Human Beings (and my giving up on trying to do something about them)

images (2)I grew up on a dairy farm, and I gotta tell ya, cows are the dumbest things on earth. I’ve seen cows get themselves into such entanglements that they had to be helped out. Get one inside a stall sometime and you’d see what I mean. They can get themselves to into such predicaments that you have to say, “Damn, that’s a dumb animal.”

Yeah and then there are the smart animals, like ravens, or dogs. Of course, some dogs actually can be pretty dumb too. Speaking of dogs, you ever notice how different from one another they can be? Some dogs are so sweet and kind you’d think they’d seen a vision from god or something. And then there are dogs who are just plain old mean and will bite you if given the chance, just for the hell of it. Then there’s dogs who are selfish, who hog the feed bowl from other dogs, or who won’t leave you alone and want to be petted all the fucking time. And here’s a dog for you, how about the dog that just don’t give a shit. They just sit around, never bark, don’t really seem to care about their owners, their home, nothing really. Yeah, all kinds of dogs out there.

OK, here’s the punch line, yeah you guessed it, what about those human being animals? Well I have come to peg them to be like dogs, some smart, some dumb, some good, some bad, all that. And yes, human beings are animals, not just in the science way either. Check’em out sometime, you’ll see that they are nothing any different from other animals, just a bag of bones and flesh with above average intelligence for an animal.

I came to this conclusion just recently. Actually, it’s been coming on for some time now, at least a couple years. I’ve kept hearing this voice in my head saying, “ Human beings are bags of bones and flesh, with desires.” Yeah we’re full of desires. If humans had only two words to say for the rest of their existence (which ain’t long now) it would be, “I want”. How do you think we got so god damn industrious? Now of course the ‘I want” aspect of the human being is not always a bad thing. A lot of humans are able to curtail their desires, in fact, many of them seem to be more concerned about the desires of others more than their own. Or maybe they’re not all that good, but good enough to not take, steal, or do harm to and from others. And then some are just not “very” good. They’re not killers or thieves and anything illegal, but their morals and ethics would kinda make the good human a little sick. Yeah, all kinds of human beings out there.

Well, coming to realize this, and especially the part about humans being nothing more than animals, good or bad, I got kinda depressed. Yeah I thought humans were above all other forms of life on the planet, I thought that maybe even we were invented by god or aliens or something and all the other beings on this planet got here by struggling evolution. Nah, we got here the same way, I’ve conceded.

Only I have to say, our evolution I think may have stopped somewhere and we actually have come to be devolving. You can see this watching TV or on the internet news or just knowing a few human beings. If you look and think about it, we got murders, sociopaths, rapists, child molesters, and politicians. I’m not kidding about that last one, yeah, we got politicians. And we also have CEO’s, employers, school kids and co-workers. That last bunch can be worse than the first, in a shithead kind of way I mean. Just like the dogs, they can be just mean enough to bite you, so to speak, but not hard enough for it to be a crime. It’s these types of humans that I think that have caused our devolving status. At least the killers and rapists are known to be bad. But the bad that happens behind the closed doors of CEO’s, politicians, employers, parents, their children, volunteers, day care workers…the gambit, is a bad that is sleazy, pukey, slimmy, and just plain evil. Evil because of the trickery and deception they do in order to get one up on the other guy.

The Koch brothers are a good example. Those guys could give two shits about the damage they are doing. I can see them actually taking pleasure in their schemes, see, and that’s evil. And it goes the same for probably the majority of CEO’s and the corporate elite. But hey, you don’t gotta be an elite to have this disposition, you can be some dad who ignores his kids to the point that it makes them sick, or a co-worker who will lie about you to take your job, or the school kid who heartlessly takes the little kids lunch money and laughs, or the guy who says fuck you to the problems of the world and takes his comfort by being non-caring about anything but himself. Yeah, all kinds of bad out there.

So I see it splitting about 50/50, half of us good or at least not pitiful, and the other half, well…pitiful. So as a climate change activist, I’m finding I gotta look at this human condition and make some decisions about it. Figuring that half the world is more or less worthless in this regard, that is, those who could give a damn whether climate change is happening or not, I’m thinking that it is most likely if not certain that we ain’t gonna get past this climate change deal. I mean look at us, we are barely evolved when you consider a species that has a brain like ours. Many of us are evolved enough to deal with climate change, but ‘too’ many of us are not even close. I wouldn’t be saying this but the thing is it’s gonna take nearly all of us to get the job done. Hey look, to actually do something about climate change we gotta change our ways and change them heavy duty and we can’t be selfish about it either, we have to give all. But with that bad half around, it’s gonna take a miracle for that to happen. I don’t disbelieve in miracles, but I also have never seen one either.

Well like I said, this a something new in my life. I spent my first 57 years believing that humans were basically good and that we would stick together in a crisis. Maybe we do in hurricanes or when a gun is pointed at our head, but like the dumb cow, we can be just dumb enough to not be able to get ourselves out of our own entanglements, like climate change. However, it’s not really about dumb, it’s about being a devolving species that was lucky enough to get a big brain but only able to use it properly about half the time, mostly because our precious wants tend to overrule our good sense.

Well I don’t know if I’m gonna decide to walk away from a useless cause or not. I threaten myself with it all the time these days, I even made a public announcement I’s quitting recently. Of course I could get all principled and say to myself it’s right to fight the good fight, but I ain’t all that good myself so I don’t think that principle is gonna stop me from ditching this fucked up mess. I’ll be 60 in October, I’m getting kinda tired. I’m gonna go to bed and think about it tomorrow, I’ll let you know.

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2 Responses to Human Beings (and my giving up on trying to do something about them)

  1. Hey Danny, part of that 50% is just underinformed or swayed by the communities where they live. Remember the cold we just had this year (those polar incursions, which are weird)? A lot of people don’t understand that’s a problem that comes with the territory, they just know it ain’t “warming”, and those who influence them understand all too well what sways them. A lot of them are too busy scraping by to have time for deep thought. A lot of them don’t realize people they can’t see are just as nice as the people they are willing to help in their own communities. Many of them would like to do something but it’s not that easy, and marching in a parade doesn’t work the way it did when I was younger, it seems more for show and less real somehow, and besides it’s regulated by the fearmongers and fearmonger exploiters, like in Ferguson.

    How to bring us all into the family of humankind has me in a puzzle, but dismissing the unaware or unthinking is also not always fair.

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