I’m talking about those very rich people out there. Why am I calling them the Mad Hatters? I don’t know. I never read Alice in Wonderland. However, I do think of those rich humans as sort of mad; crazy about success, money, fame. Makes me say, “eh”.
Now I say “eh” because I am not crazy about those things. But guess what? In comparison to those 10 percenters, those of you reading this would likely not even compare to that bunch and you’d likely not care about their lifeways either. They are freaks. The truth is most people would not enjoy the life of a billionaire. That’s why most people are not billionaires.
So what we have here is a real problem. You have these very unusual people, freaks, who would be judged by the average citizen as someone to avoid, yet, they set the pace for the country. Doesn’t that seem like something that’s gotta have a bad end somewhere, sometime?
Yeah well, I think that time is arriving. We talk about inequality a lot these days. It’s a bitch, no doubt. Of course, it has been coming for a long time now, this kind of inequality that is. It’s that Marx thing he predicted, the capitalism imploding deal there. Yeah that’s what’s going on here.
So maybe it’d be a good thing to not model ones self after a billionaire. We do this, unconsciously, I believe. It is built in to our learning. The idea of success being something only material wealth can define. It’s kinda nuts and I’d be fighting that notion if I were you.
Long live the egalitarian and the proletariat, our true leaders.

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what state am I’m in
when what I know
is no more astounding
than what I don’t know
which makes me wonder
do I know what I know
or maybe know
what I don’t know

in these times 
these wonderments
are valid
if half a country
sees a dog fly’n
and the other half
sees a dog shit’n
well, he said she said
it’s gravity
it’s living in space where
up is down and up is up
down is round
and all things the same

it’s in the elements
escape is difficult

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THE 1400

yeah we been kick’n that number around while, ain’t we
I believe it’s gotten kinda holy, that number
it could-a been 2000, but that 600, oh that 600…
but yet it is now — The 1400

our life in the 21st Century, whoa daddy
like a boat ride I once took, got drunk and passed out
like shopping in Wal-Mart, alone, buying hamburgers
in a car slot

long comes that 1400, oh that baby, most number on high
I can see it gleaning there, like a rooster on a roof top
“don’t gimme no dollar sign” it says, “I’m The 1400”
He knows, He’ll be along soon

you can break a sweat at the tables with it
maybe pay back your grandma, but it won’t stick
it’s The 1400, you don’t have to worry none at all
The 1400 will know what to do

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I will say that I am a people traveler
it sort of dawns on me, suddenly
like I never gave it much thought
though I did

there was this one and that one
people types, lovers, friends, family
like many roads to a destination
never reaching

now, this isn’t for everybody, oh no
no, most folks don’t people travel
there are no roads for those who don’t
no means for travel

I sit here not all that bothered by it
people traveling has its own grandeur
as fascinations repeat; like they are new
though it is not needed

no doubt I’ve missed a lot, I feel that
and hope for more chance to family
though acceptance runs razor thin
in my aging time

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Not a lot. I’m serious when I say that, I’m no scholar. Academics? No, not associated. Do I have knowledge of a wide range of subjects? No. I got about 130 hours of college, but no degree. I never got a job becasue of college, well, not entirely anyway. If you were to go by my credentials you’d have a hard time letting me teach you something.

Well OK, I suppose you’re getting the picture. Let me put it this way. I only “know” one thing. I have only one subject, all other subjects have little meaning in the realm of my one subject. I’ve learned about this subject primarily via observation. But of course, I’ve had to study my subject quite a bit too. You have to do that when your subject involves things existential. And subjects like that always have branches. .

Yeah so I don’t know a lot, and I’m not anything like an authority on my subject and its branches. But I do know it fundamentally, rationally, and see its path clearly. I mean I know that I know. If that means anything…we all have that sort of knowledge, contained inside.

I suppose I’ll watch my subject to my death, though it is just a gaze now, compared to the past. More and more I will drift away from my subject. I will do something else, and think of other things. And what I will know then, though contained in a smaller world, will nevertheless have great implications. These are the hopes in a rise against great adversity.

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Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”

I can hear some fella out there saying, “Hey you know I gotta ask what heck’s going on with that word dominion, huh? What in the Sam Hill’s going with that? How we suppose to take that?”

Yeah I’d be asking the same things. I mean if I were at the table when they’s writing this deal, I’d-a spoke up. You can’t let a word like that hang out there with no optional words available, c’mon.

I’m thinking that very word is why we’re the pigs we are today. I mean you go tell me I got “dominion” over something…well, who knows what’d happen. Makes me wonder what the actual Greek, Hebrew, whatever translation was. I think there were some capitalist genes cooking in that moment of translation, you bet.

Anyway, here we are with the results, I don’t even have to mention them. But god damn, in the mean time let’s get off this frick’n word. See I think God meant you have “responsibility” for all that he listed out with his fire pen there, on them rocks. So that’d mean we were supposed to be the “caretakers” and not the “consumers” of all the life on this glorious planet. God damn right, ain’t it? Amen.

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I’m seeing a deal gonna happen here pretty quick. Might not be no good kiney deal either.

Is that a feeling you have? Is it true? Something’s going to happen? Do you think in the back of your mind that when the pandemic is over—a new world will arise? Are ya get’n that?

Yeah maybe. I mean it is ‘our chance’, so says this feeling I have, we have? The pandemic will have to end before we’ll know anything about our future, and it will need to have been completely eliminated for a few years at least. Then we’ll know what we’re doing. That doesn’t mean what we’ll be doing is good, or bad.

But that’s the crux, isn’t it? In this realm, things are either good or bad, though the difference may take years and sometimes decades to see. We will be making decisions, big ones entailing long futures. We will have to. Population will still be rising, climate change, resource issues, the balancing of power, inequality—all these will still be hanging about because…what we humans create also remains, it seems.

The problem with this is our time is coming, it’s almost up. I’m saying we do not have more decades; we might have one and in that one, we will have to get it right.  I mean it has to be a zip, all net.

We’ve needed a “shake up to wake up” as my mother used to say. We got one with the pandemic. At the very least a big portion of the human population has had more time to sit around, alone, and think. We’ve sat in a stasis. We’ve been doing this for nearly a year now and we’ll likely be doing it another year. So we’ve had and are having a shake up. The question is, are we going to wake up?

Oh my, is this a question, oh my. So big, I can’t fit it in my mind. Will-we-wake-up? I don’t think we will. But ignore that as my opinion on this is no better than yours or your dogs.  

Oh, what is it we would be waking up from? The same thing that could shut down a wake up: the free enterprise system of economics. Because that’s the first thing we think about when we rise and the last thing we pray to before sleeping. I know—you don’t do that. I don’t think I do either, so, this is just one way to say we are very, very, very locked into to what we do and how we live and that being the free enterprise system of economics. Our souls may not live by that, but our minds and bodies do.

I’m asking you to take that as a given and if you don’t this will mean nothing to you, may as well leave. I don’t think many people realize that when we have changed as humans, you know, further evolved? The most visible change will be seen by our living standards. We won’t want for the same things; our proclivities will shift to a more insubstantial state. This is because evolution always seeks the path of least resistance and so our hungers and desires will smooth out, as hard wills soften.

Because free enterprise is propelled by self-interest and competition, aggression becomes the fundamental operating state when participating in this type of economy. Should we happen to evolve post covid, I believe aggression will subside and self-interest and competition will also subside. But again that is if we should evolve, because, it does not have to happen.

We’ve been stuck in our current state, aggression, for a long time now. I sort of get the feeling evolution for humans come to a place where we get the choice to evolve, or not. I think we’ve reached that place. We can choose to evolve because we have evolved that far. But again, I don’t think we will. The end.

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after decades of living and the pains of growth
it seems corny but, i wonder about all my shoes
i don’t care how many, just the varying kinds
i wore boots and sandals, with no socks at all
my many closets had old pairs and new pairs
a decade apart
i did walk in those shoes, i ran too and i climbed
all that and more in the many shoes of my life
not dead yet, i go with only five pair now
got tennis shoes, as always, hiking boots too
slippers, funeral shoes
and a backup pair-a boots for snow hikes
a few of these are going
new sets pretty soon

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