Free Enterprise vs. Humanity

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Below you will find wrtings from a section of the book I wrote back in 2012. Some of it I’ve changed on, especially coming to understand the concepts near term human extinction. but much of it remains the same.

Part 3

Chapter 1

What is ‘self interest’ and what is ‘competition’?

June 2012

I’ll tell you what they are; they’re a load of crap that’s what they are. This is a short chapter with a very short, simple but vitally important message.  When America came to being “America” we got there by competing with each other and we competed with each other out of self interest.  So here we are in the 21st Century self interested in the extreme and competition has become so refined you need everything from a ruthless mind to steroids in order to keep up.

You see when good old Ben Franklin and his scholarly peers got their minds cooking on this idea I’d imagine they felt they had discovered masturbation or something.  As brilliant and profound as it was it still was right under their noses all the time. It was so natural in its make up it would seem it didn’t even need to be invented, that it would just appear out of need. But no, we thought it up, you know, our spotless American ingenuity.  We are some smart mother fuckers, can’t argue that.

How’s it work?  First off, know that free enterprise economics are dead without self interest and competition.  There has to be motive, drive, and ambition in the economic systems of the free world. Why? Because they run on freedom, what this means is our economies run on the choices made by the ‘individual’ consumers of said economies. It goes like this: 1.63 million consumers are demanding they have talking computers.  Microsoft goes immediately to work on supplying their need. Why? Self interest; Microsoft wants to make money.  And so it goes, comes a demand, then comes a supply. To have a demand you gotta have money, so you gotta work. To have a supply you gotta have raw materials and workers and once this happy scenario is complete you’ve enclosed yourself in the miracle loop of the free enterprise system of economics.  You’ve worked and now you got money and because you got money there is loads of shit on the store shelves so you can buy it.

Self interest and competition relate directly to the above scenario.  First there has to be self interest. You have to want. If everybody in the free enterprise world didn’t want things then there would be no free enterprise world, thus the motive.  And if no one had any interest in themselves thus wanting even more new and improved things, then there would be no growth of capitol which the free economy must sustain or it dies, thus the drive.  And how does an economy needing growth keep going if no one competes to make something even better than before? “Microsoft makes talking computers? Well ours not only talk, they listen too!”  It was some new employee with a desire to make it to partner that brought about the listening computer, thus the ambition. So between motive, drive and ambition all being derivatives if self interest and competition you can see how important they are in the scheme of things.  When all goes well with these consumer conditions, you get a robust and growing free economy.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Guess what? It is good, but only for about 300 years. Then of course the growth begins to collapse under its own weight resulting in guys like me writing books about it. The simple thing that goes wrong with this sort of system is the very fact that it is based in self interest and competition, the opposites of what we need to have moving us if we are going to be the caretakers of this planet as natural law deems us to be.  We need concern for our community’s survival, not self interest; we need cooperation so we can maintain our survival as a species, not competition amongst each other.  We’re doing just the opposite of what worked to keep us on evolution’s path for hundreds of thousands of years. We always made sure the collective was in tact, but ultimately as civilization grew we came to know free enterprise which introduced self interest and competition.  So now here we are, an insane species threatening to annihilate ourselves and every other thing we can take down with us.

I think old Ben Franklin and his peers were not looking for this to happen. They just didn’t do enough calculus to foresee the bad math that free enterprise espoused.  No one is to blame really. It’s all just human nature and human nature makes mistakes when left unchecked.  We made a mistake when we took on this system, that’s all. There are no evil conspirators, no illuminati, Mason conspiracies, none of that.  We thought it looked like a good idea, and like I said earlier, it was a good idea that worked quite well for a time before its polluting byproducts gained on its net value.  Oh sure, we have greedy bankers getting big unwarranted bonuses, all that crap. But again, that’s just human nature, unforgivable, but expected from humans. In other words, we can’t point a finger at anyone one person or entity to blame for all this. It was simply a miscalculation by the founders of this system of which I sincerely believe meant very well and had no intentions to have us suffer for it, but we are.

“We” are suffering as a collective species but a fair portion of individuals within our species has gained from self interest and competition.  All of us are suffering the byproducts, climate change being the most deadly byproduct, but in the here and now we are only seeing the beginnings of these sufferings. Many if not all of the ‘haves’ are not suffering much at all in comparison to the ‘have not’s’.  And the have not’s in the developed world are not suffering anything like the have not’s in the developing world.  It’s a about hierarchy at this point, but of course all that will fall in due time.

In free enterprise you have winners and losers. It’s very necessary actually both in dealing with types of people and also for getting the shit shoveled. You have some who have no self interest (of the free enterprise variety anyway) at all and are therefore no competition and will shovel shit, and some who have so much self interest (of the free enterprise variety) they’ll compete with a grizzly bear and become politicians. Given that, on the face of things this would look like a pretty good way to deal with human nature, at least within an economy needing production.  It sort of separates the wheat from the chaff. It’s an “only the strong survive” scenario but not necessarily a harsh one. Its overall functioning allows for at least a small chance for ‘anyone’ to become a have (by the way, Joe and his family are haves).  So, on the surface it appears not only to be brilliant, but fair as well. It becomes understandable why our founders would have taken this on.

Well, it was a good try. It sure got us a lot of invention, no doubt. There are gains from it and in the end we will see that many of these inventions are going to serve us well. But I’m tellin’ ya, we won’t use them properly until we get rid of self interest economies that promote separation via competition. Not anymore anyway, we’ve gone too far.  From here forward we need to be recreating the tools of cooperation and community interest, not self interest and competition. We need to come to understand how cooperation works and why we can not do without it. Cooperation within our species is a natural phenomenon. We’ve only been without it for a few centuries; before we’d had it for millions of years.  It will come back, it is natural law.  We can only hope it comes back by our choices within nature, not by force of nature. Good luck with that.


Chapter 2

Poverty Consciousness—A four Letter Word

May 2012

The straight dope is there is no such thing as poverty consciousness. It’s a made up word by the wealthy to ease the guilt of their condition.  It’s actually a name calling. The poor call the rich fat cats, porkers, rich fucks, etc. But the rich think they have gone beyond name calling, instead they tag the poor with a condition, they say, “He’s fraught with poverty consciousness, poor fellow”. However, since there is no such condition, it’s nothing but name calling. Now, I’m going to be knocking the rich pretty hard in this chapter. Just remember this; we are all caught in this trap. The rich are no more to blame than anyone, even though you will see I am going to blame them, but the blame is only by default; not by person or class.  Both the rich and the poor are playing their parts in the world of free enterprise. We are all culprits and we are all victims.

The first paragraph tells it all very simply, it’s not complicated. But I know you’re going to want a further explanation. After all, the term is accepted in general society. The person known to be in poverty consciousness is immediately believed to have a condition of the mind where thoughts and opinions are skewed the wrong way about money and the rich.  They are believed to be taken with bad thinking and are in need of an attitude adjustment giving them the “good” side of money and the rich while at the same time coming to understand that the rich are people just like them. But no, the rich and the poor are not the same, in fact; they are as different as cats and dogs. Both suffer guilt and shame for being poor and being rich, but for entirely different reasons.

Poverty consciousness is also falsely associated with low self-esteem, falsely because the portion of low esteem in supposed “poverty consciousness” is nothing more than just low self-esteem on its own merit; you can see this in the rich or the poor. And the portion that is poverty consciousness is a skewed view of an interpretation from the rich towards the poor and their mind set. What the rich are seeing has nothing to do with esteem of any kind.

The rich are really just doing a finger pointing when using this term. Of course not all finger pointing is bad, as long as there is no deception.  However, the life of the term poverty consciousness was born in deception and has continued on to become a righteous concept while being increasingly deceiving. The phrase has caught on. It’s pretty cool to hand out the tag on someone, it’s very brave. I will say that those doing this tagging are innocent; “they know not what they do”. They have bought into the term as official, as though it came from the American Medical Society. It didn’t, I don’t know what book, but that’s most likely where it came from, some book.

As always, there is a deeper culprit in this game of words and that is the free enterprise system of economics. I’ll get into that later. For now, let’s examine this name calling wrapped in the guise of an authorized word construct.  I think it best to understand the other end of this name calling scenario, the poor.  After all, they are most likely to be the ones tagged with the term. I know that you will say that even the rich can be afflicted with poverty consciousness. But no they can’t, since there is no such affliction.

The poor do not have poverty consciousness. They have a perspective view from the lower level of the economies of our present day global market structure, based now in the free enterprise concept. The wealthy have a converse perspective that the poor do. However, the poor can see the perspective of the rich, but the rich can’t see the perspective of the poor. Ultimately that inability has become the vehicle for the term poverty consciousness to evolve.  Being unaware of how the poor really think and thinking they actually knew how they thought, they eased into the term.

What the rich do not understand about he poor and their perspective is that their perspective primarily comes from looking at the rich and seeing what they are, porkers.  The rich don’t know how much the poor can see this.  But it’s like this, they don’t call them porkers and rich fucks for nothing, because that’s what the rich are, get it? Notice there is no ‘official’ term for the condition of the rich. We can call them names, maybe at best workaholics or overachievers. But these terms actually have some appeal these days, so it’s a wash.  Put it this way, there is no term for the rich that equates with the term poverty consciousness, not with its weight anyway.  For the rich all we have is name calling; but so do the rich as poverty consciousness is no more than a four letter word.

OK, here’s why. Since the rich can’t see the poor’s point of view it puts them on a defensive, especially given that they know the poor can see them, they just don’t know how much. They know it enough it bugs them. And then when some poor fuck calls them a porker, well then they can just say to themselves, “he’s got a poverty consciousness” and be done with it. The poor guy calls the rich guy a name; the rich guy thwarts it with a tag. It is a sticks and stones thing nothing more.  But see the poor guy may be being rude and an asshole, but he see’s the truth, he see’s a rich fuck porker.  And that is the poor man’s supposed poverty conscious condition, but it isn’t a condition at all, he’s just calling a spade a spade. Alright I know that I can’t just say the rich are porkers and not show that that is what they are. I can do that.

I realize that when I say that the rich are deserving of the name calling they receive I am making is a pretty big accusation. And yes, it holds for all the rich, or every person that has enough money to not have to worry about money (though that doesn’t mean they won’t worry about money).  This is where the free enterprise system of economics comes in. The reason the poor can see the rich but the rich can’t see the poor is because our entire system, or the paradigm of modern democracy in the developed world, or the free market system, or the industrialized world, etc. works in such a way that the flow of perspective for society in general comes from the bottom up; that perspective being the view of how things work within the constructs of our world.  When the system works for you, then your view of it cannot be seen because you can only see it from the bottom up and being that you are on the up side you can’t see the view that comes from the bottom up.

Now by understanding this construct I can explain why the view is only one way.  Within the system of free enterprise is a built in propulsion of growth of product, it has to be there or the system dies. This propulsion is so constant and so steady that its motion tends to cause everything to move one way, even perspective. In the developed world the motion goes upward the social, political and most of all economic hierarchies. It plays into everything of the developed world, from wealth to poverty to emotional and mental perspectives to spiritual philosophy, everything.  It’s the biggest disease to ever hit the planet.

Let’s look at this closer. To be fair I have to say that within the social norms of the developed world the term poverty consciousness can make a lot of sense. I believe that considering the type of evolution we’ve be on the last 300 years, an economic/product evolution, this term fits in the lines of its hierarchy. Therein it is natural to say that one’s thinking themselves poor—thus they remain poor. They remain this way in defiance of the rich, in false pride and arrogance.  So, they ‘think’ poor.

Ok, that’s more or less correct. That is exactly what happens, the poor think poor and stay poor.  The problem is our society has deemed this wrong; it’s called bad thinking, emotional disorder, mental dereliction.  What’s the matter here is that these poor people wishing to remain poor are doing the right thing.  However, the majority of them do not know this fully; they buy into the social norms and thus are rewarded with the burdens of guilt and shame. And that’s the sham; this is where it’s all screwed up because they are the ones whose ways and means we should be idealizing.  Instead…well, you already know the instead.

My guess is that at least 80% of the poor do not know this about themselves, that they are actually icons, and also do not know why they remain poor in spite of the guilt and shame bullshit.  They remain that way because of how they got that way. They got that way because by the time they were about 12 years old they began to see that life in the modern world was sort of out of place, something was wrong and they couldn’t buy into it. This has nothing to do with a consciousness of poverty or anything remotely like it. It has only to do with having the good sense of knowing when something is wrong. But of course, social norms are as powerful as mothers and so those “something is wrong” thoughts quickly fade as we move forward into seventh grade algebra.  But the thing is, at the subconscious level the thoughts never leave, they influence your life for the rest of your life.  You become a “worker with a job” with a thousand dollar credit limit and oh yeah, McDonald’s hamburgers. You are a poor bastard with no morals, no ambition, drunk half the time and always on the edge of crime; you are either white trash or a wetback nigger indian, yet, you are the Earth’s hope.  Yeah you, you mother fucking poverty conscious bastard.

And so what happened to the rich? Why are they the nigger here? To answer, allow me to repeat the above:

Within the system of free enterprise is a built in propulsion of growth of product, it has to be there or the system dies. This propulsion is so constant and so steady that its motion tends to cause everything to move one way, even perspective. In the developed world the motion goes upward the social, political and most of all economic hierarchies.

As you read the rest of this book you will learn that it is these very economic hierarchies that are in due course of killing us. Within these confines, those who have been on the benefit side of this system are by default the ones doing the killing. Therefore, they are rich fuck asshole porkers. But they truly do not know what they do and are actually innocent, I mean that. None of us know what we do, we only know of the things the free enterprise system of economics invents to sustain itself which in turn gives us our grand life of illusion.  The poor only know they have an attitude towards the rich, but they don’t know where it’s coming from, they too are lost. We think we know many other things, we think we are very educated. But see we actually know very little. We limited our knowledge capacity when we took on free enterprise, hopefully you will see and understand this by the end of this book.  Put it this way, here we are going around using a term as something ‘valued and concrete’ when all the while the term itself was born out of a flawed perspective of value and the only thing concrete about it is that its given the rich a way to deal with the poor man’s eye gazing into their soul.


Chapter 3

La-La Land

January 2012

I am finding myself returning to an old, passive point of view, feeling less an activist, more an escapee.  My motto then was, “I can’t save the world, but I don’t have to participate in its destruction”, thus the cultural escapee.  It is a good and solid motto to live by and I think it holds a great truth. Though it creates a conflict, or a dichotomy I should say. I feel good about not being a part of the destruction, but not so good about doing nothing about it. I find that it is so easy to just float away into my own little world, build my farm, pray to the spirits, and then do my best to make a life of that and let go of the rest of the world. So given that, I need to talk to you about a place called “La-La Land”; it’s where I live; maybe you do too.

La-La Land is the place of no worries, no news, all smiles and “fuck everybody else” who doesn’t live in La-La Land. And yes, it is my home address. In my case you can take that literally. I live in a beautiful place; it’s stunning. It is nothing but mesas, canyons and buttes, need I say more? Then top that off with a community of superb people, all very cool, intelligent, educated, artist, poets, actors, liberals, gays…it’s like living in San Francisco but the only time you can see people is when they gather intentionally. So you get the wilds of the Southwest, and at the same time you can hang your art in the local gallery, its heaven…I mean…La-La Land.

Of course I am being “a bit” sarcastic about this place I live.  In truth I would not live anywhere else on earth.  But if I were looking to depend on a community of people during the coming collapse, then I might as well be living in Los Angeles.  I can sum the mind set up in a statement I overheard a friend of mine make the other day. She said, “We’re so lucky to be living in a place of no worries and away from all the craziness and negativity of the world. We can live like there is no ‘rest of the world’ in this place and just be ourselves and take care of ourselves.” Of course, she is not saying anything out of line, or necessarily wrong, at least within the norms of our societies. So don’t get me wrong, I am not singling her or this community out by themselves, this is happening everywhere with everybody, including yours truly.

Nevertheless you see, it’s that “ourselves” thing that is all screwed up.  Here’s how this sort of thing can happen. It’s simple; don’t listen to what’s going on, even when you listen to it.  There are all sorts of well informed people out here, but they have a filter that says, “don’t listen to it, be happy, that’s your job here in La-La Land.” And they take that job seriously.  Now, from here I am going to get on a slippery slope and tell you why this mind set has gotten such a strong hold on so many people theses days, particularly liberal pagans and especially the liberal elite.

The past few years there has been a—let’s call it an Idea—going around that says we all manifest our own experience.  That we are all responsible for what happens to us because of what sort of things we let into our minds. So if we let negative things into our minds like the possibility of global collapse, then we are being—well—sort of bad.  You know, had I caught onto this back in the 70’s I may have joined the ride.  But this ain’t the 70’s no more.  I don’t need a philosophy telling me that it’s OK I if listen to the world’s leading scientists on climate change, but then I gotta say “yeah right no thanks”. See? Something’s off.

La-La Land is a very warm and cozy place, it has many defenses. But it is nothing more than a very dangerous yet subtle philosophy; because it looks like a rose, but smells like crap. If there ever was a case for the tricks of the devil, this particular mind set we’ve bought into would be a trophy on his wall. This is what I see going on here in La-La Land all day long and all night long. In short, these folks are in deep, deep sleep. On the contrary I believe this philosophy is good if ones own foundation and ones own view of reality are in tune with his or her fellow human beings. But I also would think you can’t hold this philosophy and at the same time have your head in the sand and then expect to have a good conscience.  If you are doing this and you feel you have a good conscience then you need to do none other than to snap out of it.

The question of this trend being something that is ‘a right’ or ‘a wrong’, then I guess it wouldn’t matter so much if our collective tit weren’t in such a ringer. We are in desperate need of cooperation among our species. We need to be jumping out of ourselves and as far as possible into the collective mind.  The collective mind is asleep right now and it needs to wake way the hell up and get to work.  It still exist, there is always a collective mind as long as there is a species to have one. What is important is what sort of state that collective mind is in.  As for humans, ours is catatonic.  It has been asleep so long that it has reached a state of psychosis.  It was caused by a lack of use, any brain goes catatonic if it is not used, but the thing is, it is still there—alive.

And so it is we exist here in La-La Land, living as individuals with no collective to be concerned about, in fact, it appears that we’ve worked it out to shun those who speak of the collective, as though it were—not spiritual.  As individuals we enjoy this sleep because we are not responsible to the collective, we can be selfish and it’s OK with everyone else because they’re doing he same damn thing. It’s elementary really. We as individuals are using this collective sleep to avoid our responsibility for being a member of the most powerful species on this planet. Once enough individuals get honest about doing that, the collective mind will awaken and by natural intuition we will become the caretakers of this planet again and not-just-its-consumers. This is not just a belief; it is also somewhat academic in an evolutionary sense and is also directly correlated with the economics of our time.

This is my opinion, of course. Allow me to abbreviate and say that it was the free enterprise system of economics that ultimately delivered this message to us. I’ve gotten into this in other writings but to put it simply here, the free enterprise system doesn’t like bad news. So it makes sure that its consumers are not bothered with it either, get it? And yes, even to the extent of influencing not only the media, but modern spirituality as well.  Keep them happy, keep them fat headed, keep them spending.  By the way, most of these folks I am referring to here in La-La Land have a fare amount of dough.  La-La-Land goes even better with money.

If our collective mind were awake, it would immediately put a call to end free enterprise as we know it. It would instantly put its concentration on survival only, it would see that its body is dying and it would be pissed for having been put down for so long. Nevertheless, it is pertinent that we concentrate as individuals on what it is we can do to waken the collective mind so that we can get some god damn direction around here.  We won’t get it with the collective mind in a state of psychosis.

I’ve said it before that we only need the collective mind to wake up long enough to help bring us out of this mess.  We can hope that it stays awake and that our quick burst of evolution will stick and not just have been an emergency shot of adrenaline.  In any case, the collective mind has to kick in gear or we are screwed.  It is only the very young living right now that ultimately will see this sort of evolution happen, but if they don’t see it then we can say by-by to the human species.  It won’t happen for them unless we begin right now, especially those over 50, to put our efforts into becoming a collective species once again. The clock is truly ticking.  Please, enjoy your life as best you can, be positive, think good thoughts, but don’t forget to put some legs to those thoughts, maybe you can go to one of those Occupy rallies after your yoga class. Get it?

I said earlier that I was on a slippery slope to broach this subject. There are many people in this world who are very devoted to the philosophy of positive thinking. As well they should be. I do not mean to trample on a very sound spiritual belief; especially given that positive thinking is vitally needed right now.  But to use it as an excuse to not get involved and then to leave it to the babies of this world to defend against our mess…well then…I am speaking out against it as an abuse of truth.  Maybe you are one of those who are living in La-La Land and you believe you are doing the world a favor by staying out of the rat race. I understand the logic, but when it comes to the human condition, the present human condition, ask yourself ‘why am I so lucky’, and then ask yourself again, am I really so lucky to be so lucky when 4.5 billion of my 7 billion fellow species have less luck for their entire lives than I give away at the ball game? Why am I not outraged? What’s happened to me?

Those of you who are still alive in 2050 will be seeing why you should have been outraged right now in 2012. I would hate to be an old person at that time. Well I’d be 96, I could be here. Will I say I did all I could to ‘help’ avoid this collision? Will it make me sick to think about how stupid I was? Will I see that I and “all-those-around-me” are awakening into a living nightmare?

I can tell you one thing for sure, I won’t be seeing La-La Land anywhere; it’ll have been long gone by then. And that is what I am trying to wake people up to. As I said, keep thinking positive, good thoughts and keeping feeling happy too. But thinking and feeling good are only a part of manifesting from the consciousness; you also have to move your ass, that is, if you care about your descendents as well as yourself. Bottom line: La-La Land is wrong and it is the number one block to our collective consciousness. We have to shake it off.

Chapter 4

Free Enterprise Spirituality

June 2012

This chapter is more or less a continuation of the previous chapter as it goes deeper into La-La Land. I call this chapter “Free Enterprise Spirituality” because I do actually believe there is such a thing as free enterprise spirituality. It comes in many different shapes and sizes of ‘meanings’. But pretty much all of them are saying the same thing—be selfish. Yeah, it’s OK now. You don’t have to be of service to your fellow human beings, just yourself.  Cool, eh? Nah, the truth is I am bringing this subject in because hopefully it will show just how far free enterprise, self interest and competition have affected our very beings. The group of people I am targeting in this and the last chapters are have’s that are liberal and also practice variations of old religions coupled with new spiritual thought, I’ll just call them pagans from here forward, hope you don’t mind. Why this narrow group is singled out here is because as I said above, they show how far free enterprise has affected us and I believe are the best example.  Also, they are the very people ignoring the origins of pagan teachings where fundamental answers to all our problems reside. Those teachings would not tell us to seek self improvement, at least not in our present world situation; they instead would tell us to get our asses to work on food and water, period.

I ain’t no Christian, but I’ll say one thing for them, they feed the hungry.  I think of myself as a pagan of sorts, but I’m not necessarily proud of us. As far as I can tell we’re a bunch of idiots.  For one thing, paganism came out of hunger; the need for food. All the ceremony was for harvest, their spirituality was about staying alive, fertility, and the creation of life itself. Their practices were about the living of life outwardly and the tangible issues of living that life, not the shit floating in their heads.  That’s what we do as modern pagans; we let shit float around in our heads. We get our heads full up of thoughts about self, what as individuals we can accomplish—for ourselves, and what the latest book on self improvement said that gave us a spiritual high—about self. Anyway, I don’t know if Christians feed the hungry anymore than pagans, but at least they give that image and it looks good. We pagans just look stupid.

But hey, we’re OK because we are using the religions of old, I mean way old like Buddhism, Tai Chi, Hinduism, Yoga, Native American beliefs, etc. No, no, like I said before I ain’t no Christian. So don’t label me there. But we pagans need to wake way the hell up, we got it all wrong.  You can blame free enterprise for that.  Of course we were naïve enough to follow along, but then again its message was just too alluring. Free enterprise told us it was OK to be all about self, it said it was OK to try and win over your work mates to get ahead and made serious competiveness a desirable quality when before it was only something to be enjoyed among friends and family and was not something to take serious. And yes of course Christians are just as afflicted, in some cases more. There is a difference though, I could say it like this, at least Christians know they are Christians, pagans don’t know what they are. Christians’ thinking is part of what brought about the concepts of free enterprise, so they live with it well. However, pagans fundamental philosophies tend to run contrary to free enterprise. Yet, the people I see who practice “pagan thought” the most are on the benefit side of free enterprise…umm?

Free enterprise literally changed the meaning and use of emotions and attitudes, that’s why these people can benefit from something they don’t fundamental believe in. As we (Christians and pagans) became more and more pampered by our inventions we also were changing our minds view of what was important. We sat in our whirl pools, enjoyed our massages, and blew our minds on meditation until eventually it started to become the norm.  Now in the 21st century we not only have made self-indulgence a virtue, we lavish in it.  No, you’re wrong; I’m neither a prude nor an old fashioned hick. I’m simply looking square into the eyes of a monster called free enterprise spirituality who has seduced a large portion of the world into its favorite ally, selfishness. It came to us because free enterprise runs on self interest and competition.  I’ll say it again, self interest and competition.  Free enterprise tells you to buy that thing for yourself, it tells you to go within and be all YOU can be. It tells you to compete with others to get ahead of others, it tells you to work hard for money, be ambitious so that YOU may enjoy the fruits of YOUR labor. What free enterprise will never tell you is to feed the hungry before you make that extra dollar. If you have time and some extra change, it ‘might’ say give it to the sick and hungry but only after you’ve made that extra dollar first and only after you have spent all of that dollar on yourself that you want to. That’s right, you first them later, it’s OK, it’s normal.

Put simply most of today’s books on spirituality are about how you can make you better. Yeah well OK that’s great, but what about those dying children in third world countries?  Is that ‘better you’ powerful enough to feed them? No it isn’t, but what will feed them is you sacrificing your way of life so that they won’t starve, that’s real spirituality and that is also what will feed the hungry. Your ability to sit in your nice apartment or house so that you can meditate without interruption from the masses is also what is causing the masses to die, get it? That luxury, and by all rights it is a luxury, is their illness.

I know I am putting it rather blatant here. I realize that within much of the teachings and philosophies of modern spirituality there is some pretty good shit being said. Though it is so that many of these teachings are beneficial and as individuals one by one improve themselves we could see a change in the collective, I get it.  However, I fear that the change we could see would become more of the same—self flagellation.  If this worked out for everyone on the planet then I’d say let’s party. But could you imagine what sort of byproducts would come of it? Because believe me, this thing we are talking about here needs a fair amount of dough to get and keep it going.  That means tons and tons of production and then there we go; we’re dead. I’m saying this because the origins for something like this to happen would have to have of come out of free enterprise. However, this actually can never happen because in free enterprise there must be winners and losers.

I know this chapter is about beliefs; not money, but listen, I can guarantee you that at least 95% of people who practice and stays with these philosophies are haves.  Of course there are have not’s that will float by these teachings in hopes that maybe their poverty can vanish into thin air. But they soon realize the only thing that’s going to put food on their table is going back to flipping burgers at Hardees’s. Besides, in case you didn’t know it, have not’s generally don’t have much of an environment for meditation and even less for mind powering their way out of that environment.

I gotta tell ya, this chapter makes me nervous. I am afraid I will be misunderstood and I will offend many people. Of course this book is going to offend everybody, including me. Yeah that’s right, me, did you think I would be looking forward to the results of collapse and would be ‘happy’ to bust and shovel rock? It ain’t happy to write this book, it’s very depressing, that’s an FYI. But I am writing this book and though most of it is a bitch, it had to be written. Particularly this chapter because I actually believe free enterprise spirituality is one of our greatest blocks to forming a much needed collective mind. How are we going to come together if so many of us are tucked away safe and happy in our own little worlds?

For those of you practicing free enterprise spirituality I am truly sorry to have offended you. I ask that you give it some thought. Again, I submit that these practices are very beneficial to the “individual”, but I fail to see where they help society at large, more so, they seem to shield the practitioners from getting involved. In final review, those practicing become the problem instead of the solution by virtue of being spiritually fatheaded rich fuck porkers who have become major participants in the destruction of the planet. I am asking you to consider that perhaps the greatest gifts we can receive from practicing spirituality of any kind are those that put you in service to your fellow human beings. It is community service we need more than anything these days. Do that first, then maybe your search for ‘self’ will be complete.  I realize that happy individuals are an asset to any society, but right now we have an unhappy Earth. Let’s fix that first; it is more important than your own happiness. It always has been and always will be. You see, this is the part those involved with free enterprise spirituality don’t seem to understand, in fact, many have managed to make concern for the issues of the world sort of a sin because to give them 5 minutes stops everything from being beautiful, and we can’t have that, can we?

It is the fundamental request of this entire book that we become a species that gives of ourselves so that all species can live first, and secondly that we are happy about it. See? It’s real simple, many of your fellow humans are suffering tremendously right now and add to that your entire species has real threats to its existence, get it? Given that, how can you sit in meditation on your mind/body experience, then turn on NPR for jazzy afternoon, while literally some poor fuck father in Bangladesh has just threw his daughter on the dead pile? Look, don’t stop meditating, don’t stop going to Zumba, don’t stop journaling and don’t stop all the other practices that make “you” better. Keep up your spiritual pursuits. Just don’t forget to add sacrificing your entire way of life for the good of human kind (yes, I mean that literally) to those pursuits. You will only do this sort of sacrifice if you have made your species health a higher priority than your own. Yeah…I think that’s about it…yeah, that’s all ya gotta do.


Chapter 5

The Contradictions of Saving the World

June 2012

To those of you out there trying to save the world, have you noticed that when trying to do this thing how much you contradict yourself?  If you’ve read this book from the beginning I believe you’ll see in this chapter I am going to prove this point.  I am going to talk about how great America is, how great democracy is, and yes I am even going to talk about how great the free enterprise system of economics is…wonders never cease. Well maybe it isn’t too big a surprise, after all I have mentioned several times in this book that we are going to need much of what these “systems” brought us the last 300 years.


I’m an American and though I am writing this book to the world, in this chapter I can only speak as an American. However, I am sure that anyone in any country of the free world will be able to relate in there own way. I’ve been to France, they are free, they practice free enterprise and they practice democracy.  Yet I know they are not anything like America, both in good ways and in bad ways. France is much closer to the world I hope for given that they are a social democracy. And I think it’s pretty obvious by now I’ve been promoting a sort of socialism if not flat out communism so you’d think I’d be shouting let’s go the way of France, but I ain’t. If I had to shout to go the way of a country…well, it’d be America.

“What the fuck”, you say.  Well yes, I’d go America.  Why? Because America for all its lies, deceit, warmongering, decadence, imperialism, and most of all its un-evolved cultural trends like cage boxing or moonshiners on the History Channel…god, what a sick country. Anyway, in spite of all our crap, we still have the best constitution in the world.  When it comes to ideals America can’t be beat.  You see, within the confines of America’s ideology is the greatest ideal of them all, freedom to choose your path.  In America I am free, free to do what I don’t know but god damn it I’m free! I’m not being sarcastic, I mean it, I don’t know what to do while being here in this country, I don’t know how to live according to its very materialistic ways; I am a fish out of water here. BUT, I’m free to try or I’m free to give up, either way it’s my choice. When looking at the history of civilization you have to admit, having the choice to be a somebody or a nobody is a pretty cool thing.  When a citizen of Rome you might have got to go to the games and watch people kill each other, but that was about it. All the real fun went to the guys in the big house over there on the other end of town. ‘You’, the everyday Roman citizen, had about as much chance of entering that big house as your half dead cow.  Though it is hard to be a success in America with competition being so ubiquitous, the chance is there for all who wish to seek it; it’s our policy at the core.  One can not ignore this very special aspect to America’s paradigm.

Of course I can knock the shit out of that last paragraph with about a thousand contradictions of it.  But that’s not the focus this time; the focus is what we can take from this great ideology that America espouses.  In looking to the future I’d say we can and certainly must take a whole pocket full from the ideologies of America.  We must remain free. If you have gotten the idea from this book that I am calling for a controlling of the masses you have read me very wrong. The masses must be free!! They must be free to choose to act; they must be free to choose to want to save ourselves from ourselves. Everything I’ve written in this book about coming to a new paradigm, about cooperation, about ending self interest and competition, about ending the free enterprise system of economics, about ALL of us working together and living life on an equal basis, about doing away with money and wealth and all of us becoming farmers, knocking our education system, knocking our family values, and even my ranting about our phony spirituality…all of that must dovetail into the philosophy of personal freedom and what that freedom means is to choose to live life how ever the hell you want to live it.  I mean, who wants to get rid of that? It’s been great! And because of it I am proud to be an American…so there.

Everything in regards to finding solutions to the problems presented in this book is about making choices. It is not about succumbing to the demands of a tyrant, or a totalitarian government, or anything resembling being forced to act. There is only one tyrant on this planet, we have only one Hitler to face who will cause us to do things we’d rather not be doing and that is the forthcoming collapse of the modern world. Just as a car coming at you forces you to jump off the road, the manifestations of our over producing past are going to force you to pick up a shovel and scoop rocks into a bucket for the good of humankind.  But it will be your choice to do so if I have anything to say about it.

Perhaps now you can see why I have devoted so much of this book to awakening the collective mind.  Without it tyranny is the only way to go, get it? If “we” are not making the choices then when the shit hits the fan it is very likely you’ll see guns, helmets and shields making the choices for us. Though a collective consciousness is vital to our future survival does not mean you won’t have your own mind. All that it means is you have agreement from the members of your fellow species on how to proceed with society, not your personal life.


Well of course the coming paradigm not looking anything like our current one puts a little spin on what I am talking about here. There are logistical issues that make the preceding paragraphs a little skewed on the side of happy. Let’s put it this way, we are not going to look very free when you see a line of people 8 miles long and all of them carrying 5 gallon buckets of rock. I think more that it will look like something from 1984. Seeing something like that one would have to look around and see if Stalin had reincarnated or something.  But like I said, if I have anything to say about it then all of those people in that line will be there because they chose to be or they’ll not be there at all and we’ll just have to die.

It is the logistical aspects of the future that really do make all this come off just a bit weird, no not weird, not strange, but impossible, that’s the word. Impossible because how the fuck does a country get enough people that would make for an 8 mile line to each carry 60 pounds of rock while standing in that line? It wouldn’t look like freedom, that’s for sure. If I were an alien flying by from another world the first thing I’d be looking for in that line were the guys with the whips. But see once again, there will be no need for whips, no need for guns, no need for tyrants, we’ll have all the impetus we need when we see the seas beginning to sink Miami, when we see that cars are useless because there is no gas, when we see that the store shelves no long carry food, that taps no longer bring forth water and that banks no longer house money, but instead are used to shelter the sick and dying. From collapse onward it is these things that will make for our choices, our governments, our markets; our entire paradigm. Everything that will happen will be the byproduct of our collapsed civilization. But to survive it we must be free or we won’t survive; we won’t live under bondage. I don’t think I need to explain that, you know that already.

What I do need to explain is a little more about these logistics because this is where free enterprise, technology and innovation will come to save the day. Without them, our freedom in the coming paradigm is screwed.  I would be a complete idiot to say we should do away with innovation and technology, I am not a Luddite.  I do have to say I was one up to about 8 years ago, but I was wrong…so there…again.  You see free enterprise has been brilliant, I mean that when I say it.  Had we known its end product maybe then we would have planned a calculated end to free enterprise then all would be well, but we didn’t and so here we are about to die.

It is death ‘as something to avoid’ that we are now faced with. It is coming our way and coming with a fury.  We need some technology dudes.  It’s not only going to get hot, it is also going to get cold, especially given that our power source is going to fail. We are going to need some very smart heaters and coolers if we are to survive. The weather is just going to be too radical to not have to alter our environments. I’m sorry to you Luddites, I know this is your chance to shine but…we can’t live like apes in trees, sorry.  Maybe sometime in the last 10,000 years we could have, but not with the future that’s headed our way. We need some very good scientists kicking some technology butt.

Personally I don’t care how we get it. Maybe we got to put these people up in mansions and feed them the best foods, the best booze, sex, drugs, whatever the hell they want. Whatever it takes to get them inventing the things we need to save our ass; they can join our equality train later. It’s an emergency, no time for picky ideologies to get in the way.

“Hey, am I sounding like a free market man?”

So be it.

The problems we face here in the 21st century are unique to the 20th and 21st centuries.  Our solutions will surely need to be likewise.  We have to be smart. Many these days are preparing for the collapse of society. They have TV shows about it now. Just like me they are growing and storing food, they are getting ready to live off grid, all that, I’m sure you’ve heard about it by now.  The difference between me and many of these people is I am calling for the collective mind, most of these folks are choosing to go it alone and don’t even want anything to do with other people let alone a collective mind.  If this problem is not corrected within the next 10 years our chances of avoiding mass death are very slim.  I want you to be free to do what you want, but what I hope is that you will want to help save your species, if not your world. You can’t do that if you build walls around your camp.

So this is where the American spirit has to kick in, it has to. The American spirit is a very powerful thing, I mean fuck, we didn’t get to having a 600 billion dollar military budgets by being a bunch of do nothings, get it?  Look what we did in WW2, every freaking body went to work making bombs, even this old lady neighbor I had once; that old bitch wouldn’t make biscuits for her starving husband, but she made bombs for her country. We need that spirit again, only this time it pretty much has to be worldwide.

Chapter 6

Mr. Right’s Emotional Disorder

July 2012

In this chapter I am Mr. Right.  Yeah that’s right—I’m right.  I am right about everything in this book…well, quite a bit of it anyway.  Let me put it this way; I believe with all my heart everything I’ve written in this book.  Given that, it means I try my best to live out what I say here and though I wish my best was better,  I still know that I’ve given it my all.  You’d think that because of my great effort to do good that I’d be someone who feels good about themselves therefore giving them a fair shot a having emotional stability.  Wrong. I’m about as fucked up as Hogan’s goat.

I do have “some” good feelings about myself for what I am doing in my life, in fact, I am quite proud of it. But those feelings don’t override all the other instabilities that seeking this way of life entails. So, before you go off on your high horse to save the world like me, you’d better give it many thoughts because you will be in for one hell of an emotional ride and I am sorry to say most of those emotions won’t be very happy.

Within the confines of our present societal norms I will tell you that trying to get away from the system, trying to shout the coming peril to your fellow human beings, and trying to think in a way that is completely the opposite of those around you is exactly the wrong way to find emotional security. You will be banished and it is quite possible no one will even know it, but you will know it because you will be the one who has banished yourself from life as it is and as you grow deeper into this quest you will realize what you have done and man o man does that one hurt, but you get used to it.

Its common sense really, anytime a person runs against the grains of society you are going to be an outcast, you will rub people the wrong way, people will rub you the wrong way and in the end you will find that quite literally you have put yourself in mental and emotional exile.  It doesn’t matter if the society in question is good or bad; it is the mainstream that dictates what happiness is. If you live in a society that believes murder is a good thing, then if you are not murdering then you are going to be considered mal-adjusted and you will become emotionally and mentally crippled by it. If you are murdering then you’ll have friends and emotional security because you will be normal.

Believe me, leaving the system is a very rough road and the irony is though I wish this road for everybody, I wouldn’t wish it on anybody. In the end it becomes none other than a life of loneliness and isolation; not good conditions for a happy life. Oh yeah it’s true; what I am saying is you actually find your self coming to a rather hideous state of poor health.

There is no way around it, you can’t take on becoming a reject of society and keep an emotionally healthy state of being. You want friends don’t you? Well, if you do this thing you will see friends quietly pass you by. And perhaps now I’ve convinced you that the free enterprise system of economics is a bit of a devil and if you believe that then you may find yourself hating your job even though you may have loved it before.  This is because you will be making money and you will see that when you are making money you are supporting the very system you just turned against. But you need money because you gotta eat and then it gets even crazier when that kicks in because it becomes this insane loop of wanting to not participate in this system but having to, it’s a bitch.  The only exception to this is when you have money enough to buy your way out of the system (see Article 2, Appendix 1, Dreams and Debt—A Dichotomy). However, I know that the majority of the folks who will take this on don’t have much money. People with money tend to stay that way…go figure.

A quick admission: If I would have had money before I got into this in 1995 I most likely would not be writing this right now, instead, I’d be spending my money.  I could perhaps say that the only reason I ever got into this is because I failed within the system to become financially sound (not even close) which left me open to something other than what the system offered and it so happened I had the mind to recognize that and began looking for that something. But was I looking because I was some sort of special guy who cared so much about his fellow human beings he was willing to take a cultural dive into never, never land? No. Actually, I am very selfish and I have no natural tendency towards being anything like the Good Samaritan.

So what made me take the final leap?  One word: knowledge.  There is no other reason really. Being a failure was what opened my mind.  But since I didn’t have the character traits that make for a giving man, there wasn’t much impetus to forgo a life of comfort.  The impetus came out of knowledge. I simply knew too much to turn away, get it?  It’s like this: If you worked in a factory that made lethal injection equipment, then how would you feel about your job if your son were on death row? With that knowledge could you forgo your love for your son and do your job, even though it could be that the machine you are making could be the one that kills him? Well get this, when you get a head full of the truth about what the hell we’ve been doing the last 300 years and why, then you really don’t have much choice but to run like hell as far away from what’s happening as you can.  Because see, unless the dad making the kill machine has no heart at all, he will have to quit his job.

As it goes, god damn it, I am still working ‘for money’ and it fucks me up.  I think many times to just quit and walk into the desert or something. I literally get ill behind this scenario and I am continuously an emotional wreck.  I only work just enough to live, about $150 a week, sometimes less.  I have subjected myself to deep poverty in order to do this thing and I wish to hell I could say I am happy about that but I’m not, I want some fucking money.  Of course I want it for the right reason now, which is to invest in a subsistence farm so that from there forward I would not need much money at all and could rejoice in that fact. Thankfully, I no longer want money for money’s sake, at least that feels good and I have emotionally adjusted to it.

But that’s about all I’ve adjusted to. Otherwise, I am nearly clinically depressed, I suffer physical symptoms as well, I have no social life, without friends I continually feel as though I am no one in this world, I am not in the success game and even though I know why I sometimes feel like a looser, and the loneliness becomes unbearable at times.  Finally, there’s the anger and bitterness. I’m sure you’ve picked it up in me thus far. The frustration of not being able to get free of the system’s grip really gets to pissing me off. I’ve come to understand it more, but only recently.  It comes to the point that you realize you are going to get pissed about all this so don’t fight it too much and don’t try to hide it. In any case, the road can be an unhappy one and you should know that. But I hope you travel it anyway so good luck.  I hope I haven’t scared you off because maybe we’ll all get to being whackos someday and as soon as we all get whacko, we won’t be whacko anymore.

Who are we?

I’ll speak mostly about myself in this part as an example but allow me to say that many of the people who will and do get involved in this sort of thing are just about whacko before they even start, just like I was. If you are happy and well adjusted within the system, then why would you leave? No, instead you are likely very mal-adjusted within the system and that makes you…sick.  I’m telling you straight if you do not get honest about this you will find yourself continually taking the wrong turns, take my word for it. I finally realized this about 11 years ago, that is, I realized I had become quite mentally and emotionally affected by this quest. And even before that, about 3 years earlier, I realized that something had happened to me in regard to my impulse to succeed within this economy. I found I’d lost all connection with that impulse, it was sort of weird to come to this but at that time I didn’t think it was affecting my mental state. Of course later on and certainly by now I am fully aware of the condition this has put me in. Oh by the way, it doesn’t really get much better…you more or less adapt.

What happened to us?

I talked about this in chapter 2 of this part of the book “Poverty Consciousness—A four Letter Word”.  But I wish to go deeper into it here. As I said earlier, most of us are whacko before we even begin a quest like this, the quest to leave the system that is. In the chapter I mentioned above I said, “by the time they were about 12 years old they began to see that life in the modern world was sort of out of place, something was wrong and they couldn’t buy into it.”

In the above quote I was referring to the poor who are supposedly afflicted with poverty consciousness but it applies with this topic as well, especially given that most of you wishing to leave the system will have experienced poverty at some time in your life.  If you haven’t most likely you will if you really try to leave the system and don’t have lots of dough to catch the bus. What happens to us within that quote above is somewhere from around 10 to 14 years old we begin to see that what mom and dad do is work. We see all those damn grownups out there—working. And the teachers at school seem to be slipping you the notion that good grades are pretty important if you are going to make it “out there”. Everything happening in the world seems to be revolving around economy and you get the feeling its something pretty serious; that bugs you. Though you may not really understand what you are feeling and seeing about these scenarios, something about them seems wrong.

It is at this moment that a jolt comes to your system, you get sort of scared and timid about what’s going to happen to you. You don’t really seem to jive with what you are seeing but everyone seems to be on the train so what-a-ya-gonna-do? What you do is recoil from these thoughts and bury them.  That’s when you start to get whacko as the guilt and shame begins milling you into a derelict.

From there you can most likely become a struggling student. You may be a trouble maker, but not as likely as you will be sort of a loner. Whatever will be happening to you, most likely you won’t blend to well. And get this, that’s even if you are popular and a good student. Nevertheless you will at least try and keep up, but as you are making that attempt way deep inside that original fear of “what’s gong to happen to you” remains. The reason it remains is because you never have resolved those thoughts of how you can’t jive with the system and so those thoughts also remain deep within you.

I’m sure there are all sorts of case scenarios of how all this turns out. If you are from a “have” family you stand a fair chance of dousing this awakening and perhaps you may carry on to do the same as your parents. If you come from “have not’s ” you’ll have a slim chance of overcoming yourself and most likely you’ll either wind up a drunk, a bum, a neurotic or maybe even psychotic, whatever…you’ll be something fucked up as far as the system goes. OR, you’ll decide to leave the system and find out who you really are.

Again, this is a different group of people I am talking about here as oppose to the poor in general that were talked about in the afore mentioned chapter. Though the poor in general are subject to this line of thinking very few of them will recognize it.  Those that do usually don’t see it until they are long past their youth.  It takes some hard knocks to eventually return to those thoughts you had when you were 12 and pay heed to them.

In conclusion I think I can safely say that if you are someone attempting to leave or have left the system then it is likely you’ll fit somewhere in the preceding paragraphs. In my case it will get better when I am able to get my subsistence farm at least in a little bit of a swing. But the truth is it could be many years, as of last week I’ve been at this for 17 years. It could happen that I may not get to have this farm before I am gone. If that is so, I’ll have lots of accepting to do. But you see there is no way I’ll ever turn away and go back. Even with the pain it has all been worth it. As I look towards my future I can not see myself becoming a cordial member of the free enterprise system ever again, even to death.

Hopefully many of you out there will find a softer easier path than mine has been. I am sure there are many of you who will, I hope so, we need some success on this. There will be many of you who will suffer like I have; many of you are suffering right now I am sure. But hopefully, like me, you will find that it is no loss in your life and that as a 21st century human being you will still feel fortunate to have known what to do, or at least try to do and why.

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