As Aliens Pass By

download (2)I often wonder what aliens think about our world as they pass by to check us out. Of course, they are going take note of who’s running the show and focus on that, and that’d be we humans. Not that we’re so omnipotent, but it’s just that we seem to have the most influence on the direction of the planet, in a species sort of way that is. The aliens will know all this.

Let’s pretend there was just such an event about three months ago. Two young aliens and their captain have come here from planet Botnonim located in the fourth quadrant of our galaxy. They begin to orbit our planet and collecting data. One of the young aliens says to the captain, “Have you ever seen a place like this before? It’s so beautiful isn’t it?” The captain replies, “Yes, it is, but there is something wrong going on down there, I don’t know yet what it is.”

So the aliens continue making their orbits as they finally come to the last orbit, only the seventh, and now have collected all the data they need to take back to the home base and have it analyzed. Within two days they are back home and are now facing their superior. As the alien captain gracefully hands over the databank to his Supreme Commander, the commander says, “So, Captain Vegosalow, you have been to the planet Earth have you? I was there as a young Botnonim, I was a captain just like you on a visit there 10,000 years ago. What a beautiful place it was, the greenest greens and the bluest blues, what did you think?” The captain replies, “Well sir, I think you’d better have a look at the data, I’d rather not say.”

So the commander pulls from his pocket his little data analyzer, slips the data chip in and waits for the analysis to complete, takes about three seconds. “Humm” says the commander, “What’s this? Planet Earth is on a death spiral? Their climate has been altered? Their water is disappearing and is becoming contaminated? The population is out of control? They are in continuous war? What has happened?”

So the commander continues to examine the results of the data. The captain watches him as his face begins to flush and contort. Finally, the commander slowly lowers the data analyzer to his waste, he stares long into the captains eyes and then says, “I’m sorry for you Captain Botnonim, you have witnessed something I have seen happen on other flourishing planets. It’s called the free enterprise system of economics. It was originally used in a sector near us to help their infant planets get started on development. In every case, it worked beautifully. Economies grew, there was ubiquitous innovation, incredible speed in medical advancement, all kinds of good things happened.” The captain says, “well yeah we saw all that as well sir, but somehow we could see, even without the final analysis, that planet Earth was on a path to devastation and extinction, why is that?”

The commander turns to his seat and eases himself down and says, “Just as every planet benefited greatly from this particular economic mechanism, also everyone eventually perished, some in as little as hundred years, others it took as much as a thousand, it varied. But what was for certain that every time a planet was introduced to this ways and means operator, the propagating species of this operator, and most all other species, were destroyed from the propagators self annihilation, every time.” As the captain sits in confusion, the commander continues, “You see Captain Botnonim, this operator has two elements within it that make it work, self-interest and competition, without them the operator ceases to exist. Eventually we saw it was these two elements that was what made this operator turn deadly, it literally made the propagators go insane and turned them into ravenous, consuming creatures who became trapped in what is called unending economic growth. A growth where so much product is continuously produced that its byproducts begin to overwhelm the health and destination of the propagating species themselves. They would find themselves so locked in, that it became impossible to stop the deadly growth of product, thus, the consumers eventually were consumed.”

“God damn commander! Oh, sorry sir, but I am devastated.” “I understand” replied the commander, “I too am devastated, because this operator was banded over 4000 years ago, and now it has shown up again, some evil is out there has rediscovered it and is using it to destroy life on planets, I suppose so they can take them over when the extinctions are complete.”

As the two aliens sit in silence and despair, the commander arises and says to the captain, “I’m sorry captain, but there is noting we can do for planet Earth, according to the data analysis, it is too late to reverse the process. What we must do now is go the Utmost Supreme Commander of All and tell him we must gather our allies, and go to Earth and destroy it to nothingness, we must make sure there is no trace left the free enterprise system of economics, and hope that it never rises its ugly head again.” The captain weeping now, turns to the commander and says, “Oh great Supreme Commander, I’m so scared, so scared…but we must do what we must do.” The two arise and slowly make their way to the Office of the Utmost Supreme Commander of All. As they stand at the door ready to knock, voice cracking and hands shaking, the Supreme Commander says to the broken captain, “God help us all, Gallamanitis is back.”


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One Response to As Aliens Pass By

  1. delton7 says:

    The ending confused me a bit, but a good point. I have a few things to say… I imagine that an intelligent alien race would first look at our monetary system, and not the political system. It is the monetary system that defines the economy and the rules of play. “Take me to your banker” NOT “Take me to your leader”, is the insightful analysis. A problem with the intelligent alien civilisation story is they too would have had to industrialise (especially to achieve inter-stellar travel). How did they do it without creating massive environmental damage? Thanks for the story. D.

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