The Collective Decision

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I write a lot about the collective mind.  This article will be dedicated to that subject, but not in the way I usually talk about it.  I always state that we need the collective mind to wake up and help get us out of this mess, or at least help us to adapt to it. In this article I want to delineate just a bit on what this awakening actually is. I realize that my discussions regarding the awakening of the ‘collective mind’ may sound a bit ethereal, or something like mind reading or maybe something spiritual. If you have thought any of that, then hopefully this article will clarify the reality of it. It is none of these things, though they can be a part of it if we chose to do that; in our case making choices is what the collective mind is all about.

As societies we make choices now, even while our collective mind is in its catatonic state, or if you prefer a softer analogy, sleeping.  At present we make collective choices as a collective of individuals and as a result we get a collective impact of sorts, but not a waking collective consciousness. What we do get are laws, customs, traditions, etc. It’s kind of what I’d call a half-ass collective, which is why we also get a whole slew of unwanted byproducts, but that’s another article.  Suffice it to say we are not completely out of touch with ourselves as a collective, within national boarders that is, globally not so much.

The actual re-awakening of the collective mind is a different animal though.  It’s a different experience in that as an individual, you will experience the collective as if it were an individual. This is about as mysterious as it will get, that is, if we are only waking it up to help us out for a time, like a foxhole prayer. The experience will be about the same as when your home team scores a basket; for awhile, we’ll all sort-a smile the same way, maybe give a couple claps. In other words, it’s not all that magical. This is so because all that happens is that collectively we make a decision, a choice. It would be a similar experience to voting or democracy, but not quite either.

All this becomes clear when the collective itself becomes more or less tired of itself. We as a collective species will begin to give out, and as this steam lets off along with it comes an awareness of the collective.  In other words, somewhat simultaneously we’ll turn to each other and collectively we’ll know at least one thing, that we are all tired. This has to come first or we will not make a collective decision about anything. Until this happens, we, as a collective, will continue on relying on the miracles of science and the success of our policymakers; while we the people just vote and spend. But as you may have come to understand already, this isn’t working anymore…and we are getting tired of it.

So let’s say we finally get damn tired and are all aware of it to boot, then what? What does the collective mind (somewhat awaken) do next? Well, it will quickly come to understand that it has a choice, and that is to remain tired and on deaths path, or to find a new way to live.  Believe it or not, all of my discussions regarding the collective mind can be boiled down to this one point in time, this time of choice. I’ve never spoken to the choice of remaining as we are; I’ve said plenty about the results of that choice, but not the choice itself. Nevertheless, I hope that will not be our decision, in fact; I think it is ultimately ruled out as a choice. If we continue as we are…well, it might be we’ll have to get all the way down to ten people left on the planet, but eventually we’ll decide for a new way of living.  Yes, I suppose we don’t have to make that choice, but as for me, any other choice is ruled out.

So let’s say we go with Door No. 2 and we decide to live a new way (good choice). So while the collective mind is still awake, we can then decide on what that new life will be. It is at this point that leaders will step forward and lay out the path for how we will collectively make this decision on what our new world will be. And it is also at this point that the collective mind can choose to stay awake or go back to sleep, we will have made some choices and now we’ll just be carrying them out. We won’t need it anymore.  But hey, it can stay around as long as it likes as far as I’m concerned.

So you see, the awakening of the collective mind is a very tangible thing, it is something we do more than think or feel, it’s just making a decision—collectively.  And it will be a physical act, you can bet on that. We’ll probably have to vote or something similar. We are not going to be like the Borg, where suddenly we are all connected mentally as one mind. That’d be cool, but don’t wait for it in your life time.  No, there will have to be some sort of standardized communication effort, probably voting, but who knows? I couldn’t rule out a cognitive collective experience, these are powerful times; anything can happen, however, I don’t see us ready for that sort of magic yet. Of course this ‘stepping forth of leaders’ I referred to earlier will be sort of a magical kind of thing. It could be our existing governments, but that’s only if they have gone through major changes as a result of the awakening.  Or it could be some sort of emulsion from the collective, something that takes place organically, this could be from government or some other thing; a computer maybe?? That’s the best I can describe it, whatever steps forward to lead us, I’d imagine it’d be sort of magical.

A primer for this to happen is simply that we as individuals begin to at least think about the collective mind or the need for a cooperative decision to change. If enough of us get it into our waking consciousness that we need the collective mind to waken, then it becomes a powerful mindset that can get the ball rolling. I’d say we are doing that right now with things like CollapseNet, the TransitionTown movement and the Occupy movement; we are beginning to wake this gal up. It’s like she is aware in her dreams that the sun is coming up, but right now it’s only a dream. In any case, the sad truth is it all boils down to a numbers thing. We need more people aware that they are tired than people unaware that they are tired, and then she will sit up in bed. And then it will go like this: the more the numbers, the clearer her speech. Again, there is nothing all that magical about this, its math. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t the biggest deal the human race has ever confronted. The question is, will we?


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One Response to The Collective Decision

  1. Howard Mock says:

    Good stuff Danny. When there are 2 and they both decide something exists, or what is real to both – BAM – there it is. That is love, that is art and, conversely, that is evil, that is hate. I know and agree- it is, as you say, numbers.

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