The Tribal Way

February 2002

At one time the people of the earth lived in such a way that all of us were more or less in constant contact with each other.  We acted as if we were one mind.  Spirits were with us in visual form and the animals communicated with us and did not run from us nor did we run from them.  The important thing to remember here is that we acted and thought collectively.  In doing this we were very conscious of our actions and choices.  Since we were always thinking about the whole body of life we were naturally more careful about our choices in living out this life.  We did not do things that were harmful to the earth and our collective selves.

We were given instructions by the Creator on how to live life, called a Lifeway. These instructions were very specific, yet very simple to follow.  We were to live by the natural law of mother earth, and by her life giving properties in their natural form.  She had all we needed.  Food was available to us, materials were there for shelter and clothing, water was abundant and readily available.  We just had to live by her natural ways.  We could not manipulate her in any way as to take away her natural form.  There was no need to do so because all we needed was to stay alive and walk in the beauty of our earth mother.  After all, she was a living being and a supreme caretaker; there was no need to change her in order to get more from her, she had all we needed.

But, somewhere along the way, probably about 1500 to 3000 years ago, we decided she was not enough for us, why I do not know.  We slowly began to sever our connection with the earth mother as the earth mother.  And as this connection to her was lost so in turn was our connection to each other lost because she was the reason we stayed connected in the first place.  In short, we moved from living an outwardly functioning spiritual life to a life geared towards non-dependence on spiritual ways.  Now that we were not connected anymore we began to view the earth in a totally different manner.  We were now alone in our effort to survive.  Our common purpose to perpetuate living in beauty with mother earth had turned to an individual purpose to survive and beauty, except for that of our own making, no longer had anything to do with living.

It is important to avoid a sarcastic tone about this change we went through.  It is a change and nothing more.   If we, having free will, choose to live apart from the earth and each other it is our right to do so.   After all, there is an advantage to making this severance.  In certain ways life does become more interesting.  Not having a collective to worry about allows us to explore all sorts of fascinations, and we surely did, as you now can see in the 21st century.

The problem is that this change has eventually come to be harmful to not only the earth but to the future of all life on the earth.  Now that we live for ourselves we are not always aware of when we are hurting others.  Not having a collective mind anymore blinds us to our common need to preserve the earth for survival reasons.  Even though we no longer serve and worship the earth mother does not mean we still are not absolutely dependent on her or “it” as we call her now.

This is not to say that our lives today are not meaningful.  Before we made this change we had two “participation’s” in life.  One was to our collective, we participated in the care and nurturing of our collective survival through our earth mother.  The other was our individual lives, which were not individual in the way they are now, but suffice to say there was an existence outside of the collective.  This was generally thought of as family life.  We participated in relationships with our spouses, children, parents, grandparents and so on.  Life in this way had a very similar look to it as it does today.  We lived together in homes, we laughed and cried together, we worked together for our survival and so on.  These things definitely have meaning.  In this way, life has not changed, but while we used to do all the same functions in family life as we do now, back then, we as families did these same functions with the collective, and the collective did the same functions with our families.  This is what is no longer with us and is essentially the only difference, though it is a massive change to our basic ways living.

So we do live meaningful lives today.  We still have our families; we still love and care for each other at least at the family level.  And of course there is even still quite a bit of involvement with the community (though it would be wrong to even hint that there is an active collective consciousness).  Yet, it is well known that we are in grave danger of destroying ourselves.  This can or will happen through a number of causes: war, atomic catastrophes, environmental decay, starvation and so on.

What many of us these days portend is that this severance with the earth is the root cause of our demise, that today’s lifeways are lived in a bubble.  We see, feel, experience and live as though we have meaning, but it is in a bubble. And our family lives are bubbles living within this larger bubble.  The big bubble is the collective no longer knowing it is even a collective and we as individuals are inside that bubble severed from ourselves as a collective and not knowing that we are part of a collective.   We have lost connection as a collective mind and as individuals.  We no longer know who we are, but we think we do, because we don’t know what happened to us in the first place.  We do not know that we, by choice thousands of years ago, severed our relationship with the earth mother and our collective consciousness, which she held together.

Living in this bubble we feel secure because we have our families.  We have a life, and we cherish our lives.  This is a natural thing.  But there is another natural aspect to life and that is the awareness and function of the collective mind in harmony with the earth mother.  We only have the one of the two “participation’s”  of life going on.  So, we are out of balance and we do not realize it, and if some of us do realize we are out of balance, in most cases we do not know why.  Some of us do know why, but we are few in comparisons to those that don’t.

Living without this essential collective experience is why we are destroying ourselves.  We would have never allowed ourselves to get in this condition had we kept our relationship with the earth mother and our collective mind.  Because we would have been conscious of each other as one being.  There would have been no reason or circumstance to create self-destruction because we could clearly see each other.  Loosing the collective relationship brought blindness to each other and therefore blindness to our choices.  And so here we are.

As we live in this bubble we are participating both collectively and individually in destruction.  We think that, as individuals we are innocent.  We say it is the corporations, the government and so on.  We don’t think of ourselves as part of a collective, race, creed or societies.  We only think of ourselves as members of these entities and that they are there for us and that as individuals we are not responsible for them.  But we are.

This is the great lie of our separation from the collective and the earth mother.  We think we will be judged as individuals and not as a collective.  Though there may be a judgment for the individual, make no mistake there will be a judgment for collectives.  Races will be judged as races, nations as nations, tribes as tribes, religions as religions, societies as societies.  If you are a member one of these whether you want to be or not, and you have to be a member at least one, then you as a member of that collective will be judged. Yourcollective will be judged and you will be a part of it, no escape.

You may say, “Hey look, I just go to work everyday and do my part. I take care of my family, I do not harm anyone and I try to be of service to my friends and my community, what’s the beef?”  The beef is this; when you go to work you drive your car.  When you are at work you are making money for yourself and for the company.  You may be involved in the making of a product, let’s say its baby rattles.  Ask yourself, “Are these ‘normal activities’ destructive?” We all know what this destruction is: the rain forest, the perpetuation of child sweat shops, dirty air, corrupt governments, crime, child abuse, weakening family life, loss of resources and so on.

So, when you drive your car to work you are emitting poisons into the air that is causing the oceans to rise and people to not be able to breathe.  When you are working for money for yourself and your company you are participating in an economy that perpetuates destruction just by its mere existence.  The making of baby rattles promotes the use of petroleum based products that further promotes a petroleum based economy which is the root cause the decay of our earth mother.  Not to add that our economic system promotes and preserves the isolation of the collective by its TV’s, mass communications, intangible mobility or the use of cars which put us inside a cubical and away from contact with the earth when we travel.  Don’t get me started!

You may feel as though you are detached from the destruction our economy causes.  But you are most certainly not, you buy the products that make the economy sustain itself,you are a functioning unit in its existence. You can not escape the responsibility becauseyou buy and use the products that people in third world countries are dying from the production of. Of course, your excuse is, “Well, I have to make a living, I have to eat, I have to clothe myself, you know, how else can I survive?”  But hey dude, you are doing way more than surviving!  You watch a TV, you eat McDonalds, you drive two cars, you have a computer, you have three coats, ten pairs of shoes, and three suits.  You have a complete dining room set and two sets of bedroom furniture.  You have 60 CD’s and three places to play them.  And you know what, you are lower middle class!

And guess what, every thing mentioned above was made at the cost of the earth, and some poor native in a foreign land.  Just so you can survive?  You are not detached, you are very much a part of a destructive force called the modern society, and guess what, you are not innocent.

I do not know where we exactly crossed the line.  Was it the ability to grow our own food instead of directly getting it from mother earth?  Was it the invention of the wheel? Was it fire?  Was it the train, car, telephone?  I do not know.  But I do know what and when ever it was; it destroyed our connection with each other and our earth mother.  To turn this around we have to go back to the ways of the earth.  We must seek these lifeways to the point we begin to see each other again and come to understand the earth is a living being.

The last known time that we lived in this way was when the tribal and clan system was in place.  Believe it or not we are fortunate enough that there are still some tribes with the clan system in operation today.  Though they are almost gone and in danger of being lost with every day that passes.  The time is critical to turn this around.  It is not too late.

The reason the tribal system works to preserve the original instructions we received from the Creator on how to live with mother earth is, one, because it came from the Creator, and two, it supports the existence of the collective mind.  It has to.  A tribe has a system that goes beyond the family unit by itself.  The old saying is “it takes a village to raise a child”.  Everyone is in touch with everyone.  They depend on each other for their food, clothing and shelter.  All other material goods are in existence for the tribe and for the earth mother in ceremony; not exclusively of course but predominately.  In short, the tribe is there for the tribe and nothing else.  ‘You’ then, are a part of the tribe and it is intentional, you know that you are a part of something and that it is a part of you and you live by that knowledge.  From that, the Earth stays in balance and you walk in beauty once more.


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