her mind, she imagines a change or a miracle of sorts, to happen to her. She realizes she has nowhere to go, no other choice but to do a Hail Mary and go to AA, the land of promises and dreams.

Yeah that’s us, that’s us as a collective entity anyway, we together are in the same demise as our lady drunk above. Our essential addiction is energy in whatever form it comes in. Some drunks think they can tame there drinking problem by switching from whisky to wine, but then they become winos is all. We’ll do the same with clean energy, it will bring us along the path to new and greater problems because our disease is progressive and gets worse over time the same as alcoholics.  Just like the alcoholic, they seek the high they get from alcohol much more than the alcohol itself, we the human race like energy for all the manifestations it produces. And somewhere along the way we get lost in the manifestations just like the drunk gets lost in the highs. And just like the drunk can’t stop the search for the high to end all highs, we as a collective find ourselves consumed by the manifestations our drug brings to the point that we are enslaved to it.  We have hit the lowest bottom of our existence as species and have set so many traps to extinction we see no way out except for the hope of a miracle. That’s us, that’s exactly who we are, with no exaggerations.

The lady alky mentioned above does not necessarily get granted the miracle she hopes for, in fact, few do who are in her position, they usually die. Yet, it’s miracle she needs, at least that was the message she got in her extreme moment of despair. It’s the same for us, we may not get the miracle no matter what we do, no matter how deep our surrender, or how great our awakening towards sanity, the miracle my yet pass us by. There is such a thing as hitting bottom and crashing through, we may have done that already. But at the very least, we should be getting pretty freaking close to getting the message. If we do happen to get it soon, then let’s hope we surrender to it and better yet let’s hope our surrender is worth a shit.

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