Forced Utopia

imagesAccording to Wikipedia, “A utopia is a community or society possessing highly desirable or near perfect qualities.” That’d be something, wouldn’t it? Well, we just might get it someday, and soon. You’ve seen the utopian thing on TV, you know, some village on another planet, people wearing some kinda cloth looking robe like thingy’s. Playing flutes, all that. They got that way by becoming cooperative with each other, ‘concern for one concern for all’ kinda thing. Oh yeah, they live in earth bound structures and everyone grows food, that kinda stuff.

Of course, most of these utopian societies here on earth (?), or out there in the universe came about via some sort of cultural evolution, I mean, I’d guess that.  Not probably after many times of grief though. You don’t learn without pain. So in a way you could say utopian societies have their origins in pain so that in the beginning a culture finds itself more or less forced along evolution’s path towards utopia.

Yeah well I think we’re there. That is, we here in the 21st century. Yeah we’re gonna get our ass kicked right into utopia, you bet. Climate change is the boot. I always figure to be writing to climate activists so I won’t go into the details of how that is the case, but we know it is. OK, I’ll say why.

So we know our state of being in regards to climate and what’s heading our way, even with drastic action, we’ll still be faced with a likely 2C earth.  Any serious climate action plan will most likely have a wartime approach involving a majority of the citizenry in its efforts; as well as a completely new paradigm on economy. How things work, why they work and for whom they work will all be set within a new paradigm. However, unlike societies on planet Caprotiea, we will not be “evolving” into this state of being; we’ll be tossed into it like the morning trash.

To mount an arsenal and the soldiers aground that will stand the battle against climate change will take a society dedicated to that one purpose. We’ve changed the climate, the results are just getting out the gates and we are already lagging far behind our foe. A cooperative citizenry? Complete central control? The idea of “standard of living” set to the shelf? An actual working, functioning collective consciousness awakened? Yeah, I’d say utopia would have arrived, it’d have to in order to pull all that off.

See that’s the bitch here, for us serious climate activists, that is. We have to sell utopia to guys like John Boehner and the Tea Party all the way down to the lower middle class school teacher who considers herself a climate activist pushing for a carbon tax that doesn’t hurt economic growth. But that’s just it, we have to make that sell. If we don’t make it, climate change will.

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