The Salvation of General TMIC

images (3)I’m setting out on a rather difficult task here in this article. It is for me anyway. I can’t help it, the issue of the day is the combination of many issues, all coagulating into a material that is most definitely explosive. It’s like being in a burning barn, and the possible horrific scenarios come in all shapes and sizes, will a beam fall on my head, will a wall collapse and burn me alive, will a gas tank explode, will a pitchfork fly my way and stab me in the neck? Pick one.

Usually when a situation gets as bad as the one I’ve set above, where many scenarios of doom are available, the more ways to die means there are fewer ways to survive. In that barn there might be only one thing you can do and that’s take a run for that burning door that’s set in flames and do a flying dive at it, slamming your shoulder into it and busting it open, it’s your only chance.

Climate change is the leading scenario towards doom right now, but others right behind her are the doom scenarios of population, food/water, nuclear and financial. Including climate change, these are the big five doom scenarios, climate affects the others, but they really don’t need it to do some heavy damage all by themselves. I want to show you here that the mindset we must obtain as a collective species is a vast and comprehensive one. And that this mindset needs to be obtained quickly. Our time ‘reference’ must set its priorities to decades, rather than monthly, weekly or yearly. Our frame of reference must turn from local to global and back again. We must become a pulsating machine, giving us the power to bust that door wide open. It will take a lot of people and a mutually flowing cooperation between them and their nation’s governments to make it happen.

As per usual, I am speaking primarily to climate activists in this writing, but all can get something for it, I hope.

The Conglomerates–Us and Them

What’s more important about this collection of possible outcomes are not the outcomes so much as is what burning door do we chose to bust to avoid the outcomes? This is the important link, or question, I wish to answer in this article. If there is only one way out of this mess then what is it and more concerning to me is to convey why it is that it is the only way?

In a burning barn when trying to survive the ordeal you don’t spend a lot of time questioning yourself and spinning the situation to be something other than it is. No, you more or less look frantically around and act instinctively from there, your instincts are your best friend at that moment, they are pure since all fluffs, and frills surrounding them are gone. The focus becomes you and the way out, that’s it, nothing else.

Collectively, in our relationship with these five threats that combine to become one big threat, WE are the answer. Just as they are coming en masse` at us, we will be coming back at them in kind, we’d better I should say. WE will need more force against them than they have against US.  Collectively, we will need the same focus and the instinctual survival response as the guy in the barn and this will have to be clearly evident to us in the form of a collective mindset, not just as individual units of our species. I think it is more or less scientific in some way.  Whether it is or not, we need it the same as a car needs gasoline to start. Without a unified effort, like at least 85% of the human population of the world demanding it, much will not happen in the fight against these issues and their outcomes when taking them together as one big issue (which they are in reality).


TMIC, or “the military industrial complex”, is a concept that can slide right off the back of our hands and not be taken very seriously; making it not much more than a characterization of big business. Well that don’t matter, it’s still the mother fucker of our time.

If that dude ain’t going along then you’d better hope aliens come to help or else he somehow gets Jesus or some damn thing. TMIC is the foundation of our daily lives, he’s why we go to the store, drive a car, have a job, or live in a shithole and starve. TMIC’s gotta change, or TMIC’s gotta go, that’s the fundamental equation here.

There are many reasons for this but I will only focus on a couple. The first and foremost is none other than time, we don’t have time to take the long, long looks at the science, the percentage risks, etc. They are all too far off to calculate and much too complex to resolve in the short time we have to safely avoid the tipping points of these collective issues. I believe the general conclusions seems to say no more than fifteen years and maybe as little as ten to the ticking bell. I’m fairly sure that’s the correct consensus.

The other is history repeats itself. We gain on a thing, say fuels or communications, whatever, say soap. The point is, when we look at the long term and the overall advancement of humans, we lose, hands down.  That is, we lose when factoring all the net gains and all the net losses. And of course, factoring what is actually valuable, obviously staying alive is valuable. We are convincingly moving towards death as a collective, TMIC’s choking right now and it’s therefore easy to conclude we are at a net loss as of today.

TMIC wants to not change, TMIC wants to continue his current problem solving techniques to survive this accumulation of threats. Those techniques primarily involve the market, they involve the concepts of self interest and competition, they involve the flow and bounce of the money markets, the actions of the fed, taxes, consumer choice, product growth, and a million other economic functions of one huge equation stretching for miles. Right now this minute, that is TMIC’s stance and he’s telling us to stay the fuck away or he’ll shoot. Get it?

TMIC is also the head of the human conglomerate right now and he rules it. He’s not just a cliché for revolutionaries to sling around, he’s real and he is alive. We as individuals don’t recognize this a lot, but more and more we are beginning to, still, we are not all that conscious of it as yet as a collective, not nearly what we need.  And that’s the pocket we need to fill, that is, the realization of how deeply short our supply of power to deal with TMIC’s state of mind we are in. At this point it’s like one ant standing up to the entire colony, good luck.

The whole reason TMIC is getting away with this is because he’s real good at putting out fires by implementing something that resembles mitigation.  He patches himself along the path to his own destruction and therefore stays just above reproach. Of course, that reproach is more thwarted by the illusions we followers of TMIC receive than by the impact of his policies. We as a collective, just like him, have diluted ourselves into thinking BAU with just a few adjustments and some new kind of fuel was gonna do it. No need for an upside down hoe down; we could stay basically the same kinda humans operating basically the same kinda ways…whoop…

Hey, I ain’t saying anything new here am I? We all know that “the machine” is out of control, we know that in some form or amount anyway. The point I wish to make is that it is much more out of control than we allow our collective self to believe. That collective self needs to wake up real soon and get this fact straight. TMIC’s gotta be dealt with, he’s nuts.

The first way to get that done is to not follow the same operations manual we been following. However, I’m not going to say we need a new one just yet, maybe we’ll eventually go back to the old one, but surely with some adjustments, but then, I don’t know, maybe we’d find something new altogether. The point is that “for now” let us quit using this one.

To quit on something this big you gotta go easy. But see, that all’s I’m saying is just quit, you know, slow it down, shut down what we don’t need, all that. Let’s just survive and stop doing the emitting, the over consuming, the wars, all of it, let’s just chill and eat, drink, sleep and keep warm as best we can.

Yeah, really simple; “too simple” you say. However, I guarantee that there is no other choice, this is not going to be one of several options we’ll have some day, at some point, we are just going to be trying to take care of basic living and that will be the only option we will have. It’s 100% guaranteed with BAU, but even with the current efforts to deal with our problems growing at their current rate, we are sure to reach these points of critical mass if those efforts remain on their same posit. The force against us way outmatches us otherwise. We need to increase the magnitude of our present efforts by at least 20 fold to catch up. Look closely at the climate science, I mean look closely. And then add to that the condition of the other four horseman of population, food and water, nuclear and economy and if your glance is done with objectivity and reality, you’ll see we are walking in the blind and actually quite delusional to believe we got this by the tail in any sort of way. Personally, it’s the degree of that delusion that astonishes me, and scares me, and makes me lack hope.

So, the One Way Out, you know that’s really hard to say very proudly or boldly, “the one way out”, sounds like some kinda religious shit. Well, take it how you need to but it ain’t where I’m coming from, there’s only one way out of this mess cuz as I said earlier, the more ways to die means there are fewer ways to survive. In our case what this means is to shut TMIC’s main power sources down while building a safe and secure camp of food, water clothing and shelter or to at least do the bear minimums, depends on how fucked up we are at the onset. So we do that and stay in that state of being until we have the mind to know what to do next, get it? And maybe that’s all we can do for the time being, though I suggest in another article, Rapid Climate Mobilization and Government Control, that we can do much better if we act collectively and do it well. So given that, I leave you to check that article out and weigh this question in your mind, can you actually continue to live like ‘you’ do right now and hope for real success? At the moment, I am talking to climate activists. Good day my friends.


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One Response to The Salvation of General TMIC

  1. Ron Merkord says:

    A while ago I was watching a TV program with my boy on the evolution of humans. They presented evidence that at one point in our distant past, the population of humans dwindled to just a few thousand people worldwide. So naturally, there is now an ingrained programming in us humans to procreate, to grow in numbers and to survive. Along with this seems to go a desire to accumulate wealth, of food, land, power, etc. Perhaps the way out of the burning barn, the solution to all the threats building up, is to evolve past the desire for unbounded growth. We are at a point in time where new life is not a precious thing — population growth is not our saviour, it is our demise. This is a really big change in our thinking that must take place.

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