The Problem of the Problems

Multiple problems have occurredI read an article this morning from New Scientists titled Understand faulty thinking to tackle climate change  that I felt I needed to expand on as it is something not talked about very much, if ever. The part I wish to analyze further is contained in this quote from the article:

“If cost and uncertainty really are universal psychological barriers, it is hard to explain why 15 per cent of people fully accept the threat and are willing to make personal sacrifices to avert it. Most of the people in this group are left wing or environmentalists and have managed to turn climate change into a narrative that fits with their existing criticisms of industry and growth.”

 I do not believe it is hard to explain why this 15% fully accept climate change for what it is and that’s because of what was said in the same quote, “Most of the people in this group are left wing or environmentalists and have managed to turn climate change into a narrative that fits with their existing criticisms of industry and growth.”  Yeah, no shit. That’s exactly where I come from and I make no apology for it. It doesn’t change anything about my feelings on global warming with or without these other agendas, but it does enable me to fold the entire status of human kind into one overall response, which is we need to change and change dramatically.

The solutions as well as the adverse impacts for  climate change fall right in line with the solutions and impacts from the issues of population, inequality, war, harmful  economic growth, depletion of resources, corporate rule, abrupt economic collapse and finally food and water issues. All these exist without climate change, though most are enhanced by it, but they don’t need climate change to be a problem by themselves.

I won’t trouble you with the particular facts about these issues beyond climate change, you know them already and if you don’t then quit reading this and go find out. What I do want to convey is that these issues grouped with climate change form a single posit: we need to change and change dramatically. Given that, I feel it is essential that we begin to look at this grouping as a single issue. They all must be tackled together or not tackled at all. Not just because they are so interrelated, but because any one of them can devastate the human existence along with many other living species.

The mainstream response to climate change doesn’t group these issues in any sort of way. You may see that many times these issues are discussed along with climate change, particularly population and food and water, but not as a set of collective problems forming one big catastrophic scenario. If you have a car that has breakdowns in the engine, the transmission, the rear end and brakes, you don’t fix one of the breakdowns and drive off to la la land, in fact you can’t, you gotta fix them all before you can go anywhere. So it is in our world of issues. We truly have reached either the turning point, or the fall, it’s up to us which row to hoe.

Yeah so, let’s quit being so stupid. We really do need to start talking about all these issues together. We may have to act on them individually but so what. At this point, I think this should be more about the consciousness of this collection existing together more than the approach to solving them. That is because right now getting truly conscious of just how far we have gone with setting ourselves up to get dead is a task hard enough to achieve by itself, but it can also be the impetus to quit setting ourselves up this way. I mean god damn, how many times does a fighter have to get knocked down to stay down for jessame sakes.

And speaking of staying down, that’s our first step to dealing with these monsters, stay down, surrender.  That’s another subject of which I written about extensively but just a sentence or two on it is needed here to finish. Yeah if and when we get ready to rumble with this collective set, then we’ll see our social, political and economic paradigms grind to a halt. In other words, we really won’t know what to do, so just to be safe and give time, we’ll just start shutting down our systems of growth and massive activity to a point we can still live comfortable enough, equal enough, to have the mind to know what to do next. Right now we don’t have that mind so may as well quit trying and relax till we get it. Ready?

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